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I just like this......

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posted on Sep, 17 2010 @ 01:48 AM
...and don't bother rattling my cage about it. This is a post for the people who aren't on their high horses about always being right! I Just Like it!

Following the attacks, a massive operation was launched to clear the site and attempt to find any survivors amongst the rubble. On September 13 one of the workers at the site, Frank Silecchia discovered a 20 feet (6.1 m) cross of two steel beams amongst the debris of 6 World Trade Center. Those with access to the site used the cross as a shrine of sorts, leaving messages on it or praying before it.

posted on Sep, 17 2010 @ 02:19 AM
reply to post by canadiansenior70

After a few weeks within the cleanup site the cross was an impediment to nearby work, so Silecchia and others working on the project received an expedited approval from the office of New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to erect it on a pedestal on a portion of the former plaza on Church Street near Liberty

Yes, I like how they made it into a monument..

The only truth we know for sure about 9/11 is that many innocent people died in them buildings and this was a fitting memorial..It should have remained in a prominent place at the site..s&f

posted on Sep, 17 2010 @ 02:53 AM
fitting memorial, or the cosmos just stating that America has been crusified...I guess it all depends on how you want to look at it.

I don't see the point overall for any loving God to toss a symbol of execution on a disaster site where people are still attempting to cling to life buried under a mountain of debris..

if anything, it seems like some sort of cosmic sick joke...hey, I just allowed 3k of your people to get smashed to dust, but heres a nice twisted bit of metal for you to be enamored with...lets set it up on the mangled bodies of your countrymen.

then again, it could very well be a message from God...sort of like...oi...your species wacked my son...take this!.

Religious speculation is fun, isn't it.


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