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The Draft Brought Back?

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posted on Mar, 18 2003 @ 05:20 PM
Just about all of my friends that are Seniors in high school are against War only because they don't want to get drafted. I'm not worried about the draft because I told them that it wouldn't be brought back. Would it?


posted on Mar, 18 2003 @ 06:17 PM
If they bring back the Draft then we are all f*cked. I highly doubt they will, unless the enemy is on our shores. As long as your friends go to college, they shouldn't have anything to worry about.

posted on Mar, 18 2003 @ 06:22 PM
the current armed forces have almost 1.5 million soldiers. that's not counting the guards and reserves. with our advanced weaponry, and training the draft should not be necesary. as long as the politicians keep their noses out and let the military commanders do what needs to be done this will be over in short order. one of the main reasons vietnam needed the draft, is because the politicians got involved and decided to supercede the generals and tell them how to do their jobs. now some of them might know a thing or two about military tactics but for the most part they don't and shouldn't be involved in anything military other than approving the defence budget.

posted on Mar, 18 2003 @ 06:32 PM
What about if N Korea decides to do something stupid while we are busy with Iraq, do we still have the capability to fight a two front war without a draft?

posted on Mar, 18 2003 @ 07:20 PM
It's hard to imagine a military need for a draft; but one can readily see why the idea might be appealing in terms of domestic social and economic policy.

posted on Mar, 21 2003 @ 12:13 PM
The draft being brought back is most unlikely . Unless we lose about half of what the armed forces is made up as of right now. Tell your friends they got nothing to worry about , besides , I 'll most likely will be drafted before them anyways

posted on Mar, 21 2003 @ 12:19 PM
Draft is done with.................period.
We have too much technology.....tell your buddies they can go back to smoking pot and reading comic books

posted on Mar, 22 2003 @ 04:53 PM
The Draft has been passed in Texas,

Legislation has been passed to register every male 18 to 26 for the draft, if it is called on.

This will be done as you register for your drivers license, or renew them.

It was done silently, not much coverage of this law.

I doubt they did it just for the heck of it.

Remember Bush is from Texas, so many here in political ring may know something we the Sheepel dont.

posted on Mar, 22 2003 @ 05:55 PM
What are you talking about? Every male over 18 has to register for the selective service anyway, Wolfpack. No secret to that.

There's no need for a draft right now, or in the near future, as there is a fine volunteer military now, and there are plenty of fine men and women who volunteer every month. A few cowards have nothing to worry about. There seems to be enough men and women of character and backbone to stand up for them.


posted on Mar, 22 2003 @ 06:40 PM
Wolfpack, I suggest reading this if you think this is some conspiracy:

posted on Mar, 22 2003 @ 09:14 PM
This is no conspiracy, it is a fact.

The Texas legislature has passed legislation that will register every male in Texas from 18 to 26 for a Draft, it will be on file if a Draft is enacted.

I dont make crap up, this was in our papers and on our local news.

It is different than Selective Service registration, in that it is the State of Texas compiling this list.

And this recently has happened.[bill_number]=HB00479INT&CQ_T LO_DOC_TEXT=YES[bill_number]=HB00479HCP&CQ_T LO_DOC_TEXT=YES (House file 623 updated march 2003) ( house file 23)

This is new, and State of Texas has already adopted it, there was a selective service in place, now this is the nail in the coffin. There is no justification for this, call it conspiricy, or whatever you want, it is more crap fed to us by our Elected Govt Folks

[Edited on 23-3-2003 by Wolfpack 51]

posted on Mar, 23 2003 @ 07:00 PM
although i don't support the ideals of this nation, i would rather fight than be a coward sitting at home and watch the war on tv. i have at least a little bit of honor in here somewhere. and while i'm not old enough to register yet, i think i might. but i'm not sure.

posted on Mar, 23 2003 @ 07:19 PM
What ideals do you not support? I'm not talking about any current situations or commercial causes, I mean the basic foundation that allows us unparalled freedom, even in this time of our history where freedoms and excesses are thought to be the same.

I respect that attitude. While we have a few problems in this country, we are still blessed in ways you haven't come to realize. You are definitely hope for the future, I'd say. Realize the blessings, try and create solutions for the problems and never fall into the trap of despair.

posted on Mar, 23 2003 @ 07:38 PM
everyday i try to think of at least one thing that i can do in which i can't do anywhere else in the world. and it's hard to NOT come up with anything. i'm just saying that in a situation like this i don't support, but as a soldier it would be my personal opinion. my personal opinion won't be allowed to interfere with my orders no matter how morally or ethically wrong it is, but i don't agree with that. if they told me to kill the innocent civilians or something, i would fire into the air. that's needless.

even being able to come to a website like this is a perfect expression of american ideals that are good. the ability of free speech and to talk about what we want, to post what we have to say unbiased by other sources. even the ability to own a computer or tv, or radio is a great ability. to go to school and be indoctrinated, err learn things is another part of it. i'm glad to be free but sad to be led by bad leaders sometimes. like they say, a soldiers dream is to have a leader under which he is not ashamed to serve, a leader which one can be proud of and will not steer him wrong. that is not what i see in bush.

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