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Stepping out into Alien Mindspace

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posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 07:58 PM
(from a book I'm writing)

Reportedly 10 light years distant from us is a planet 2 ½ times the size of Earth. Living there is a population that Dutch chronicler “Stefan Denaerde” was told has already visited our planet. “Denaerde” is a pseudonym used by a tall, photo-identified Dutch businessman whose wife and family waited in a yacht and watched while he entered an alien disk floating in coastal waters near The Hague. While the yacht was magnetically anchored to the disk’s surface, Denaerde was allowed two days of face-to-face briefings. Because Iarga is more than two times the size of Earth it has more than twice the gravity, meaning it wouldn’t be a good place for humans to live. Iarga has big oceans, plant and animal life. Although larger than Earth, the total area of Iarga’s 12 large islands is roughly equal to the area of Australia. Its atmosphere is always cloudy, and, when seen from space, where sunlight penetrates close to the surface there are patches of pinkish color. As a result, Iargans can’t see stars or their moon from ground level. They refer to Earth as the blue planet with “blinding light.” Denaerde’s graphic, detailed report contains information of an advanced character and an internal consistency that appears to be genuine.

What do our nearest known native, naturally evolved neighbors on Iarga reportedly look like? They’re bipedal, slightly shorter than humans and have a thick mid-frame, longer arms, and fast reflexes that allow them to survive 3-foot falls that have the same impact as a 7-8 foot fall on Earth. Their ears are peaked and sit higher on the head, and the jaw/nose section sticks further out than a human’s. They have a slight bony ridge across the top of the head and teeth that form a solid row. They reportedly evolved from an amphibian precursor, so they have partly-webbed skin between fingers and toes that allows them to swim with fast, powerful strokes. They were polite with Denaerde, who was astonished to see the emotional subtleties of educated, mind-communicating aliens.94

More importantly, Iarga is an equalitarian society where everyone works just a few hours per day. Iargans said they have “an economic plan aimed at efficiently satisfying (their) needs so that (they) are released from the tyranny of material things over daily life. In other words, if everyone has everything at his or her disposal, then the acquisition of material goods is no longer of paramount importance. This can only be achieved by providing ‘equal shares for everyone;’ otherwise envy will always exist. The culture then becomes more or less stable.” When asked how they calculate the cost of natural resources they said, “In a society where personal ownership did not exist, natural resources were, in principle, free.” Iargans think human advertising is “a despicable form of propaganda which is ethically unacceptable. In a socially stable society, you had not only freedom of speech, but, even more important, freedom of thought.” They said that on Earth advertising repeats one-sided information, damages the freedom of thought, and that’s “unacceptable discrimination.” Freed of the animal-like greed and hoarding seen on Earth, Iargans share mind communications and often hug each other tenderly.

Iargans said, “Earthly Marxism makes the fault of thinking that all people are good, and that only their social and economic situation makes them ‘bad;’ change their situation and the problem is solved. If only this were true. Every intelligent race is dualistic, and as absolute necessity, contains an extremely evil consciousness component that now and again comes to the surface in the form of lies, deceit, sadism, homicide, etc.” It’s an interesting distinction.

Iargans reportedly use disk-shaped flight craft containing counter-rotating metal/magnetic plates and electronics that counteract gravity. They told Denaerde they think jet flight is bad because it can only be used by a rich minority. For that reason, Iargans do long distance travel on fast, magnetically elevated trains that cross oceans on bridges anchored by submerged floats that dampen the effect of waves and tides. Iargans reproduce sexually but it’s a subdued sexuality like that of dolphins. A slender, partly transparent membrane emerges from the male, whose body is so similar to a female that females reportedly shower in glass-enclosed stalls their neighbors can see into.

So, if Denaerde is correct, our nearest, native neighbors are literate, technologically evolved, and, like all known aliens, equalitarian. They probably aren’t much older as a population than we are. Iarga’s distant past was reportedly like that of humankind: repression, conflict, and waste of resources. Like other alien worlds, Iarga shows that the most important achievements of an evolving world are social equality and a sustainable ecology. The highest level aliens on Iarga only receive a double allotment, compared to the lowest. *Iargans suggested that humans don’t have to advocate violence and destruction in order to achieve equality. Instead, they suggest we simply raise the living standard of all who suffer.

