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Law Enforcement Sensitive: Investigating Terrorism & CRIMINAL Extremism

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posted on Oct, 12 2010 @ 09:58 AM
It is my understanding that I, as a natural born person can form my own opinions as well as my own way of thinking. That does not make me an extremist person but a person who likes to keep his eyes open.

Comes now, the 'Institute of Intergovernmental Research' and claims that people who talk about the constitution as well as our bill of rights are 'criminal extremists'...

The Department of Justice has issued a glossary to be distributed to law enforcement officers throughout the country where we find definition after definition of terms used by people who they categorize as “Domestic Terrorists.”

This PDF was written in order for "Criminal Justice Professionals to effectively COMBAT terrorism/EXTREMISM"

You, my friend, simply by being here 'might' just be a 'domestic terrorist'

120 pages of pure government brainwashing materials for our brother in 'law enforcement'

What say you?

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