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DCI Testimony Before The Joint Inquiry Of 911

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posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 10:07 PM
George Tenet's testimony into the 911 attacks reveals some possible conflicts regarding the following -

Keep these characterizations in mind as Director Mueller and I walk you through the details of the plot. Also keep in mind that the 9/11 investigation is ongoing, and we expect to know even more in the future than we present to you here today. Let me start with what we knew before the 9-11 attacks:
* We knew, and warned, that Usama Bin Ladin and his al-Qa'ida organization were "the most immediate and serious" terrorist threat to the US. We said that in several ways, including in my statement to the SSCI in February 2001.
* In the months prior to 11 September, we alerted policymakers that operations that al-Qa'ida had in motion were likely to cause large-scale loss of life and be spectacular in nature.
* Beginning in June 2001, we received a barrage of intelligence indicating that al-Qa'ida associates in Afghanistan and abroad expected imminent attacks against unspecified US interests.
* Over the summer of 2001, it became evident that multiple attacks were in the works, especially abroad. Some of these were interdicted, such as planned attacks against US targets in Europe and the Middle East—successes for US intelligence.
* Finally, we knew—and warned—of Bin Ladin's desire to strike inside the US.

The POTUS's staff during the attacks stated they did know and were not warned of ANY attacks inevitable. Really?

Saudi Hani Hanjur (#11), the fourth pilot, is similar to the other young Saudi hijackers in some ways, yet stands out because of:
His probable role as a pilot on 11 September, given that he had far greater flying experience than Flight 77 co-hijackers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar....

Probable? I was under the impression that he DID fly the plane. The definition of probable is:

likely to occur or prove true: He foresaw a probable business loss. He is the probable writer of the article.
having more evidence for than against, or evidence that inclines the mind to belief but leaves some room for doubt.
affording ground for belief.

But NOT conclusive. So did Hani fly the plane or not? The 911 Report says so but rather using the words that "he did" and settle for probable leaves room for doubt along with speculation as to if he did or not.

Source: CIA Website


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