A later section of Denaerde’s illustrated book (free on the web) suggests that in early industrial days, Iargans did great damage to their planet, possibly by too direct a military use of gravitic energies. It may be that greedy competition between those 12 separate islands resulted in misuse of “scalar electromagnetic” power and weapons technologies, which could be what caused the “great fire” in their skies that Iargans referred to. It reportedly killed all birds and many of their planet’s life forms. It helps to remember that unless gravitic technologies are reserved for limited uses only, they can pull dangerous solar flares out that harm a planet. That happens because crude manipulation of gravitics resonates into a cycle that ties a planet to its star. For example, in his video, Keys to Utopia, James Gilliland features an energy researcher who operates a simple device made of counter-rotating flywheels (and possibly magnets), which puts out more energy than goes into it. The researcher said that when he used a larger version of the device there was a problem: the device lifted up off of the table, so the researcher grabbed it. But the device flew up, breaking the researcher’s arm, then smashed through ceiling and roof, and, the last he saw of it, it was headed straight for the sun at 7000 miles per hour. Why? It tapped too directly into the gravity between Sun and Earth. Unless such energy use is configured so that it’s counterbalanced by a larger, finer counter-stream within deep space (which can, nonetheless, slightly speed time and energy cycles in that space), early use of such technologies can ruin a planet, as reportedly happened to grays, so-called “Haven” aliens and many others. An overly direct use of such technology can do seismic and atmospheric damage.

**The problem for humankind, at present, is that the gray aliens’ alignment has already given gravitic technologies to a mass-criminal human faction without safely teaching it how to minimize its use by distributing the counter-effects within a larger galactic configuration. Since the gray alignment isn’t even from this galaxy, to begin with, they may want to avert human agreement with our Milky Way neighbors regarding safe energy configuration. It may be a kind of sabotage intended to partly spoil the human ecology and make us desperate, hence submissive to the designs of a distant alien empire.

Meanwhile, our neighbor Iargans went out of their way to tell Denaerde about how their population compares in relation to other alien worlds. Iarga’s gravitic technology, equalitarian norms, and their keen attention to an expanded “internal culture” of mind interactions suggest that they were contacted by alien neighbors thousands of years ago. Apparently, that “internal culture” involves remote mind interactions with a larger, mixed alien community---shared mind resonance both between Iargans and across hyperspace with further varieties of aliens. Aliens in early stages of development learn from contact and the example of other aliens.

How and according to what standards does that proceed? We now have a good idea because some humans engage in remote interactions with different categories of aliens. More importantly, irrespective of which alien population or combination of alien populations a given world is first introduced to, there are common themes and a larger community of mind that all share in common. There are cultural, trading, and mind-interaction overlaps among all communities. As was noted earlier, alien mind interactions cycle inwardly while, at the same time, they nearly instantly resonate far outwardly across great orb-like expanses of hyperspace. The problem, in some cases, is that loud, sometimes arrogant mental noise causes some aliens to not notice the softer, finer communications of a more universal sort. They’re diverted by propaganda, busywork and other distractions, which is a major failing on their part.

Stepping out into Alien Mindspace

The best way to illustrate how aliens interact is to show how such mind communications occur. Contrary to the claims of black budget manipulators, the most important result of human contact with aliens isn’t technology and dangerous devices. Instead, it’s the simple fact that we can now actively be part of greater remote mind interactions. We can do a subtle yet precise kind of remote sensing, right here and now, without even leaving Earth, without risking the disasters that early misuse of alien technologies inflicted on other planets. By choosing to advance human mind communications first, we can bring the entire planet together in order to preserve its beautiful ecology. When we do, we go from frustrated, fearful dependence on an abduction-complicit regime to a gentler global order, a fantastic mind-resonating ecology.

The choice between the two alternatives is stark: on the one hand, continued manipulation by the grays’ alignment risks further sabotage of human unity and possible destruction of all life on Earth (a main theme in their propaganda, ironically). On the other hand, if we move on to the next step in mind communications, all who participate will have a deeply felt sense of the delicate resonance of all life in the universe.

