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Academic coursework and ATS - mark me up moddies.

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posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 01:03 PM
About two years ago I was new to the Web and I've been on ATS for almost a year (I think).
Although things never turned too addictive or critical, one does end up spending time that could have been put into writing coursework on sites like ATS. Yeah, yeah, I see the fingers waving - you should have known better. But strangely, I don't think so. I feel my coursework and ATS have contributed to one another, and that ATS is a means of social education, which leaves a provable, markable trace. A certain amount of posts and threads per year should count for something in the quest for knowledge. And isn't that the crux of education?
Not only that, but depending on the member they might discuss things that coincide with their studies, and even quote academic texts, link to relevant material and grow with a great deal of enhanced awareness in a topic such as gender, sociology, media studies, politics, religious studies etc. In short, it is akin to work done in tutorials at many colleges and universities.
From a peripheral country one has the added advantage of being in an international forum.
Hence, I'm starting to consider raising the idea that ATS posts could form a componant of coursework marks for certain modules.
Does this option already exist at certain colleges?
I could be raising something here that is either totally ridiculous, or is perhaps already happening.

It could involve links or downloads to accompany dissertations. It would obviously entail the examiners knowing the user name and would need to happen with the site's co-operation. The relevance of posts should demonstrate a passion and growing knowledge of a subject, a degree of consistent attempt at quality and satisfactory demeanor.
The downside is that conspiracy theory still has a stigma, and few would have an inkling of the scope of information contributed on ATS. It might also stifle free expression to a degree and lead to a proliferation of threads on certain subjects that reflect coursework.
In any case, contributing here has not been doing nothing, and perhaps others could comment on how to create awareness on its inclusion in coursework (with an obvious focus only on one's own threads and posts).
Or should we not mix business and pleasure, so to speak?

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 02:24 PM
reply to post by halfoldman

I think that 20 threads or 100 posts could count at least towards 25% of a course mark.
This could be more for courses that are specifically about media and the Internet.
It should go for posts and threads one chooses to highlight as "part of my coursework" within a given timeline (not necessarily everything posted). Only the site would know which posts they are, not the general contributers.
Obviously the topics would be relevant to ATS in any case, more the social issues debates for example, gender, gay, HIV, globalization issues.
Why should coursework be so boring to write and mark?
This is part of the real world and shows abilities to formulate ideas and debate.


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