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Mass Animal Death Thread

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posted on Jan, 14 2011 @ 05:56 AM
Im sorry for the title but i feel that it is so important to bring this up and start it. I think that this area is being overlooked due to threads being lost in traffic here on ATS.
The events globally where there are mass animal deaths that are at the moment unexplained.
I would like all of you to post any information which you may have with dates and locations. Hopefully this thread will help others on ATS getting to the source of the problem.

Googles Mass Animal Death Map

This is important the list is the length of my arm!!! I will post the next part but its huge.

Dead birds in Sweden, crabs in England, fish in Brazil and New Zealand
Two Million Fish Found Dead In Maryland
Tiger Shark Bellies Found Full of Migrating Bird
Dead Birds Fall From Sky In Sweden, Millions Of Dead Fish Found In Maryland, Brazil, New Zealand
Louisiana Latest Place to Rain Dead Birds
Presenting the perfect ice storm "and Dead Birds"?
Eagle and Birds fall from the sky in CHINA
Hundreds of snapper washed up on the Coromandel Peninsula.
Hundred's of Dead Birds Mysteriously Appear in Kentucky
40,000 'devil' crabs wash up on Kent coast
Thousands of Fish Dead In Spruce Creek Florida, Two Million Die In Chesapeake Bay
KENTUCKY, Woman Reports Dozens of Dead Birds in Her Yard
500 Birds Found Dead in Southern Louisiana in Separate Incident
Bizarre Bird and Fish Kill in Arkansas "IN SEPTEMBER" ALL KINDS of sea birds PARALYZED and DEAD around SARASOTA (VIDEO)
"IN NOVEMBER" Hundreds more vultures found floating in South Florida (PHOTOS-VIDEO)
Thousands Of Birds Fall Dead ( South America ) (video)
10,000s of Birds found dead in Manitoba
Over 1,000 Dead Birds Fall On Small Arkansas Town On New Years Eve
"100's of 1,000s" of Fish Washing Up in Arkansas
1,000s of Fish Washing Up in Arkansas Florida manatee deaths reach record high
Dead Fish Appear In Lincoln Park Mich. (PIC)
Dead Birds Reported by Residents in Southern Illinois
Viet Nam - 150 Tonnes of Farm Fish Found Dead
UK. Dead Fish Discovered in Canal Marina near Abergavenny
New Zealand -- Hundreds of Snapper Dead on Beaches (PIC)
Haiti - Mysterious Fish Kill Prompts Ban
Dead Birds Found in Bonnie Doon Area
Dead Birds Discovered Near Huntsville, Alabama
Hundreds of Dead Blackbirds Found Along I-65 In Athens, Alabama
Dozens of Romanian birds found dead...
Millions of crickets die in North America
CHP Finds Dozens of Dead Birds off Highway 101 near Geyserville
More Than 100 Dead Birds Found Off Calif. Highway
Dead Birds US (AR,LA,KY),Sweden,Italy
8,000 doves fall dead in Italy, strange blue stain on beaks suggests lack of oxygen
Dead Birds, Bees & Fish Explained By EPA Document?
Canary in the Coal Mine? Mass Animal Deaths and Prophesy
8000 More Birds Fall From Sky
Researchers discover a shocking 96 percent decline in four major bumble bee
Strange Blue Stain On Italy Doves Beaks
LEBANON, Tenn.- Flock Of Birds Found Dead In Wilson County
Hundreds Of Dead Birds Found In Texas
Dead Fish Wash Ashore on Folly Beach S.C.
Similar unexplained fish deaths, mass-produced worldwide in Brazil and New Zealand.
2 Million Dead Fish Appear in Chesapeake Bay (PICS)
More Dead Birds In Kentucky? KFWR Official: Hundreds of Dead Birds Found in Murray
N.C. - 150 brown pelicans have been found with various injuries since Nov.
Thousands Of Fish Dead In Spruce Creek, Port Orange Fl.
Flock of dead birds in TN
Italy Thousands Of doves Are dying at this moment

Thats basically the tip of the iceberg!!!! Pretty devastating when you see it like that.

Can we all atleast start nailing this before land animals start dying
I would put money on ATS getting to the bottom of this. Come on you guys.

Please only use this thread for recording mass die offs ok, use alternative threads to get to the cause. Many thanks


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