Here’s how a glancing encounter between different alien populations both looks and feels. Let’s say a small crew of gray aliens manages to get close to the planet Iarga without being stopped or seized for violating sovereign airspace. Grays aren’t native to this galaxy. Instead, they’re reportedly an advance guard genetically enhanced by “Verdants,” a larger, colonizing alien regime from a galaxy 14 million light years from our galaxy.95 Numerous reports suggest that the grays’ distant planet of origin was ruined during what appears to have been an intervention by Verdants, who were eager to expand beyond their own home galaxy. Now, thousands of years later, grays have mind-sensing “psychotronic” technology onboard that amplifies mind interactions so that an entire crew can communicate when they choose to do so. They probably do training exercises for how to veil their craft and dim down or shield communications so that Iargans and other aliens might not detect them.

Meanwhile, aliens and humans have the ability to faintly but inwardly “see” and feel into tiny bursts of gravitic energy that all minds and alien technology produce. We’ll talk about how that feels and how you can do it, shortly. Once you get the feel, you can easily detect the delta t, a speeding and/or slowing of time surrounding the use of gravitic technology. That fact that alien energy networks are packed with streams of psychotronic mind information makes them that much easier to detect. Using gravitic flying toys and psychotronic technology, alien children are trained to be sensitive to gravitic energy resonance.

Humans and aliens can essentially contour and produce gravitic resonance with our minds; we can remotely view across great distances almost instantly and feel out across hyperspace by simply contouring the intricate resonance in our brains so that it detects or interacts with distant places.96 (Hidden Truth. Alien Mind. See also Eldon Byrd in Megabrain Report) You may wonder, how on Earth can that be done?

It’s easy. Your brain and nerve structure has over a hundred trillion atoms in it. There’s abundant curvature there that already resonates deep down into nuclear structure, and, at times, considerably further outward. It takes a little time and patience to sensitize yourself to that. To help you more easily visualize it, we can compare such resonance to the action of a child in a bathtub. When a child times his/her back and forth movement so that it matches the movement of water waves in the tub, with little effort large amounts of water spill out of the tub. That’s resonance. You do the same in your mind when, sitting in a calm and clear-headed state, with little effort you nearly instantly converge brain waves so that they cancel out. It feels as though your mind’s awareness does a half-spin and a half-flip so that it converges energy and opposing energy waves mirror each other and cancel out. The energy hasn’t disappeared; it’s still looking for a place to go. In order do this, you use different brain structures, nerve contours and probably even atoms to converge energy--not merely on a spot--you converge energy from different sides of different-sized spherical spaces in your mind. That creates standing waves, a seemingly flat-line state in which you instantly pulse and amplify energy ever so slightly down into nuclear depths. It creates resonance (like the waves in a child’s bathtub) that causes subtle gravitic energy to spill out of atomic nuclei so that it can be contoured by your mind to resonate with any distant curvature or quantity across deep space.

Although it sounds like a jumble of complex parts, it happens all at once (the contouring aspect is like any of your fast thoughts). When you first do this distant kind of resonance, it has a subtle out-of-body feel. But please remember, those of us who do this quickly learn that unless we think about and assimilate the basics of how aliens live and think (non-violence, transparency, and a shared energy ecology) aliens simply don’t want to resonate back with us.97 My book Alien Mind discusses such alien standards at length. It helps to remember that such resonance goes in both directions, and, in part, all around a larger kind of orb-space. In other words, you may notice that more resonates back to you than you resonate outwardly.

We can detect distant objects, locations, and essentially see exact details but that occurs in a way that’s airy and faded, in comparison to the brighter visual imagery that you see around you. It occurs within the dark of your mind, much like the greater cloud of thoughts and considerations you normally range across, many at one time, before you seize on one thought explicitly. In physics terms it’s a kind of “dark state,” an alternately condensed yet hyper-fast resonant quality of mind that has vast information potential. All such energy resonates both to and from a distant place (or places). It’s as though you step out of the old, primitive notion of your one single head into a vastly more alive and active, hyper-intelligent community of mind interactions. It’s so awesome and humbling that one feels an almost Zen-like respect for its shared, delicate qualities. As Iargans suggest, you begin to assimilate the basic thoughts and considerations of a vastly greater, internal culture of mind that surrounds us all, in every direction and on every intelligent planet.

