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Will You Blashpeme to Learn, or Continue Learning to Blaspheme?

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posted on Sep, 17 2010 @ 05:29 PM
Yesterday, in my Intercultural Communications class I learned something that is very disturbing and helped me piece together this existence more fully. The book teaches a widely accepted communications theory which states that our self-concept is formed by others. This would mean that we identify ourselves through others’ judgment, opinions, and behaviors and become that. The initial example used was a child who was picked on at school, called faggot, nerd, and any other creative name that would satisfy the cruel mind of a conformed school child. They told him he should kill himself and he actually did. News

So I said that I disagreed. I feel that the best way to grow is to establish a self-made self-concept in conjunction with others, instead of conforming to an identity that may not be the true “you”. To me, it seems people consider their egos to be “them”. The ego is influenced by others but that doesn’t necessarily form the self and we should be taught early in life how to separate the identity given to us from the identity we should form. This class bothered me because everything the teacher said seemed to just accept this fact without really questioning it and the students were being led to go along with it.

After this, we talked about symbolic interactionism Geroge H. Mead which states that humans are different from other animals primarily because of our ability to use symbolic language. After class, the subject stuck in my mind. I then connected the human psyche in a profound (at least for me) manner which I will share. I think it gives me a nice glimpse into the future.

*This next section deals with Christianity, as that is the religion I know best. I am not claiming to “know-it-all” but the pieces to the puzzle or slowly falling in place. From here on out, it may be a little hard to follow but try and bear with me because the information is good.

Picture the Holy Trinity: God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

Picture the Human Mind Ego, Subconscious, and the Higher Self.

Anybody who has studied alchemy would know that symbols rule our world. Even if you haven’t studied it, you’ve probably noticed all the symbolism around us. Holy texts are no exception. They are full of symbols. For someone to interpret a book such as the Bible literally, without considering the symbolic references is depriving themselves of the complete story meant to be understood.

With that said, the Holy Trinity is seen as all good because each of these “beings” is Holy and cannot do evil. This would mean that the human psyche is Holy and cannot do evil. This is only true from the perspective of the self. To others, the acts may seem evil, such as the deaths, catastrophes, and condemnations sent forth by God; God justifies the end by the means and declares himself Holy. We do not judge the Ego to be Holy. We do not judge the Sub Conscious to be perfect. We do not judge the Higher Self because we cannot sense it in the “normal” physical world.

Our ego justifies its actions in the same way as God. It tells us that it is who I AM (which is the most Holy written/spoken name of God) or self-concept. When one looks at the saying “The Devil’s biggest lie was that he doesn’t exist,” and the story about how Lucifer tried to “take God’s glory upon himself”, things become a little clearer. If the ego pretends to be you, who many people believe to truly be them, the “Devil” has fulfilled its role as trickster. You believe that the ego doesn’t exist because you believe it is actually your Self, or who you are. The real concept of God (not the spoon fed symbolic and misunderstood version) encompasses all (see my thread "Infinity Cannot Be Proven Using Finite Evidence"). In Taoism, the Tao (or yin-yang symbol) is the Divine ONE, where two sides are only parts of a Divine Whole which cannot be fully expressed in one part. I AM GOD does not delegate this role to the singular ego, which is why people who become enlightened are said to not use the 1st person perspective when speaking, because the ego is not the I AM: it is only part of the I AM and when one learns to merge these two concepts into their self-concept of the whole, they learn the Truth.

For this to be true, our Christian concept of God would actually take on the role that we conceptualize “Satan” to hold, but the Ego holds onto its I AM and tells you the lie which is that it is God. When an enlightened person says “I am God,” it refers to the WHOLE being, which includes more than a singular entity. The ego isn’t perfect to others just like our concept of “God” isn’t.

Alright, so who is “Satan”? Satan is the serpent, which can be venomous but can also be lulled into succumbing. This is a symbol for our control, or as the case has been, lack of control of Knowledge. The agent of Satan, called Lucifer, was the bearer of light. Light is a symbol for Knowledge. Knowledge blasphemes against the Ego, who has become the King (or God) of the Self. When Lucifer gave us the choice to learn Truth (free will to choose/ duality) in the Garden of Eden, we took it and with it learned to evolve and become a more intelligent race instead of the slave race we were meant to be.

