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Massive storm hits NZ- herd reports its the size of australia

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posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 06:45 AM
new zealand gets hit with a second natural disaster is 2 weeks!!
i have herd reports on the radio the storm is the size of australia but havent herd it elsewhere. found a link for some info.... -Zealand

hope it doesnt effect the clean up from the earthquake and people are safe!!

posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 07:13 AM
Apparently it was a polar storm and is over now. At least I gather that from the past tense usage here:

Question: Was this storm really the size of Australia?

Answer: Yes - in fact, it may have even been larger. estimates the whole system covered an area about 4000kms wide.

Question: Is it true the storm had a central air pressure similar to an intense hurricane?

Answer: Yes. In fact as you can see from the map below the air pressure was 948hPa. Category 4 Hurricane Igor in the Atlantic Ocean had a central air pressure of 942hPa at the same time. But it's important to note that a polar storm is built very differently from a tropical storm.

Question: Did expect more damage from this storm?

Answer: No, in fact we were surprised at just how much damage was reported. Westerly gales are common in spring and wind speeds weren't anything out of the ordinary for a spring storm, it was the number of regions that were going to get severe weather at the same time that caught our attention.

posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 08:05 AM
Already an ongoing discussion here

posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 08:20 AM
reply to post by scoobyrob

Beings this happened in NZ... misspelling herd/heard is understandable.

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