It’s a life changing experience.

How can that inward-cycling-while-inflating “scalar electromagnetic” resonance reach so far, so fast? In his book Parallel Worlds, physicist Michio Kaku notes that relativity theory shows that when anything nears light speed, “all distances are shortened to zero.” So, when “scalar” or gravitic resonance slightly exceeds light speed, the same is true but in a condensed kind of hyperspace where information resonates. As former Naval Weapons Laboratory scientist Eldon Byrd, PhD noted in the first issue of Megabrain Report, “I look at scalars strictly as information. . . Could it be that we live in a sea of information? Not in the form of electromagnetic energy, not acoustic energy, but a whole other form of energy which we currently have no instruments to measure. It's a sea of information. It's just there. It doesn't take any time for it to propagate from one point in time and space to another because it has nothing to do with time and space.”98

Please remember, this kind of remote sensing and communication with aliens isn’t a fantasy that we aren’t capable of, although finer, more civilized minds always have a great advantage in it. Instead, it’s a basic, everyday assumption in all aliens’ lives and among a growing number of humans. It is here now and for the rest of human (and mixed human-alien) history. Finer, more civilized minds have an advantage in this because they can agreeably share with all similar minds in a way that’s literally phenomenal---they can resonate in both a condensed and a vastly expanded way, due to the nature of hyperspace. In short, although it takes a little getting used to, all that you think or do is essentially transparent. There’s no place to hide stupid, egoistic presumption or harmful arrogations. And when you learn from that vast and softly fluctuating, intelligent internal culture, you soon realize that even advanced, highly technological aliens (who are subtler and more shared-mind aware than a typical human) nonetheless make mistakes. Crude, animal aspects of their nature can surface at intervals.

What language do mixed alien communications use? The universal language of mind interactions isn’t a dialect like English or Urdu. Instead, it’s the universal language of ideas, relationships and geometry---the underlying universal basis for thought that, as Iargans say, is simply reflected by language. In a sense it’s more pictorial, albeit faded, condensed and faster than linear word forms. Iargans and animal communicators say that animals also think in such terms.

Back to the gray craft nearing Iarga’s protected space. Aliens usually travel in groups because when an emergency occurs, craft can split off and fend for each other or seek help. Undetected at first, the three gray disks split up to widen the space that their technology resonates across, allowing them greater energy and information gathering capacity. However, to do so increases the risk that they’ll be detected because aliens who use gravitic energies also have technology (i.e. a so-called Helmholz coil or similar devices) that can detect such energy use by other aliens. As far as we know, the grays’ key to not being detected is to cap gravitic circuits and condition a larger, surrounding space wherever they go in order to both monitor other aliens’ detecting equipment and effectively hide the gray squadron’s presence by running the energy clock on a larger space than does the population they’re spying on (thus subsuming the lesser space). The problem, of course, is that Iargans know their own star system better and will have placed monitoring equipment and gravitic energy detectors in many discrete locations, some far beyond their own star system. So, unless the grays have already scouted the entire Iargan network to determine its weaknesses, Iargans have a great advantage in their own star system. For that reason, let’s change our scenario and say the gray craft nears an Iargan craft surveying an uninhabited star system that’s two star systems away from Iarga.

At first, the Iargan squadron of three large, disk shaped craft doesn’t notice the grays. Grays might even hide behind rocky bodies (ice or asteroids) and dim down, then listen. They can detect the Iargan’s information network, the intensity of the Iargan craft’s energy use, and the orientation of its communications network. However, unknown to the grays, the entire star system has been implanted with small, difficult to detect gravitic sondes, of a sort, that lie dormant but can quickly detect the gray squadron. Trained for such situations, Iargans pretend not to notice the grays. That way, the Iargans can monitor how the grays, in turn, are monitoring them. Using their minds, the Iargan crews expand their remote sensing far out to encompass the entire star system. Here’s how that feels when they do it.