Truth can be venomous just like the serpent. The Truth of Satan is that it is a part of Oneself. Lucifer is the knowledge that is needed to connect to the knowledge of “God” by realizing the Higher Self. This is why Jesus called himself the Bright and Morning Star. Lucifer was also called the Bright and Morning Star (and his name is not only found in Latin, like some disinfo agents want you to believe). They both brought Knowledge which was the connection to spiritual enlightenment; the bridge between physical and spiritual realms.

Picture the Holy Trinity: God (who’s actually Satan), Jesus Christ/Lucifer (connection between physical and spiritual realms), and the Holy Spirit (“Hidden” God).

Picture the Human Mind: Ego (posing as Self), Subconscious (Enlightenment/ Bridge to Knowledge), and the Higher Self (Enlightened State/ Real Knowledge).

The opposing sides of God/Ego and Satan/Oneself are imagined by a fear of the Ego losing control to the Higher Self but when the Ego and the Higher Self merge, one becomes enlightened. Nothing inside the one divine thing is perfect and the Bible is trying to tell us that by saying that the many followers of God are all sinners, yet make up the body of Christ. The only perfection is the WHOLE, which extends far above and below (alchemical reference) our imperfect self-concept. In the big picture of the universe, we are so small we would not be seen and would be thought not to exist; such as God. The realization that within and around, below and above us are parts of the whole Divine One (God) impacts the Self tremendously, making the picture itself magnify (glorify) us as individuals and what we have to offer. Isn’t this what Satan did? The beginning and end. To be able to sense this in our physical world, one would experience the Holy Spirit, or the Higher Self, which remembers Your past and moves you in accordance to your path (in Taoism it’s called the “Way”).

I’m not saying that one is right and one is wrong because nothing in this dimension is absolute. Everything is a part of something else, as every action has a reaction. Satan is just a symbol for the Ego just as God is a symbol for the Higher Self and they are both essential to life. The reason these two symbols may have been mixed up is because God cannot be expressed. No writing can express Higher Self (God), you just have to come to Know (Jesus Christ) by throwing away your Ego (Satan).

This is where “Control” comes into play. The Ego crucifies the Subconscious in order to Teach us how to love the Higher Self. TPTB utilize their “God-like” control on the end to justify their means. Many people do fear the New World Order, because they want the world to change but they don’t want to be controlled anymore. TPTB have put us through much # in order to teach us certain lessons along our millennial history. Religion was the tool they used to control the means of our learning. But do any of us honestly know the ends? I mean, really? Even if religions had been perfectly honest with us from the beginning, do you think people would’ve understood, or even tried to understand something so monumental?

I’ll admit, I feared the outcome of a New World Order for a long time, but I’ve come to learn valuable lessons about how our world works. There will probably be a period of intense control after the “catastrophe” we feel is approaching actually gets here. This period won’t be long at all compared to the time we will spend recreating a much better world order. In alchemy, there is a process that you must submit to in order to have a worthy end creation or thought/plan.

Earth= the substance of the subject/ the facts

Water= how the facts connect with each other/ the fluidity

Air= why the facts contradict one another, yet are still parts of the same whole/ the confusion
(This stage takes the longest to complete…do you really know the outcome?)

Fire= the revelation of the whole and the parts job in the whole/ the process starts all over again

I don’t fear it anymore, because the only thing to fear is fear itself. I know that the first period will be riddled with tribulation, but the afterwards will be worth it.

So the question is will you continue to let others determine your identity, telling you lies about the identity of who I AM, or will you learn the Truth and continue forging your own “Way”? Will you stay in the past, or make your present a reflection of your plans for the future? Will you “blaspheme” to continue the never-ending path of learning, or will you stay in the Garden of Eden content with the stagnant state of our evolution?

posted on Sep, 17 2010 @ 09:29 PM

posted on Sep, 17 2010 @ 09:52 PM
I do not think I am anything as others see me. In fact I believe they think they see me but they are really only seeing a reflection of themselves. This either makes me more relatable or not. They either like me or they don't. It is all based on how they perceive themselves.

