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All Roads Lead to Rome IV– Off Topic Religious Discussion

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posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 12:22 PM

Back in April of this year at the request of many ATS Members I published a lengthy and sweeping opening piece on my belief that Rome still runs the world and is still actively engaged in conquering it all to create a one world government.

The popularity of the thread surpassed my wildest expectations and as of the publishing of this thread it has received 389 flags and grown to over 112 pages, with over 2,100 posts.

The theory starts at the founding of the Republic and runs on through today, touching briefly upon the Trojan, Spartan and Athenian influences in shaping the early Roman Republic and continues on to April 25, 2010.

One of the significant elements of the conspiracy is how Rome has used religion to manipulate the masses. While many other equally important elements exist such as Banking, Law, Media, Science and Military in how Rome governs the world, a dedicated group of religious inspired posters believe it to be primarily a religious conspiracy, and only a religious conspiracy.

This has created a huge amount of off topic posts with those passionate about religion posting snippets of scripture, warnings to repent, charges of blasphemy, and lengthy discussions on every aspect of just about every religion under the sun, known to mankind since the dawn of recorded history.

Some feel other ancient religions are still influencing the ruling cabal that consists of the elite pushing for a New World Order and a One World Government.

I have only touched on religion in the briefest of ways in the thread to simply highlight how religion is being used in the conspiracy. That remains topical to the conspiracy.

While many would like to first define what is pure and proper religious doctrine that which isn’t and argue endlessly over what religions might influence the cabal, and have influence Rome.

The reality is a religious debate has been going on for 2,000 years that is no where near being settled and is not likely to be settled through off topic religious discussion and posting in the Original Thread.

I contend that what is involved in the religion is irrelevant as far as doctrine, just the mechanics of how religion can be used and shaped through prophecy to manipulate and motivate the masses towards objectives of the political and priestly elite.

ATS is a diverse place with many passionate posters who are keenly interested in specific topics that elicit that passion.

Some feel the thread is an attack on their Christian principles while it is not, it’s a general conspiracy discussion in the General Conspiracy Forum that incorporates every important element of our society and systems and not solely religion.

Yet many want to debate endlessly about religion, to the point it threatens to completely derail and obscure the real General Conspiracy Elements in the thread.

Now that is not to say that there may not be some additional religious tie-ins, just that their own presentation and my own investigations don’t display where they heavily influence the over all conspiracy.

This has had led to some ruffled feathers, and some political intrigues and drama that are typical for a place and a thread called Rome.

My theory incorporates several aspects including the use of Religion, Banking, Law, Science and Technology, and the Military and Media to conquer the world through divide and conquer warfare, place it under common systems, and then install a one world government.

The purpose of this thread is to create an on topic environment for collaborative discussion to see if those passionate and interested parties can actually formulate a sound theory that displays direct tie-ins to my own, up to the present day that other religions, ancient religions really do tie in to assemble at least some strong circumstantial evidence for them.

I contend that some of these discussions as they are taking place in the original thread are off topic because they can not establish a tie-in and that some posters for various reasons are simply using them as a means to derail and disrupt the thread for personal, political and religious reasons.

So this thread is a genuine attempt to open a wide discussion for those posters to prove me wrong on both accounts.

That they do have a genuine interest to discuss these things in an on topic environment dedicated to just these things.

Further that they can establish a direct tie in up to the present day.

So having said that, I plan on only minimal participation in the thread, but do genuinely look forward to seeing if any single effort or collaborative effort can produce a sound theory, or alternative theory, that really ties in, and if it does, then yes, if it really fits, I will incorporate it into the original thread in a way that is coherent, and topical because it finally makes sense and has some evidence to support it.

So the discussion is open to all who want to discuss religion and other religions and how they could possibly tie in to my All Roads Lead to Rome Thread.

posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 12:35 PM


posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by SLAYER69

The opening piece speaks for itself, so do your off topic posts in my threads.

This discussion is dedicated to the religious arguments taking place in the Original Thread.

Which if you read the thread are all over the map, dealing with dozens of different religions from different time periods, resulting in no consensus or tie-ins.

So if you want to discuss religion as you feel it pertains to the All Romes Lead to Rome Thread please do so.


posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 12:40 PM
exellent idea ProtoplasmicTraveler

At last, i hope there will be no more off topic posts in your original All Roads Lead to Rome thread now , i also hope moderators will keep a eye, to make sure it will be respected by unrespecful rebels, who do not respect ATS T&C and harm the quality of

posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 01:03 PM
Please keep the discussion on all roads leading to rome in one place.
Allow me to suggest the sweeping epic thread found here:

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