In their minds, as we explained above, Iargans suddenly still their thoughts and converge their mind energies on different-sized spherical spaces (in the mind) while doing a kind of half flip and a half rotation of their mind awareness, which cancels out waveform, allowing it to resonate far out into a huge kind of orb-space that encompasses the entire star system. Trained since childhood to recognize both the high energy flow of gravitic resonance done by technology and the subtle gravitic resonance of living brains, the Iargans easily, instantly have a slightly darkened yet precise map in their heads of all such phenomena in that system. They can literally feel it. They can sense the overall aspects or instantly sort out and examine smaller details (speaking from direct experience of the sort, I’m certain humans are easily capable of this, also). Before their next breath, using their minds they reduce the size of that orb-space to surround all the gray craft, being careful to maintain an extra double distance, maintaining what is, in effect, a faint extra horizon of gravitic resonance beyond the first space that surrounds the gray squadron. In this extra shell, extra categories of gravitics converge and cancel out to bleed down into (and subsume) the lower shell of gravitics and light waves.

*So, here’s what they just did: using their minds they contoured an inner shell and a larger outer shell of faint energy fluctuations (it doesn’t feel like an orb at the end of a light ray; instead, it’s more like the quantum mirage model we talked about earlier---it happens fast and can be focused into and across a distant opposite side of a larger energy shell). By quietly sensing within the space beyond that first shell so that it slightly perturbs and cycles throughout the second shell, they can more quickly and smoothly detect what the grays are doing. (Those two shells are gravitic energy horizons, like event horizons of a sort.)

Perhaps you’re beginning to understand why they contour a second, expanded energy shell…
By configuring that extra, second space, the Iargans are able to more subtly sense all that goes on down within the inner orb-like shell of energy, while also working within a faster, higher-information relationship between gravitic energy and normal light waves (it foldedly cycles all way across both energy shells in the same hyper-fast way that quantum mirage-like energy shells did in the previous chapter). They don’t do this slowly. Instead, it’s almost instantaneous (fast, subtle bursts of information). They have an overall kind of diagram in their heads (they literally feel it), and, more importantly, their awareness is expanded out into more than one place at a single time. (We’ll talk more about this kind of remote sensing later because it’s basically how we’ll smoothly resonate with and remotely detect or contact neighboring alien planets, in some cases involving more than one planet at a given time. We can do this now, whenever we choose to, but remember—it’s contact with their global consciousness, not a linear, individual thing. It has a more spread out, plasmic feel.)

As we noted earlier, by converging light waves so that they cancel out, then amplifying that canceled out (standing wave) energy, we create a resonance that’s both deeper down (in atomic nuclei) while at the same time, capable of being contoured so that it resonates far out into space. That’s what happens down in the first orb-like shell of energy surrounding the gray squadron. In the Iargans’ larger, second shell-space, different varieties of gravitic resonance can be subtly converged to resonate all the way down into, and across, the smaller first shell. And that is exactly what the Iargans are doing, hoping the grays won’t notice. Because they’re closer to home, Iargans are less afraid, more relaxed and adept at working with that subtler, further shell-space of gravitic resonance.

However, grays are non-sexual aliens with a subdued kind of emotion. They, too, notice that something is up. Suddenly, the two different populations realize that they’re aware of each other. *We don’t know everything about grays’ technology, but grays usually won’t do distant travels without a larger berthing craft somewhere in the vicinity. That way, they can call on at least a few kinds of other aliens in the craft.

As far as we know, Iargans may be an independent population with a modest variety of other alien trading and scientific exchange partners. However, without a doubt, one or some of those groups (possibly even the Iargans) will have larger ties and will likely coordinate with a much larger convention of Milky Way aliens. We don’t yet know the extent of their technical and communications coordination, but it’s safe to assume that they’re all on the watch for gray alignment aliens in the vicinity. We now know that gray alignment aliens abduct and try to clone-copy or hybridize other aliens for study purposes and then use the copies as filters for communications. Gray alignment aliens probably try to insert at least some hybrids to spy on other populations. Given gray alignment activities near Earth, Iargans and other alien neighbors native to the Milky Way probably assume that gray alignment aliens will try to steal away at least some of their individuals. Why? Because the gray alignment’s arrogant scavenging for resources here, far from their home galaxy, shows that they’ll do what they can to spy on our galaxy neighbors.

However, because it originated in a distant galaxy the gray alignment is probably next to insignificant in our galaxy, so Iargans and our native alien neighbors vastly out number all gray-related aliens who may show up in our vicinity. Which is why grays have to be careful. To be caught violating another population could have harsh consequences. Indeed, there may be galaxy-wide protocols for sharing and reporting information about gray alignment incursions into this galaxy. *We’ll soon find out about that directly.

