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Sightings Of Unidentified "Spanish Speaking Troops" In U.S.

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posted on Mar, 18 2003 @ 01:18 AM
The Texas sheriff of Jim Hogg County near the border with
Mexico is warning the public about numerous sightings of
Spanish-speaking foreign troops, dressed in military
fatigues, that have been spotted in remote parts of the
county. Click this link below for full text of this
exclusive USA Daily story:

posted on Mar, 18 2003 @ 01:55 AM
Is this "Boss Hogg" country? With Daisy and the good ol boys?

If the 'troops' are asking for directions they are not very organized ....

Texas Sheriff Warning Residents Of Sightings Of Unidentified "Spanish Speaking Troops" In U.S.

USA Daily Staff 3-17-03

In a March 13th letter published in the Jim Hogg County Enterprise in Hebbronville, Sheriff Erasmo Alarcon Jr. writes of, ìWalkers dressed in military fatigues, with guns, and carrying professional hiking backpacksî that have been sighted in the border county with Mexico. ìThe witnesses state that they walk in a military type of cadence or jog. The persons are described as being fit individuals."

According to sheriff Alarcon, "the latest sightings took place 5-6 miles north of the county about 2 1/2 weeks ago, and it is suspected that they may be foreign troops". ìWe have reported this information to higher up law enforcement agencies, but no one really knows who these individuals are, not even militaryî he says.

Sheriff Alarcon said, "they are seen carrying automatic weapons and stressed that their back packs were larger than the typical bags carried by drug smugglers."

When asked about the possibility of it being U.S. troops training in the area the sheriff said "we are usually told when the U.S. government will be doing military training in the area."

Seen in very remote areas of the county that stretches 50-60 miles the soldiers are not believed to be typical drug smugglers. They are taking "extreme measures to circumnavigate the checkpoints". The sheriff told USA Daily that they have had about "six reports of these unidentified troops over the last three years". Although the sheriff said, "we can't confirm the nationality of the troops, in the most recent eye witness account, the troops were said to have asked directions and were described as Spanish speaking".

ìIn the past only law enforcement were aware of these military type individualsî writes Alarcon. Seemingly expressing a concern of the unidentified soldiers being possible terrorists, Sheriff Alarcon writes, "Remember the last plane that was taken down to prevent further terrorism was done by everyday Americans."

The sheriff's letter also says, ìI share this because we still donít know who these individuals are. Obviously, they are trespassing and obviously they are carrying something. We hope its narcotics and not something much worse. We bring this information to light because of the security crises our country faces.î

To date the Sheriffís office has been unable to catch up with the unidentified soldiers. In one incident the Sheriff says that they were ìwithin several hours of a sighting. That particular time we formed an immediate multi task force between the surrounding counties, but we were met with little success. We even brought in air support using the county helicopter."

Sheriff Alarcon said, "We don't know who they are. They could be terrorists or drug smugglers. We're not trying to alarm people, we just want them to keep there eyes open and report any sightings".

Sheriff Alarcon warns against confronting the soldiers and says to call 911 if sighted.

Editors note: Although we can not say it is related, it may be, The Soldier Of Fortune magazine recently mentioned that American mercenaries are possibly training Mexicans in the art of military tactics for warfare. It seems the trainers were speaking English with a Texan accent. (April Issue).

This is a USA Daily news report.

posted on Mar, 18 2003 @ 07:06 AM
Certainly doesn't sound like the Mexican military...

The American merc idea is rather curious though....

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