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Texas Standoff: House set fire and arrest, 3 people shot

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posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 01:05 AM

Texas Standoff: House set fire and arrest, 3 people shot


A man accused of shooting a civilian and two law enforcement officers turned himself in after setting his home on fire Saturday afternoon, Texas police said.

Victor White, 55, faces two counts of attempted capital murder, and Trooper John Barton of the state Department of Public Safety said more charges were possible as the investigation continues.

Though authorities are still trying to determine what precipitated the incident, Barton said police allege White has links to white supremacist organizations and to the separatist group Republic of Texas, which was involved in 1997's Fort Davis Resort standoff.

White's 3- to 4-acre property was littered with trash and included a trailer, abandoned vehicles and a dirt mound, which Barton described as fortress-like and equipped with trenches and "fighting positions."

"He pretty much lived off the grid," Barton said.

geez, I wonder what set him off.
I could just see this individual as an
ATS member. I do remember a while
back where some poster came on ATS
and offered use of land to ATS members
as a place to get off the grid. I wonder
if that offer here was made by this guy.

Also, mods if this thread isn't posted in the
correct forum, then please move accordingly.

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