Meanwhile, Iargans, and good, alien-aware humans adept at remote sensing can get a snap, comprehensive overview of the entire gray alignment’s high energy (gravitics) and inter-planetary network---its concentration in their distant home galaxy, plus where it fingers into other galaxies. It’s easy to sense because that network’s communications, travel and energy exchanges all bundle together, and that kind of resonance can easily be sensed, replete with an overview. The network’s long-distance communications are all reportedly done nearly instantaneously, meaning that it traces a stark gravitic energy horizon, which is easily detectable in overview. The challenge for a human beginner is to first study maps of the several galaxy groups and the larger Virgo supercluster near us in order to be able to recognize that inward-resonating-far-outward map of all locations. As we noted above, this kind of remote sensing is a kind of resonance that occurs faintly, quickly in the dark of the mind (which, in the end, isn’t really that dark, after all).

The best way to examine that network is to remember: a large, colonizing population (the gray alignment) that has willingly, deliberately violated a variety of other populations and, as they admit, has manipulated the ruin of at least some entire planets, is distorted by coarse, sometimes arrogant defects of concept and character. Irrespective of how they rationalize their crimes internally, they’ve become blind to a larger universal equivalency between all populations, which is our larger mixed community basis, overall. As a result, they often don’t see or sense or think in terms of the finer, fainter multiple considerations (and fluctuations) in the space both between and surrounding them. They’ve effectively isolated themselves within a relatively coarse, if not insensitive, limitation. Greater, finer communications and thought-forms cycle into an inherently finer space. For that reason, our best strategy is to both frame and orient our entire community basis in those finer, categorically more intelligent terms. The difference that results is phenomenal.

When interacting with aliens, the single most reliable test of their behavior and their propaganda is to simply expand your entire space beyond what they’re doing so that in a greater, more universal space you look back across what they say and do to see if it’s posed as exaggerated, fake whole number quantities. Why do we do that? Because in the actual physics of the universe, the only whole number quantity is the entire universe—from the very beginnings to the very ends of time. In other words, all that can be remotely sensed is merely hyper-quickly fluctuating fractions of a larger universal whole. And if, while doing your basic remote sensing check on anything that such aliens do, you see a stupid array of false whole number quantities (grandiose statements, ego, lies, or arrogant destructive diversions) you know that something is drastically wrong there.

Meanwhile, the inwardly-cycling-while-also-inflating physics that you participate in via remote sensing is nothing more than a kind of fractional hyper-dynamic, a vast and finely fluctuating resonance of inter-related fractional aspects of the larger universe. So, when you see or hear the lies and deceptions of an offending alien population (or even among humans) the only way to see both through and beyond them is to think within the finer, multiply fluctuating spaces both between and beyond the offender’s hogwash. That finer, multiple space is fantastically more intelligent, albeit fainter because it cycles vastly beyond the offenders.

To do that is to do exactly what the Iargans were doing in that larger second space beyond the grays in the example above. Now, here’s a most important fact that allows us to exceed and see beyond even the most technologically advanced alien offenders. Not only can we inflate our remote sensing perspective into a second, further space beyond offending aliens; if we’re good, equalitarian non-violators we can contour our sensing/thought to move beyond that second gravitic energy shell. We assimilate with the best of all minds beyond that second horizon (to do so is to participate in a larger universal community that exceeds any single regime). Again, the difference is literally phenomenal. We see/think more clearly and more universally. *But go softly---there are conservations and safeguards in that way of being. Sadly to say, even some hyper-advanced aliens have allowed their reasoning to lapse to a mere two-shell configuration (which we simply move beyond, more finely and faintly as part of a mixed, non-regime community). Aliens, too, find inspiration in a larger, non-regime community (even aliens within large aggregates and megapopulations spanning hundreds or thousands of planets). We’ll revisit this subject in later chapters.