People see inside of others that which they see in themselves. This is what causes them to either attract or turn away. It seems I meet more people who turn away and in the process I hear such bad things about myself which are completely not true at all. These people do not know me and they should not judge me. Thankfully I have been very active at not taking people too seriously and allowing their reaction towards me to be my own gauge at who they really are inside.

It is the Mirror that they see, a reflection of themselves as they look out onto the World. It is amazing how much they expose themselves for this very action.

posted on Sep, 17 2010 @ 09:58 PM
Very wise. This is the exact same thing I tried to tell my professor he was sticking to these "theories" so rigidly that he wasn't telling the class about the pros and cons of getting self-esteem from others who don't really know you. One student even felt that I was so wrong she needed to attack my view and tell me that no matter what, the theory was true. I was just trying to make the point that it doesn't have to be that way, and I personally don't let myself be that influence by others unless I want to be.

BTW greensage, I love your input on my threads!

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posted on Sep, 17 2010 @ 10:39 PM
You are correct my friend, but it is a lot more simple.
We are the symbol that walks, but alone it makes no sense, it has no meaning, you see I had the opportunity to practice some rather unorthodox methods of exploring symbolic experience.

My main concern while taking class was the phenomena of semantics, that led me to the study of language, that led me to the study of the brain, that then led me to the study of drugs and its interactions with operative reality as a whole, and I found out after all these years, after leaving behind much of what I was along the way, that all we are is consciousness, or condensed energy of some sort existing and operating by the sheer will of consciousness, the strange and wonderful thing is that we are aware of that fact, and act accordingly to the choices we make by interpreting external input, then again, what I just said can be interpreted in several ways, always according to the consensual reality tunnel of the time, which changes and adapts through space time.

I realized after then that no one cares if they are or not aware, because they have to pay the bills, and take the children to school, and maintain the unmaintainable by pure force of agreed craziness that holds things in an uneasy balance on the edge of the cliff facing eternity.
What we choose to interpret and signify is a conscious choice made to appear like an unconscious process.
We are taught what is real, the words define what we mean, but the word defines what can or cannot exist, the boundaries of our perceived possibility. But definitely there is much more than what we have been led to believe, as you obviously know.

The word is a survival tool that has taken over its masters, we may lack the full set of claws, fur, or huge canines needed to be at the top of the food chain,but we have developed other means to survive, the word being one of the most deadly, the axe becoming more important than the axeman.

I was told inner silence, reaching states of pure consciousness without the constant stream of the inner dialogue, could ease my constant need of explanations and theories at understanding this crazy ride, and it did, I'm a long way, and always will be, but the seeking instead of focusing on the outside became an inward journey, that clears things of meaning and symbolism, that turns me into something else than a man while attaining inner silence, interrupting the stream of reality by pure force of will, interrupting the unspoken agreement to confuse ourselves voluntarily by maintaining language as our main master and architect of dreams.

you can learn to unlearn our usual processes of giving meaning and sense to what we believe as reality or consensus or whatever.
Lets just not get lost in our own cleverness at giving meanings and changing them around because we become as equally obsessed as all of our brethren that really don't give a damn about what "is" and "isn't" and why things are the way they are, we can raise ourselves out of the monkey pyramid if we want to, we can eradicate self importance, ego, or whatever you want to call it, and with the extra boost of energy we can instead really choose for ourselves, and face any consequence of our actions with our heads high, looking at death in the face, and not running away from the inevitable end of meaning anyways.

Great post OP, really made me think! keep thinking, keep reasoning, keep exploring possibilities, we have no end to our foulness we have no limits to our greatness as human beings.

posted on Sep, 18 2010 @ 12:12 AM
reply to post by prepared4truth

This is very good and I have to agree with you that it would be more valuable to teach our kids to independently think for themselves and how to create a perspective of who they are based on how THEY feel, not how others feel about them. I also partially agree with your sentiment on the ego, although I would take it a step further and say it is not needed at all and must be removed, for it is a false creation that derives from our polluted sense of 'self'.

Experience > Knowing (knowledge) > 'Self' > 'Ego'

Our experiences in life create a base for what we know (knowledge), for instance; we experience a hot stove which burns our hand, so we know it is hot, or we experience pleasure/relief from eating food, so we know that food is something we need.

Then from what we know, we create a sense of 'self' which analyzes and categorizes what we know into our likes and dislikes, so for instance; we know that the stove is hot and we dislike being burned so our 'self' reminds us not to touch it.

