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CIA Brainwashing Victims Receive Compensation

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posted on Oct, 20 2010 @ 11:33 AM
The Times Online reports:

Doctor Ewan Cameron, who became one of the world’s leading psychiatrists, developed techniques used by Nazi scientists to wipe out the existing personalities of people in his care.

Cameron, who graduated from Glasgow University, was recruited by the CIA during the cold war while working at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

He carried out mind-control experiments using drugs such as '___' on hundreds of patients, but only 77 of them were awarded compensation.

Now a landmark ruling by a Federal Court judge in Montreal will allow more than 250 former patients, whose claims were rejected, to seek compensation.

Ah, what glorious things your tax dollars are used for. First they are used to brutally brainwash people in order to turn them into Manchurian candidate assassins; then they are used to pay off the victims of the brainwashing program. Praise Mao.

Let us take an example of your tax dollars in action:

Patients were woken from drug-induced stupors two or three times a day for multiple electric shocks. In a specially designed “sleep room” made famous by Anne Collins’s book of the same name, Cameron placed a speaker under the patient’s pillow and relayed negative messages for 16 hours a day.

Kastner was a 19-year-old honours student suffering from mild depression when she first underwent “treatment” in 1953. On returning home she sucked her thumb, demanded to be fed from a bottle, talked in a baby voice and urinated on the floor.

I for one am totally pleased with this use of your tax dollars.

Clearly free individuals pose a great threat to your glorious masters. It is imperative that your masters find a way to wipe out the normal thought processes of the masses while still keeping their brains functional enough to preform manual labor.

Today, this function is accomplished through the use of network television, which offers such superb brainwashing programs as Dancing With The Stars and Big Brother. By the time an average citizen gets done watching three episodes of either show, they are at least 20 I.Q. points lower in intelligence.

Praise Stalin, and may the State expropriate your feminine hygiene products.

posted on Oct, 20 2010 @ 11:42 AM
The great thing about about brainwash victims is you can pay them in gum, and they'll completely accept that. We've all seen the commercials. Trident is the new global currency.


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