So, what do Iargans and grays do, now that they’re aware of each other in that distant star system? They both probe, remotely, and try to dim down, maybe send pre-recorded statements about who belongs where, and how. If I’m not mistaken, Iargans are probably instructed not to communicate directly, for safety reasons, while grays might try to fob off some story about how they’re interested in trading and scientific exhanges wherever they go. But from the Iargan perspective, it’s like a Mossad spy walking into a secure government building in Washington D.C. (or Moscow or Beijing) and saying that he wants to do business—secretly, without consulting overseers. Iargans must be cautious. They know that distant alien empires like that of the Verdants sometimes ruin entire planets in order to gain advantage over them and use their surroundings.

Iargan communications are nearly instantaneous---all the way back to their home planet. They notify the home planet, allowing it to activate a limited number of gravitic sensors in the vicinity. They don’t want to betray too much of their network over a small incident. Some readers are probably thinking: Don’t they at least talk to each other; maybe say what they’re doing and how they live, etc? Are aliens straightjacketed by insular regime assumptions and unable to explore the thoughts of other aliens?

Of course not. When confronted by a potential violator (an abductor with possibly arrogant, domineering intentions), even aliens maintain a healthy distance. Back on their home planet, Iargans are free to communicate with other aliens as they choose, but, unlike human society, their population openly discusses, studies and analyzes all alien populations of interest. So they do so safely. Rather than hide within the infantile notion that aliens don’t exist, they inform the public. In other words, we can probably assume that a typical Iargan knows much about life on this planet. But were you told about Iarga (before reading this book)?

--excerpt from After Contact and Conflict a book in progress by George LoBuono, author of Alien Mind

posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 09:12 PM
Wow, that was alot of reading, and I won't lie, it lost me on a few spots.

some basic remarks about it
I would find it interesting to spend time there monitering such a species..I think that is the big draw of many people when they look at the stars..all the potential interesting and different cultures. Maybe not even to learn and exchange, but just to understand and observe for intellectual curiousity.

the thought kept coming into my mind initially...could we live like that? would we even want to? some parts were nice, but they seemed to exchange out the nice bits at the expense of other nice bits in comparison to our species. a working communism doesn't freak me out much in a highly technological world...if everyone is equal in what they get, but we equally have great stuff with no material desires...then cool.,,but it appears that they were minimalists in the description overall...thats the impression I got ferraris in the driveway, no super gaming computers, no hollywood blockbuster movies, giant concerts, etc etc etc...

I think there is a deep seeded pleasure in such things overall...carnivals, intense joyous celebrations.

So, ya...interesting story of how they live, but perhaps a bit dull.

As far as the expanded consciousness of communication. well, it would be great to do that of course...but as its described, its dimmer and more of idea based feelings moreso than crystal clear physically tangable experience that you experience not individually but more of a globally plasma typed me, it sounds like the difference between going to hawaii and wandering around verses reading about the demographics of hawaii from a book...tasteless...informative and perhaps far more accurate in big picture thinking, but it seems to rob the experience of the information. To me, it sounds like that in itself if thats the only gig in the universe would eventually rob us of our humanity. the grays, for all the bad press they take, appear more our style actually. They physically go to places, have desires to communicate directly, quest for technology and information, etc...and with that they mix into the bag some mind abilities like our neighbors. not overly fond of the ruin the environment to be the false savior bit of course..but hey...they are homeless out of towners..they probably had to adapt some pretty severe methods simply to keep their race existing. If humans nerfed their planet to where they had to abandon...we could potentially do some horrible stuff to lesser cultures if push came to shove.

anyhow, great story...fiction or not, it certainly gets the mind churning in different ways.

and I want some of those kids toys to play with!

posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 09:44 PM

That was a really interesting read.
I won't claim to understand all of it, or anywhere near, but I have experienced something along the lines of some kind of universal mind thing where all thoughts and communication are immediate, regardless of distance.
I put this down to the idea that all is one, therefore we are everywhere at the same time on a level which is beyond time and space, and in which time and space have no real relevance as it is the other side of the coin so to speak, and the opposite of what many of us regard as 'reality'.

I won't claim to have mastered any techniques of control or manipulation of this state of consciousness either, but it just seems to come into my awareness during my admittedly undisciplined meditation sessions in deep relaxation.

