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Dancing with the Stars

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posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 08:58 AM
It's a top-rated show, so I know some of you are watching it.
Personally, hot ladies moving in skimpy outfits makes it a perfectly manly show to watch...

I think Audrina got robbed though...she was one of the best dancers last night, and yet got one of the worst scores, just because she went first.

I also miss my Edyta...but I can settle for Lacey (though I doubt her partner will last long on the show)...

As expected, Jennifer Grey came out on top, and Cho was the worst...(I expect she'll be the first off tonight). At least my wife will get to see plenty of Derrick, as I'm sure he and Grey will be on for a while.,...

The Hoff was actually passable, and Kim looked pretty good (though a bit too skinny...why do women think they have to be anorexic to be attractive)?

As expected, Palin's daughter was pretty nervous and stiff, but actually much better than I was expecting. Still, her idea of wearing modest outfits won't get her many votes. I still find it laughable that she's billing herself as an advocate against teen pregnancy....that's like having Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan as your spokeswomen for Don't Do Drugs....

posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 12:27 PM
reply to post by Gazrok

I tried to watch it once. I just kept thinking about Idiocracy's "Aww my balls" show. I can't watch any of these types of shows.

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 09:04 AM
Can't believe the Hoff went home first...

*looks around for angry Germans*

Cho needed to go home...that was just a mess. (and, in the past, the comedy angle has never worked, so why try it?) (especially when it wasn't funny, just lame....)

posted on Nov, 3 2010 @ 12:32 PM
It's funny how nobody admits to watching it, yet BOTH nights of it are routinely in the top 5 in the ratings,

At least last night there were 3 that are pretty much done, and one of the 3 went home. (Rick). I was a bit worried when Bristol and Kurt were declared "safe". Rick is still better than those 2, but not as good as the likes of Brandi or Jennifer (or even Audrina, who was kind of an upset to be leaving so soon...but little fan base, I guess).

At least I can be honest (and tell you that I watch it for fine women, skimpy outfits, and the gals love a man who can dance...)

I've taken some ballroom dance lessons myself, with my wife, and I've learned why this is.... It's all about the lead. You see, a guy who knows how to dance, and lead well, can make the woman LOOK like she knows what she's doing, so of course they like this...
(my wife is better than I am, but in our group lessons, I've been able to take another bad dancer, and make her look much better on the floor with a good lead).

That "Skating with the Stars" show going to tank miserably. Only six "stars" and only two of them I've ever heard of....(Sean Young and Brett Michaels). Just how long can it go with six contestants? Also, you have to follow Dancing with the Stars' formula.

1. A lot of celebs, to appeal to different demographics (6 won't do).
2. Big enough names to know, but not necessarily A listers (2 of the 6 is not enough).
3. Hot pros (haven't seen them yet, so who knows, but doubtful given the genre)
4. Interesting judges (another unknown)

I give it one season, and that's IF the network is kind enough to let it get to the end of the contest....but I just don't see this one working, any more than Fox's attempt at a couple years back.
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