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Perhaps, we've got it all wrong?

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posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 01:17 PM
Hello all,

I was reading an article this afternoon that I felt required some insight from ATS members. Allow me to get to the point. Robert B. Laughlin, a co-winner of the nobel prize [in Physics] in 1998, states that essentially, the human population doesn't exactly affect the world in any, shape, or manner, other than small changes that when and if the world was willing to correct, it could do so without so much as a decision.

Laughlin believes that humans can “do damage persisting for geologic time” by “biodiversity loss”—extinctions that are, unlike carbon dioxide excesses, permanent. The earth did not reverse the extinction of the dinosaurs. Today extinctions result mostly from human population pressures—habitat destruction, pesticides, etc.—but “slowing man-made extinctions in a meaningful way would require drastically reducing the world’s human population.” Which will not happen.

Link to full article: The Earth Doesn't Care

This makes me wonder, from the quote above, that if the entire conspiracy theory about governments building underground bases and such, isn't just an honest survival tactic from a "species" perspective. We perform threads of hate and angst towards the government for thinking of such confound manners of terrorism on it's own people and how they're destroying the world, but what if in fact, they're not even making a dent in the world [Article provides information on this view].

What if in all actuality, a planned drop in human population was what was required to keep the human race ALIVE and in existence? When I think about every single disease that doesn't have a cure, is next to impossible to diagnose, and even more difficult to treat, it all comes down to, taking the few of this species that aren't genetically doomed and preserving them while the rest are destroyed. I myself, suffer from a disease that will probably never have a cure because it's so rare, that researchers don't bother with it,

I believe what makes everyone too proud to die for their race, is their family lineage, past feats of strength, greed, and hatred. If we all equally thought as a race, and not as a religion, or individualized civilization, we'd be thinking more like extra-terrestrial intelligence, and less like humans. I hear on a daily basis that people would love to live like aliens, but to live like an alien, you have to think like an alien... if I had my best guess, I'd say aliens think like a race in whole, not individuals, and they'll do whatever it takes to make sure they're RACE lives on as a SUPERIOR ONE.


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