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How to survive the coming war...

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posted on Mar, 16 2003 @ 05:05 PM
This is the latest newsletter from ark two. Their website is the best and only source I have found relating to surviving the nuclear war which might/might not happen.

I'm posting this here in the hope that it might help someone. You can subscribe to this newsletter at the link below.

UN Inspection Team
withdrawing its helicopters
from Iraq TODAY!
They say insurance problems.
Well, I guess

Chirac says now he'll talk -
about a 30 day deadline.
In your dreams.
30 hour maybe.
(Just give me five minutes more -
was the old song).

Russia puts another 10 ships
(some said to be missile carriers)
on 10 day sailing orders.

Comment I received -
"Hah! US must have 300 there
by now."
My response was -
Fellow says to guy holding pistol -
'Hah - I have a hundred guns
bigger than that one.'

Fellow with pistol says -
'All I got is this one little one'.

One nuke in the middle of a carrier task force -
can ruin your day -
and the only picture that is in my mind is
(and I wasn't thinking of the swimsuit).

Generals (and admirals) are always trained to fight
the way they did the last war.
That gets them wiped every time.

Okay - this news just in.
I guess no TV announcement tonight -
but Bush says -
"Tomorrow is the moment of truth".

Tomorrow. Tomorrow.
Tomorrow never comes.
Don't believe it.
It will be here all too soon.

So, what to do about the CDs?

Some people writing me already -
so I guess I will start gathering names.
Assuming Bush does his thing -
then I will have the names gathered
and sending can be done right away.

If you do not have a copy -
then send an email to -
as it should appear on a mailing label.
PLEASE add your email address
as the next line below your mailing address.
(This is how I track requests).

If you want to look at what is on the CD
look at:

Once you get the CD
or if you already have one -
(and Bush does his thing)
then make copies and send them out
to as many of your friends
as you think would appreciate it -
and ask them to do the same -
in turn.

You can also post your name
in any newsletters that you are on
and invite people to write to you
for a copy of the CD -
with the proviso
that you will send onto them
other names that you receive -
and in this way
you can start additional trees yourself.

In a matter of days -
the Lord willing -
we could spread the CD to thousands more.
Everyone who receives a CD at this time
should make fifty copies
to have available afterwards.

People often ask me -
whether computers will survive.
Well, yes, some will.
But many will not
and power will be scarce also -
so that is why it is important
to make the CDs NOW!

Why is this CD so IMPORTANT ???
The reason is -
that it is a copy of the ONLY source on the Internet
for many things relating to nuclear recovery.
It is certainly the only source
that brings them together in one location
in an organized fashion.

The CD contains the files
that are locked on the Internet
and must not be used until after
the nuclear catastrophe.

Among those files - found only there
are ones that explain:
How to measure radiation in food.
How to remove radiation from milk.
How to do mass disposal of bodies.
Dealing with martial law.
How to build internment camps.
How to replace non-functioning sewage systems.
Details for replacing the economy as recommended
by the US government -
but not explained anywhere else.
There are thousands of details about such things as
Changing a vehicle to run on wood gas
Making stills
Generating electricity with homemade generators
Making simple machines
Necessary pioneer skills
and endless other items.
There are over 400 web pages plus
thousands of printing pages in .pdf format covering
Health Issues
Dealing with the New World Order
(in a favorable way)
The Reconstruction of Society
and many other subjects -
The main thing being that these are all arranged
in a hierarchical directory with introductions
to each section so that you can easily find
the subjects that you need at the moment -
and have them at hand with the power of
computer search tools.

It is desirable that you not only
distribute the CD ahead of time
but that you study it ahead of time
so that you will be familiar with its structure
and where to find things.

Tell people to think about it.
Would they not save someone's life if they could?
What you are putting in their hands
is something that could save great numbers of lives.

All this is being freely given to you.
You are not being charged one thin dime.
Freely you will receive -
so freely share with others.

So, act now - send an email to -
as it should appear on a label,
and your email address below that.

Peace and love,

ArkTwo mailing list

posted on Mar, 17 2003 @ 04:36 AM
If survival was my most important goal i would be a molusk!

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