Are we on a similar page here, or am I barking up a totally different tree?


posted on Sep, 24 2010 @ 10:50 AM
Great story. One thing I recall from reading about this Dutch encounter is that the Iargans do NOT have FTL travel. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but if my recollection is right, I'm wondering how the "story" has changed since the late '60's. Certainly, 14 million light year distances are going to stick in someone's craw, even if it is another species that does have FTL. The very fabric of the story would be undermined, since they are supposed to use similar "gravitic" technology, etc.

Again, I could be wrong, but the "original" story even had something about how Iargans are so peaceful, that they look upon a twenty year journey something like contemplative monks, since it is a rather solitary journey. Again, the assumption was no FTL. Also, the original story even went so far as to suggest we would never even be able to get to their technological level, simply because we were on the wrong course, a tangent that lead no where, our thinking was just not going to ever make the leap, that was the Iargan judgment. Too convenient if you can't really provide tech info, and a hoaxer could not of course.

Frankly, I'm skeptical of most of these stories, because in spite of a surface "plausibility", in spite of apparent internal cohesion, most of these older stories also seem to "develop", coincidentally reflecting OUR current thinking of the time. A bit reminiscent of post WW2 German UFO's, that seem very "dated" to us now, and yet, we're offered no current detailed alternatives. As if someone got wise, and realized that if they were going to continue to pull it off, they could not continually rely upon a naive audience. Things get more vague, even if the story continues to get more elaborate...



posted on Sep, 24 2010 @ 05:22 PM
JR, you're right. The Iarga story states that they don't do f.t.l. travel. Instead, the author says he saw ingrained, burn-like marks thought to be the result of hitting space debris, edge on, by a disk. They said they use an anti-matter device to get rid of truly destructive debris in their path.

My feeling is that in the 1960's, even if they then had f.t.l. tech, it was absolutely impolitic to say they did---to a human. If you recall, we were in the midst of a mindless, Mutually Assured Destruction strategy in the Cold War, and Iargans argued that it would be criminal to give advanced tech to such people. But since the 60's, obviously, there has been a proliferation of discussion about f.t.l. tech, by numerous sources re different alien groups. And, if Lockheed Skunkworks head Ben Rich noted that we now have the technology to take e.t. home, presumably in part, faster-than-light, it's obvious that Iargans would have developed that long before "we" did. But I use quotation marks for "we" because it's a narco-dealing, murdering semi-privatized black budget regime that stole control of e.t.-related tech away from US presidents under Eisenhower. Is that us? Obviously not. It appears to be a bizarrely corrupt, possibly alien-compromised mafia, of a sort.

On the one hand, by hoarding such tech there, it kept us from using gravitic technology stupidly, like we did with nukes. That would possibly have ruined this planet before 1980, or perhaps later. So, a larger, much more advanced (than gray alignment) backdrop of older aliens could say the stupid mafia (which slit its own throat by commiting so many other heinous, literally stupid crimes) is just waiting to be rolled up, to be replaced by ______ So, we can see at least some, variable (subject to argument) logic for not allowing e.t. tech to leak out---for example, without actual, open disclosure about aliens, their norms, and their SAFEGUARDS.

Not to condone the current situation, but it is tricky. To the one poster above, sorry if I confused you. Remote sensing is very precise and can be very individual, specific details, even the inside of an alien's craft. That plasmic feel is only re direct remote contact, uninvited, initiated by humans first, with an advanced planet. Given that aliens communicate with shared mind technology, and simple telepathy also, of course, the first feel we encounter (the only safe, non pain-in-the-rear basis) is simply that generalized global. Why? Because it's better to let them decide when they want to initiate specific, graphic relations with us, even if we're capable of doing so, at the moment. Any planet with psychotronic tech can easily pick up when a long-distance, questionable outsider from this planet tries to view much detail among them. I'm not suggesting that it can't be done----for example, under the current gray alignment intrusion situation we have perfect legitimate right, hence the larger community's permission, to remotely probe THEM, as much as we need to. (need to). But when approaching our non-violating, friendly neighbors, it's better to remember that we have to live with them, more or less forever. So, protocols are important.

I know the physics sounds ~way out there. It is, but once you get the simple feel for such (and, more importantly, once you understand friendly aliens' required basics) remote sensing of the sort is very fast, very easy. You have to park the human context here, the old world crudeness, in order to feel among them.


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