Then from our 'self' we create what is known as the 'ego', which rises from the competition and/or comparison of ones 'self' with another beings 'self'. So for instance, my 'self' has labeled a certain fashion style as something I dislike and when confronted by another person who's 'self' has established a like for that fashion style, our 'egos' rise to compete or clash with each other. The 'ego' is ultimately the reason for most of our species problems, and therefore must be removed or transcended (as Buddha Gautama has taught). The most destructive problem with our 'ego' is that it corrupts or pollutes our sense of self, insofar as what we know.

Experience > Knowing (knowledge) > 'Self' > 'Ego'

Therefore, if we seek to remove or transcend our 'ego' we must learn to continuosly reanalyze our experiences to make sure that what we know is pure and not polluted by our false sense of 'ego', and then ultimately re-establish our sense of self without the 'ego'. This is why many philosophers, beyond Budda, such as Eckart Tolle have promoted the power of learning to live in the 'now', for it is essentially a way to describe living experience to experience, ensuring that what we know, insofar as our 'self', remains pure.

The Buddha once said, "The river you see now is not the river you saw yesterday or the river you will see tomorrow, for its waters are constantly flowing so it can never be the same river. Man is like a great river. He is not the same man today as he was yesterday, for his experiences have flowed a great amount in that time."

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posted on Sep, 18 2010 @ 07:14 AM
Stars for all of you!

The inner silence thing is a great tip and I think it would be useful to keep yourself from going "crazy" with Knowledge. That's why true meditation is helpful. Whoever told you that must have been very wise indeed.

It also goes along with silencing the ego. If one can silence the inner self, the ego will stop telling you "disinformation", such as "You have to be better than him/her." There is so much truth in what each of you has posted, it's incredible.

The sad thing is that our higher educational institutions have realized this, yet they choose to keep teaching a non-changing fundamentalist view of our world which forever changes! I really would like to know how this could be changed because it is brainwash, whether we accept is as such or not...

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posted on Sep, 18 2010 @ 01:22 PM
It is brainwash, it is the saddest thing I have had the displeasure of experiencing.
We are not allowed to think and to rationalize the true extent of human possibility.
The degrading process begins on the first socialization, and gets worse as we attain some degree of "mastery" in human interactions, we learn to navigate through our social time frame, we lie, and cheat, and are lied and cheated upon, we realize this fact, but we take it as some sort of necessary evil.
I got tired of having to choose between 2 evils!
They just want cattle, and the cattle while being unhappy with their situation, rationalize that there is nothing to do, and just carry on with the burden getting worse every day.

Fortunately during some field work I had to readjust my view and internalization of rationality in order to be able to understand what was going on ontologically between my "objects of study" in the field and myself. I soon realized that many of my intellectual endeavors where just manifestations of my own ego structures to not only prove my superior mindset but to gain some sort of power from my peers, the shock still makes me queasy every now and then, the ego can never be defeated, it has to be made to work with you as part of an amazing machine rather than something on its own!

We get bombarded by ideals of self glorification and egotistical meanings since we learn to talk, we are judged by the weight of our egotistical self importance on a daily basis, us vs them, me against myself.

Regarding inner silence, I always believed it was something like putting my mind on blank, or a deep state of meditation, but I was told that its nothing like that, its a state of awareness where the flow of the inner dialogue is shut down, thus very effectively cutting the bond of language and ego for a while, its the description we make of the inputs we receive what defines our operational sphere, language has effectively trapped us by describing reality, inner dialogue continually strengthens what we perceive we are and what others and the world around us is, inner silence stops the flow of our inner conversation within ourselves, but that does not mean it stops thought, for me it was very difficult accepting the fact that human thought is indeed possible without words or language, but anyhow, it has to be experienced to be believed!

One can learn much if one takes the time to understand how the minds of people disconnected with what we take for reality work.

Here is some info on the ethnicity of the people I stayed with, I learnt more from them than all my years in school, keep searching my friend, knowledge is out there and if one is constant, it will find you.

posted on Sep, 18 2010 @ 06:07 PM
Wow yo. That's deep.

