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A big Hello from TNTarheel :)

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posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 03:03 PM
Hi, everybody!

I decided, after about a year of lurking, to just go ahead and join since I seem to spend most of my online time here anyway
I've read a lot of different topics: some intrique me, some enlighten me, and some just scare me half to death. BUT I have a great admiration for the minds at work here and their courage in laying bare their thoughts.

I'm an ole married woman with 13 grandkids and 3 great-grandchildren. I'm open-minded, tolerant, and thoughful but I've also been told that I'm opinionated and outspoken. I believe in civility and common courtesy; I'm a staunch supporter of free speech (but I don't think that means a person can spew profanity and abuse).

I'm looking forward to meeting other members and continuing to explore this wonderful site called ATS!!

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 03:07 PM
reply to post by TNTarheel

Hello and welcome

Being opinionated and outspoken is a prerequisite for membership so you passed the first test

We could do with a bit more civility too!

Hope to see you around the forum
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posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 03:10 PM
wooohooo a level headed sensible person....u wont find too many on here lol i do wht u hv bn doin just watching n reading....joined n nt spoke much....hope u hv a gd time on here....i love having intelligent replies that stump me.....kepps u in check lol thnx for joinin

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 03:33 PM
reply to post by TNTarheel

From an old unmarried woman, Welcome, this site should come with a warning as it is addictive! Everyone has been nice to me and helpful, I'm sure your experiences will be the same. Lookng foward to your posts.

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 03:39 PM
reply to post by TNTarheel

Hi TNTarheel, and welcome to the Introductions Forum of the ATS community. For now you can reply to any thread in any member forum you wish, as well as send & receive (PM's)Private Messages to Staff only. Once you have achieved 20 posts, you will then be able to start your own threads and additionally send & receive messages to and from fellow ATS members.

Index of Important ATS Related Threads

New Rules for Avatars and Mini-ProfileBackgrounds

Hey new members!! Come here if you need advice

Starting a New Thread ?... Look Here First

ATS Video Tutorials

Signature Guidelines

Terms & Conditions

Take your time and enjoy. If you have any questions just ask.


posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 03:42 PM
Welcome to ATS, Grandma!

From what I discovered so far many here are respecting/open minded of the views of others.

Enjoy your stay & congratulations on the family line!


posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 04:20 PM
Thank you SO much for such a warm welcome! I'm sorry to be so slow in responding but, as usual, I've been out among the forums

Sauron, a great BIG thank you for the links. ATS is a bit overwhelming at first, and I've found myself chasing my *cough* backside on a couple of occasions.

Fantom, thanks for the comment on my little ones...they truly keep me young (well, youngish).

I really look forward to reading all of your posts; as soon as I feed this hungry crew, I'll be back to start exploring again.

You've made an old woman feel pretty good about her decision to join this diverse community

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posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 04:39 PM
reply to post by TNTarheel

Welcome to the nuthouse TNTarheel!

So can I take your nick to mean you're NC girl living in TN world now? LOL. I'm an old VA guy living in FL with my GF and four rescued cats.

It's always a pleasure to welcome a fellow southerner! All I can say is dive in and stick to your guns when it suits you. Glad to have you aboard.

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 05:47 PM
reply to post by mydarkpassenger

Thanks Passage

Actually, I'm a TN girl who spent the majority of her life in NC after wandering the country with her military

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 06:10 PM
reply to post by TNTarheel

old lady myself..i try not to post too much as i find i cannot keep up with everything and everybody.
but howdee from FL...know about tarheel stuff including liver pudding. do you?

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 06:18 PM
reply to post by njl51

Howdy 51!

Liver Pudding
Now Bread Pudding and Peanutbutter Pie, I know about

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 06:31 PM
You are very welcome! Most posting in this topic are new as well, so you're not alone in your journey to starting off on this very cool site.

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 06:37 PM
reply to post by TNTarheel

You may find our Off Topics Forum of interest. for of a more laid back time. General chit chat, movies, cooking, and a gazillion other things

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 06:42 PM
reply to post by Sauron

Thank you, Sauron, I'll definitely visit there,

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to misuse this forum

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 08:41 PM
reply to post by TNTarheel

Sorry I don't know what you mean, you haven't misused anything as far as I am aware.
I was just pointing out to you and anyone else that we have off topic forums as well not that you are off topic here, this is your thread you are the topic.

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 08:43 PM
Welcome to ATS, we can always use a young perspective!

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 08:47 PM
reply to post by Sauron

Thanks for the info, Sauron. Thought I had messed up first thing

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 08:49 PM
reply to post by StlSteve

Thanks for the welcome, Steve.

I'll try to infuse the boards with my "youthful"

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