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Beauty and the Candidate

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posted on Oct, 14 2010 @ 12:47 PM
huffingtonpost. com

With a life-long interest in political leadership, I thought I had seen it all: from selfless and inspiring to venal and creepy -- and all points in between.

But I was simply unprepared for Christine O'Donnell, the Tea Party-backed candidate running for a Delaware U.S. Senate seat. I can say with confidence that of all who have aspired to take their place along side the greats in legislative history, she is the only one to ever tell voters: "I am not a witch."

Claimer of dubious educational credentials -- check. Manager of questionable personal finances -- check. User of campaign funds to pay the rent -- check. Crusader against masturbation -- check. User of the word "unfactual" on ABC news -- check. But not a witch.

That got me thinking -- what if she looked like a witch, all scraggily-haired, boney-knuckled and warty? My guess: she would be as visible on the national political scene as her county's clerk of courts.

As any one who has been to Junior High (or Middle School) knows, there is a direct correlation between good looks and popularity.

The right seems very adept at finding charismatic female candidates who are also beautiful. Maybe the left is jealous because we come up with brainy women who can do the job but probably not win beauty pageants.

Maybe it's sour grapes to bemoan the fact that many men and even women respond to good physical looks when choosing who to vote for. It's too bad that many people vote with their genitals but that's the way it is in politics, I guess.

The popularity of Sarah Palin appears to be waning, despite her physical attractiveness. We shall see how Christine O'Donnell fares in the November elections. If she wins I will have no doubt in my mind that her looks have been a deciding factor.


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