I read the page on the Huichol and they seem like a very culturally ingrained people. That's the type of environment I would expect sacred teachings to come from. That must have been quite the life-changing experience to be with them, huh?

posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 11:52 PM
I used to question myself everyday if it was really worth it, if "leaving everything behind" and plunging into the unknown with an almost 90% of "loosing it".
Well, i realized that it was my ego fighting back, afraid of having total control over me, it tried to force me into states of panic and disconcert, I cannot say that it let go completely, as it will take a lifetime to achieve that, but we sure kicked our arses out there!

Yeah, it was life altering, mind altering and pretty much Fd-up but I loved everysecond!

Keep searching, keep analyzing, the words and the concrete thought structures they make us believe can help us piece together some of the most obvious revelations, sometimes in academia for the sake of specificity we loose the "Big Picture" from the importance radar, and focus on some polemic but useless issue relevant 50 years ago, its the " here and now" that will get us out of the mud!

BTW the Huichol are very special and just being with them makes one question the true value we give on things and on people and most important, on thought process, the degree of sophistication they have developed on perception alone is mind-boggling, specially when one considers western academia as the supposed apex of it all, we know nothing at all... or very little that matters!

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posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 08:22 AM
reply to post by TheOneEyedProphet

WHOA! What is that? They look like giant teeth that have become blue with age! Or silver/rock teeth. The second image's link didn't come up because of 404 error but wow. It was hard living there how? Did they not accept outsiders easily or what?

Also, did they use psychedelics or meditation to pursue consciousness? Or some other means? This is really interesting, I bet that culture's ego was practically non-existent!

posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 04:02 PM
Those are some young buttons of hikuri or peyote as it is also known, they do ingest it but only on yearly events, and sometimes they brew some magical tea out of them, the way they perceive and internalize the plant is really special, for them its like visiting a loved one that lives far away, their grandfather, protector and teacher, someone that is there for you, and someone you don't mess around with, they consider its ingestion a matter of life and death, and act accordingly with full responsibility.
I don't believe we have anything quite like it in the anglosphere, sometimes they seem almost indifferent to themselves and the things around them, some mistake them as being cold, or too weary, they have a right to be (they have been ripped of many times out of their artwork and land) but its not that , they really exist in a different reality they are out there, and we are in here trapped with ourselves, alone in the crowd.

But hey!, its all a matter of perspective and perception, and nothing more they stress some parts of "reality" we stress others, for me the selling point was the quality of life compared to our own.
Its hard just surviving, but you know you are amongst "peers" that "get it", they'd rather have good neighbors than bad just because its a smarter survival technique, we don't have that, you cannot know if you can blindly trust anyone on the street to do the "smart thing" when the time comes to act.

They take entheogens rather than psychedelics, and while in the entheogenic state they meditate, its like forcing yourself sober while drunk, and actually do it.
they tapped into something hidden in all of us, and developed it into some sort of mind engineering where they can accomplish some rather remarkable feats of human potential, naturally not all of them are interested in plumbing the depths of mind space, some just want to do their own thing, and be left alone, others just want to live in peace, but those that do, well...

posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 04:24 PM
Whoa that's really cool. At one point in my life I smoked salvia expected that kind of experience, not realizing the meditation and deep concentration needed to actually make it happen. I just expected the drug to "do its magic". That's why a lot of people I've seen try it can't really handle it, because they don't know what to do with it.

Also, you bring up a good point about being out there and in here. Brings to mind a visual representation.

A large part of the Western world is in a house. Playing their video games, prattling about work, and tapping their computers fervidly. Then there are people who are curious about what's "outside" so they experiment with their consciousness and actually come outside of the house to admire nature. Distractions, such as money and all the luxuries it brings, are meant to keep us in the house so we stay satisfied with not knowing what's out there. Mother Nature is telling us to come out and play. She even made us treats (psychedelics) to entice us to come out!

Everything's just symbols...

posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 10:01 PM
Wiser words few times have been heard in ATS!

