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Housing Costs Skyrocket in Haiti

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posted on Oct, 20 2010 @ 06:44 PM
$900,000 for a 3-bedroom ... in Haiti?

Amazingly, Haiti is not a wonderland yet after the earthquake. With all the media attention, promised billions, and extraordinary good will on the part of the planet, the average Haitian is most likely worse off than before. That is saying something.

Today, those who lost their homes cannot afford to buy one. Most of the homes which survived were of a better quality and a little more expensive to begin with. To top that, we have supply and demand at work. According to the article, all the aid workers and NGOs are driving up the cost of decent housing.

Sad to say, $5 Billion would put things right according to the estimates. It would be enough to rebuild most of the homes and house most of the people. $5 Billion sounds like a lot but in the big scheme of things, it is not really too much on a national scale.

Of course, there are few long term lucrative contracts to be made. There is little fear to spin for dollars. There is no oil. There are other Caribbean vacation destinations for the wealthy which do not require such an expenditure of capital to bring up to par. TBTP see little upside to actually helping these people.

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