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I dreamed about being in a life I didn't like, and the one I liked??

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posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 11:34 PM
WTF, this is weird, although I don't remember everything, I did write it down straight away when I woke up, very roughly..


I was a slave

I didn't like the life I was living

Without knowledge I found another side of life

The other side explained, that I didn't like my past life because I was a slave

This life was better, million times better

They said there was war because of slavery

In this side everything looked brighter

They put something on my head, something you wear

I was training in a room

I was running towards the wall, jumping towards the wall using one leg then using the wall pushing myself up

I felt something when I did it couple of times

I felt the gravity decrease and I stayed in the air longer

I was doing this training in a large room

One side had a massive window where you could see outside, with a beautiful view

One thing I noticed, was someone else's eye caught my training

At first he look like he was training himself, I don't know when he looked towards me

I could see him on the edge of a large hill, or building

I look towards him twice or three times, I see him looking at me

It was a dark figure

Because the sun was sitting behind him


This is all I managed to get from my dream, because I had glimpses left in my brain, but I managed to extract this much, and convert it to words..

Weird, it is like living another life, time goes much slower, because it this is true, I much have done a lot, hence I started from one life, then went to a whole different one, since the second life was later, I remember that more clearly, but the first life, which I didn't like apparently left my memory quick..

Any thoughts??

posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 05:21 PM
The mind is good at filling in details connecting one part of a dream to the next. It's totally fine that there seemed to be a lot of time passing. Maybe it did which is fine, and maybe the mind filled in the gaps which is also fine, either way it's a valid experience.

Onto this sort of dream. I've had a few of them. They certainly make you think, maybe they make you appreciate what you have or what could have been. But all the bad stuff... anticipation is almost always worse than how things will really feel. So your mind creates these horrible feelings and emotions to go along with difficult situations you've never been through. When you are dreaming, you can experience extreme emotions, and oftentimes your logic is turned "off" in a dream, so you can't reason yourself out of fear, negativity, etc.

I'll share one I had. I dreamt I was in a normal life but a lot of bad things happened. One thing that happened was I accidentally killed my pet dog (no details but it was an accident). I was so unhappy and couldn't accept it, it was a horrible feeling. Other things happened I know but nothing really sticks out. So then I met this young girl who was younger, like 18, but really sad. She just wanted to get away from things and her family a while, and we stayed together because we shared so much grief, it was truly the foundation of our relationship, and actually a strong one. I rented a place for us and she got sort of weird.

So I was in this life where nothing could get me off of this grief and I walk into the hallway by myself. That's when I go lucid as I tried to fly up (usually in a bad situation if I have time to think I will make sure I'm not dreaming, i've sat through bad stuff in dreams too many times, it's a natural reaction now). I wasn't very lucid but lucid enough to fly around. Long story short, I went out into space and I saw a nebula. Seeing a nebula up close I knew I must have gone farther than I've ever gone. I was going in and out of lucidity it seems cause I never really "came off it." Or came off my sadness. Then some voices speak - 3 different ones, a man, a woman, and what I think represented "God." The Man seemed to represent the west (and the wisdom of it), and the Woman seemed to represent the east (and the wisdom of it).

The "Man" basically said, "what do we have here, this one seems to be outside his boundaries." Then "God" asked the man a riddle, and I knew the answer. The man had to answer the riddle right for me to be allowed to basically receive aid or guidance from them. The man of course answered it right. Then this huge mirror opened up in front of me. I was out in space, wanted to check out that nebula, but something about the mirror made it something you knew was significant. So I flew through it like a portal. I was back in this warm house, with this really nice family and everything was perfect. They had no clue of my wrongdoings and negativity. Then there was another mirror (edit: in the living room above the fireplace) with that sort of shimmering surface. I went through it to a similar situation where everything was perfect. I couldn't accept living a lie around people who didn't know all the bad stuff I had done.

But I woke up and I was sick to my stomach... It's just one of those things where only time will help. Time will help you accept and internalize the experience. There is nothing you can say to heal yourself of the sickness of having been through something so difficult, then the pain of realizing your selfishness when you don't appreciate the wonderful things you are frankly blessed to have. This is where you can only be silent, and let things settle, your mind will come to accept and learn and figure out what this experience means to you.

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