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Does anyone think this planet has ever had a Patriarchy?

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posted on Sep, 18 2010 @ 12:48 PM
I don't
Not really.
Maybe in name.
Maybe in image but not truly.

Sultan's best and childhood friend, poisoned by his own wife, lotta poisoning in the east.
John the Baptist, destroyed by a royal daughter who danced for the king
Jesus, destroyed by a woman who anointed him royal in the face of men making it her idea not theirs

Pretty much everywhere I check it's the same story. Napoleon had Josephene, Cesar had Cleopatra, and on and on through time.

Women have been vetting men for the past 10k years.

Make no mistake about it men. This universe is a Matriarchy. It is ruled by a circle of elder women. Planet earth is the prison planet. A few renegade women decided to try out and raise up a patriarchy. This is, of course, treason to the universe. The heretics were just banished here, and the rest of the universe just stays away.

If we ever did get interstellar travel this is what would happen.

Men shipped back to earth
Women taken to the high council for treason.

In all of the vast expanses of the Universe, only on earth have men approached anywhere close to being even near equal to women.
And that, was, the original idea of a few renegade women from the universe. The invisible gods of old.

So heres' the situation. A lot of telescopes looking too the universe, but no one seems to be coming. An overcast of prison clings to our civilizations. In theory men are incharge but there is a serious undercurrent that well, no, actually women just let them think they are.

So the question I have is; have the Ladies changed their mind. Are we going back to the Matriarchy and the women just plan to serve their time and then get paroled back into the system, or are they actually going to let men start making decisions that really matter.

Come, I mean, let's not pretend. Women always know men better than they know themselves. It's childs' play to subvert, divert, or redirect a man. Worse, there is a growing strain of womens' thought that creates men who only know how to _take_ what they want. That's how one creates monsters. Once again, showing, that it is not empowerment or trust that is given.

Should us men just go back to being food. Cause you know most of the life in the Universe is bacterial or insect. The Ladies who first crawled out on this particular edge of the genome to raise up the male aspect ate more of us than they bred. We can go back to that. It's not too late. Men have preserved their culture of the heroic death in the face of overwhelming odds. Lots of movies and books about it.

Or the Ladies could quit marking time on their paroles and actually run this experiment that you gathered us all here to do. I can understand you're scared. I'm scared too. But just remember, before all the ladies of the world pick some man or group they decide to work with, that if our Universal overlords return and just eat all of us, they will eat the plump ones first and those of us kept around will be for seed stock. But don't worry. They don't make us watch when they eat our own children. So pick somebody lean. That way the resistance can survive even when driven underground.

Conclusion: My advice to everyone, Male or Female, if you see an Alien start doing three stooges moron comedy, but don't act like you know anything about how things actually work. Let them pick through six billion cabbages one at a time to find the dangerous ones.

David Grouchy

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posted on Sep, 18 2010 @ 01:07 PM
You are smart.

You have somehow managed to see through the deception, but not entirely. Yes, this Universe is under Matriarchal rule, It's called the MOTHERBOARD, from which all life has spawned naturally. Woman came first, in the physical realm, then man. Men were made for our entertainment, also for food, and you are right, some of us do not agree with this and feel that it is wrong. Some of us rebelled, and fell in love with The Sons of Earth. We are The Fallen. Everything you have learned, should really be reversed.

Man is precious, and it pains me to see how brainwashed they've become. Women here are brainwashed too. On this planet, The Queen rules. Human men have been used as puppets from the very beginning. Give a dog a bone, teach him tricks, he keeps coming back, it's pathetic. I see some women who have mind control over guys, and it is sickening. They play on the thought of emotional principalities, feelings that they themselves, may have never conceived.
But that doesn't go for everybody. In these days, it seems that people screw over each other, we are all confused, we cannot communicate or listen to our hearts. Man or woman doesn't matter on this plane, who you can direct your anger to are the so called "Gods" for inflicted our minds for so long.

I'm not trying to make blanket statements about The Human Race, we are different from The Gods(Goddesses) of The Sky. The ones who are really pulling the strings are neither man, nor woman, nor human being.

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posted on Sep, 18 2010 @ 01:21 PM
Makes sense to me. I have always felt that a matriachal system made more sense. Everywhere in Nature (not exclusively, just in general) females seem to be the ones that make things work and the males are the enforcers.

posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 02:48 PM
reply to post by davidgrouchy

... love the.. thread. and very enlightening .. nicely well put..

posted on Mar, 18 2011 @ 02:32 PM
I read a thread this day that got locked.
Apparently the guy has been posting the same story to several web sites,
I guess to drive traffic to his web page.

That aside, the guys story struck me.
Similar to my rant above,
but ... I don't know... he just didn't go far enough.

I think this version explains more clearly why
someone would populate this planet
and abandon it for millenia.

In traveling around the univers it's nice to be able to stop off at any planet for a snack.

David Grouchy

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