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Is the Arizona massacre a conspiracy? Is it connected to 9/11?

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posted on Jan, 14 2011 @ 04:08 AM
I've been looking at this whole Arizona story & I'm convinced that the govt was behind this in some form or fashion.I believe they did this to have an excuse to pass more Patriot Act-like laws,to demonize descenters, deter uprising & distract us from more important issues.

Its already weird that this happened to come right outta nowhere & end almost all discussion about the animals dying around the world,the dead bioweapons expert & the Maryland mail bombs.What a coincidence?But what really strikes me as odd is the story about Christina Taylor Green,the 9-year-old victim born on 9/11.That whole story is a big red flag to me.

Think about it.How many little girls do you think are really into politics in this dumbed downed,entertainment crazed society?How many kids do you think really idolize & wanna meet Gabby Giffords,as opposed to Miley Cyrus or somebody?What are the odds of one of the few little girls in the country who cares about politics going to this event & getting killed?And what are the odds that this little girl is born on 9/11?And (you may not know this) but she was featured in a book "Faces of Hope:Babies born on 9/11" (Which gave for great quotes in Obama's memorial speech).What are the odds??????The whole story seems made up.It seems contrived.Like made for TV drama.It seems too perfect,too good to be true (from a corrupt govt's standpoint).

Think about it.Americans are pissed off right now.We're on edge.Many people feel like violent revolt is the only solution.Shooting a buncha politicians might be praised right about now.Most people would feel like "Pissed off kid shot up a buncha crooked bastards.Good for him.Need more like him....# 'em".He'd arguably be a hero.Remember when the guy in Pennsylvania shot up the police cuz he thought they were comin to "take his guns"?Alot of people were defending him.There was a "# the cops.Fight the power" tone.But this is different.This guy killed '9/11 Girl'.The monster.Really think about that.We're not seeing tribute videos for anybody else but this little girl.There's hundreds of them poppin up.Its so saddening.Would we feel this way if it was just a few politicians?

Also,note that they wrapped this little girl's coffin in a flag.I could be wrong,but I assume that they didn't take the flag off at any point at the funeral.So do we even really know this girl was in it?If they'd faked the whole thing,would the attendees know any better?

Also,note that her granddad was somebody who worked for the Dodgers.A connected high society type.We've seen this before,haven't we.Remember the Flight 93 heroes who 'took down the terrorists'?They were all rich,connected high society types too.How come the heroes of these tragedies always fit this profile?Could it be that the elite use their fellow elite friends to help with these kinda missions?

I mean,from the govt's stance,what more could you ask for?This is great.They get to re-open the 9/11 wound with the Christina Green thing (Note:They flew the National 9/11 flag to her funeral & gave her a soldier's burial.Apparently she's the new face of 9/11 heroism.Imagine that?).And that segways into talkin about 9/11 & how dangerous truthers & conspiracy theorists are.Now,you've got all of America thinkin "Maybe we need to do somethin about these crazy conspiracy nuts".Every mom in the country is ready to accept or vote for any #ed up law they pass to 'keep the children safe'.Hell,the mom has already made a statement saying "We need to be aware that these crazy people are out there.We need to protect our government officials.And our innocent children.We need to get these people & put them behind bars".And the govt's already talkin about what they need to do to stop this from happening.

It's also worth noting that a Federal Judge,John Roll,was killed in this massacre.How come we're not talking about that?Why is so much attention being given to Giffords,who survived?FYI,Roll was a Bush Sr. appointee & buddy.Could his killing have something to do with 9/11?Think about it.We hear 9/11 truth skeptics say all the time "If there was a conspiracy,wouldn't somebody have talked?".But what if there's been people who were gonna,but never got a chance to?We've got this guy,who was a Bush bud.Dead.Dick Cheney's "accidentally" shot somebody in the face.Marvin Bush's nanny 'ran herself over with her own car' in his driveway.And there's been several 9/11 witnesses 'commit suicide'.

posted on Jan, 14 2011 @ 03:52 PM
First off, I;d like to say I think that it's totally insidious that politicians are getting "face time" due to this tragedy.
Obama has ZERO connection with this little girl yet he talks like he somehow knew her.
First word out of his mouth were something about a "little girl just becoming aware of our DEMOCRACY"

Our President doesn;t even know what our political system is Supposed to be.
What an ignorant statement.

Oddly, no one is talking about the dead air force assistant secretaries role in discovering the 6 missing nukes from Minot AFB.

I wish our government would find some accountability for that instead of firing nearly a 100 air force personnel who were simply following orders.
Whose orders?
Using the 9/11 flag in her memorial was a sham.
What difference does your birthday make fps?
I mean really people, c'mon

Stop making political hay on the dead bodies of children!

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