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The Biggest Threat to National Security

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posted on Oct, 8 2010 @ 05:29 PM

Everyone is finally starting to recognize that the federal government is merrily traveling down the road to national bankruptcy ... and is going to take a lot of Americans down with it. The government is spending at least $1 trillion dollars more than what it is taking in ... every year, with no end in sight.

Everyone knows what happens when people do that on a personal or family basis. If you're already deeply in debt and you keep spending lots more than what you're bringing in, there can be only one result at the end of the road -- bankruptcy.

Well, guess what. In case you haven't noticed, the federal government is already deeply in debt. In fact, each American, including children, owes an average of some $42,000, which is each person's share of the federal debt. For a family of four, that amounts to $168,000.

Care to pay up your family's share?

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

All of this talk about the big, bad boogie man, with terror alerts and an elusive Al Qaeda that seems to be always on the verge of taking our republic down because they are jealous of our freedoms, yet the biggest threat is staring us right in the face, our economy.

The elites won't be losing out, instead the losers will be you, me and the rest of our neighbors that don't have the resources to shift our assets over to holdable commodities. While they are keeping us distracted with decoy threats, we are literally being attacked from the other end, yet we fail to acknowledge it, It's not that we don't see it because we surely do. You would have to be living under rock, not to see it, so it is clearly that we are refusing to acknowledge it, most likely to due to the manipulation of those dangling the shiny threat of terrorism right in front of our eyes.

Our ship is literally going down as the crew-members of this ship are teraing it apart for scrap, which the reason we are sinking in the first place, While we are sinking due to their stealing of its scrap metal, they are telling us that we should be worried about pirates, who we can't see. Tell me, what does it matter if there are pirates, when our own crue is ripping the ship apart to seel its metal for scrap?

I suggest that everyone read the article, as it's something that we need to slap our neighbors in the face with, to get them out of their dazed stupor, else it will be too late. If not, it will be you and I fighting for scraps of meat in the street.


posted on Oct, 8 2010 @ 05:43 PM
ok there is some major bs in this article so im start with the things that po me the most,

"The military and the military-industrial complex? Actually, they constitute a much bigger threat to national security than the welfare state. We all know that military spending is a major factor heading our nation into bankruptcy. "

this is a bold face lie it is and look at these figures:

this is the entitlement in america:

53 million americans on social security
48 million americans on welfare
17 million americans who are drawing unemployment
120 million americans who are actually working

118,000,000 americans are some form of government subsidies

120,000,000 americans are paying those subsidies...

"What do we need a standing army for? What do we need a military-industrial complex for? What do they do for us? "

what they do for you? are you serious? they make it so you can site here and have a safe place to work and live and eat and have kids so you can actually live here.............without the military there is no country there is nothing else.

the military industrial complex is a myth it has been largely outsourced for decades simple fact the majority of technology in use today is designed,built and tested by europeans

"There is no nation-state on earth that has the military capability -- or the interest -- to cross the oceans and invade and occupy the United States. "

another lie there are countries right now building their navies up to that point right now guess you people forgot when the chinese submarine shadowed a us aircraft carrier a few years back.

but then agian they dont really have to cross the seas when the southern border is open for whoever and whatever wants to come into this country.....

when it comes to terrorism those jihadists have been at war with us for decades!!!!!!! DECADES!!! we just finally woke up to the fact that there were people and there will always be people out there that want to kill long as this nation lives there will always be those who seek its destruction.

to me this article is infuriating and pos me off to no end............

and really how many of those 118,000,000 people living off the government dime going to pay for their share of that $42,000 when the government is continually adding to that number and it continues to spend more and more with no end in site..............



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posted on Oct, 8 2010 @ 05:57 PM
It's already too late. We're in denial over the burden of debt.

This year was bad on tax revenue or anything related to public financing, next year will be worse from rising unemployment and food stamp costs. The following year will be the deal breaker.

Unless something dramatically changes, two more years at the very best. Make your plans accordingly.

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