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Most Liberal and Conservative Senators/Congressman 2009

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posted on Sep, 16 2010 @ 02:45 PM


Most Liberal

1. Sherrod Brown, OH
2. Roland Burris, IL
3. Ben Cardin, MD
4. Jack Reed, RI
5. Sheldon Whitehouse, RI
6. John Kerry, MA
7. Frank Lautenberg, NJ
8. Barbara Mikulski, MD
9. Christopher Dodd, CT
10. Richard Durbin, IL

Most Conservative

1. James Inhofe, OK
2. Jim DeMint, SC
3. Jim Bunning, KY
4. Tom Coburn, OK
5. James Risch, ID
6. John Thune, SD
7. John Ensign, NV
8. Mitch McConnell, KY
9. Richard Burr, NC
10. Jeff Sessions, AL

House of Representatives

Most Liberal

1. Rush Holt, NJ
2. Gwen Moore, WI
3. John Olver, MA
4. Linda Sanchez, CA
5. Jan Schakowski, IL
6. Louise Slaughter, NY
7. Melvin Watt, NC
8. Kathy Castor, FL
9. Jesse Jackson, Jr., IL
10. Lois Capps, CA

Most Conservative

1. Trent Franks, AZ
2. Doug Lamborn, CO
3. Randy Neugebauer, TX
4. Pete Olson, TX
5. John Shadegg, AZ
6. Mac Thornberry, TX
7. Marsha Blackburn, TN
8. Mike Pence, IN
9. Steve King, IA
10. Tom McClintock, CA

What I found most interesting about this was that some of the most Left-wing politicians did not make the most Liberal list. Bernie Sanders for example, he is a Democratic Socialist but was ranked number 38 most Liberal in the Senate. How about Dennis Kucinich and Alan Grayson in the House, they were ranked number 160 and 170 respectively.

I believe when they say most Liberal and most Conservative it is who is most loyal to their parties. The most Liberal members are the most loyal Democrats while the most Conservative members are the most loyal Republicans.

Ron Paul was the 140 most Conservative member of Congress.


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