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Vivek The Homeless Prophet

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posted on Oct, 13 2010 @ 10:42 AM
Thought you guys would like this, couldn't find it any where on here.

Read description before you watch:

I respect and love Vivek, back when I was 19 - we were making a comedy public access show so I felt it necessary to make it funny. I really love this video and have spoken to the man and given him about $50 since making the video, it has been seen by hundreds of people. Hope you can decipher the intelligence from the stupidity - and for the records, I still think it's kind of funny.

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posted on Oct, 13 2010 @ 11:58 AM
Wow - Old Viveck can talk. Great Video - thanks for sharing.
Pretty Intense and perfectly true in my mind, - He is like a re-incarnation of a biblical figure - liked Viveck's take on Christianity.
The humour from the guys who made the vid helped break up the intensity of Viveck's stream of thought and more made it funny -Yes - Good One
(excuse spelling)

posted on Oct, 15 2010 @ 10:01 PM
reply to post by manbearpig

Great video, thanks for posting this. Good stuff getting this guy on camera, very entertaining and thought provoking. S & F.

posted on Oct, 16 2010 @ 11:02 AM
Ah, Vivek. I wonder if he played Morrowind?

Great video, thanks for posting. I had forgotten about this guy. He's great!

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