No matter if we surround ourselves with "stuff" there will always be something out there , newer, shinier, different.
the depth of the hole inside human emptiness cannot be truly understood, until we realize that what is missing is the spirit, and that is something we pay everyday we ignore that fact.
We believe we are only matter, we are more than biochemical reactions and electromagnetical spasms!

we live in the spirit, its all around us, all the time, the flow of space and time, the energy capable of fusing suns together and making galaxies collide, we are much more than the sum of our parts, because we are all made with the same raw energy quantum theory is now beginning to understand, and at the same time, we and everything else are the same thing, no one or anything is more important than anything else , everything is a matter of interpretation, everything is a symbol! we are the spirit!

meanings upon meanings upon interpretations!

posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 11:18 AM
reply to post by TheOneEyedProphet

The only thing that limits us from really discovering this is our thirst for explaining, or scientifically describing the substance of the spirit. I would think it can be done but the attitude we developed has stunted our growth.

This also makes me wonder about the intentions of the Freemasons which are so avidly trashed on this site. Nobody really knows their intentions and it is true that they hold sacred knowledge of not only symbols but of creation itself. For a long time, I might add. So out of all the fear mongering going on surrounding secret societies and Illuminati, I wonder how much of it is valid? I've been thinking about joining a lodge for some time now... but I don't know what to believe. I don't want to condemn my soul by getting caught up in something that may screw me in the end.

posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 12:26 AM
There are some clubs so exclusive that not even the FUM, or the enlightened ones get invited.
The search for knowledge is one of the noblest paths, it makes us rise from mere humans to something else, but the path of wisdom must also be taken if one does not want to get lost in the power that knowledge brings.
No one can teach us discipline, self restraint, timing and control but the experience itself, I believe its more of a matter of truly taking the time to assimilate external input in a more "aware" and conscious state and being much more fluid in our behavior, its the gradually taking down the wall instead of breaking it with a hammer the sure way to success in any task or so I was told...

I found that fear was a driving force in my experience, fear of failing, fear of terror, fear of poverty, fear of all kinds of pain and discomfort, we tend to form groups within the flock with individuals that fear the same things we do, for comfort of course
equals amongst madmen!

posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 03:50 PM
reply to post by TheOneEyedProphet

Pardon me for asking but who are the FUM?

Also, with what you said about fear being a driving force for your progression, do you think this is the same thing TPTB have figured? That if they could make us fear death, among many other things, we would produce more for them and advance quicker? Because lately it seems that "No Fear" has been the new message their trying to push.

posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 03:52 PM

posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 04:03 PM
reply to post by Dumbass

I'm just wondering... what was the point of that?

2nd line? Blasphemy!

posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 07:54 PM
reply to post by prepared4truth

LoL see, here they come, they are watching!
Its all in the meaning of the words, that nickname he has there really hits the spot!

FUM (Free United Masons)

Fear was my driving force before I started to loose my fear of death, they stressed this part as a key in the opening of certain doors, to us death is somewhere else , far away at the end our lives, for them its exactly the other way around, death is with us since the moment of our birth, death is unexpected, death is everywhere, now, at first it felt very morbid and useless, I mean whats the point i rationalized, since death is inevitable the why mentioning it now, I'll deal with it later.
It wasn't until the concept was further explained that I realized that our conception and meaning of the concept of death was , for lack of better terms, ass-backwards.

Death is on our left coming from behind, and its there at arms length, watching with hollow eyes our every move, so they rationalize this: If today its going to be my last battle , if today I'm leaving the world, then I want to go giving it all I've got, so that my last act on this earthly stage, will be one last act of continuous power.

Death then becomes the driving force behind life, since its always behind me and will take me without a moments thought, the we should strive to be all one can be in a "warrior stance" of consciousness and sobriety, exploring every human possibility, its like changing the mindset and standing face first into the stream of time, looking at time as it comes, as opposed to what we do, we look time with our backs to the direction of the flow, looking at time as it leaves.

we do things in the civilized world very different, fear is our force, fear of loosing what we have toiled for so long, fear of ridicule, and fear of rejection, fear of "not making it", fear of leaving our stuff when we die, if at all
, the same concepts from two different directions, regarding time we don't live the present, we look forward tomorrow, when we get paid, when I have my hot date, whenever, upon arrival of the marked date, we are either sulking because it wasn't what we expected, or looking forward for the next one, always in the past missing what we lost, or always in the future having hope in things getting better!

what do you think about this?
for me it was fascinating to the point of at least giving me the chance to consider a change of some sort!

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