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Advice for sufferers of mind control/ 'schizophrenia' (actual & simulated forms of the condition)

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posted on Sep, 15 2010 @ 02:35 PM
Are you a victim of a Mind Control experimentation program, developed in the dark realms of secretive 'Orwellian' intelligence groups? Have you been diagnosed as a schizophrenic/ schizoid affective, but you really can't see how that can be the case?

Not all those labelled as 'schizophrenics' can apply all of the techniques I refer to - for those who can, I'd advise you to follow the guidelines I lay out in this thread. They should help you find some relief from the symptoms you are experiencing. I would NEVER recommend that anyone stops working with medical professionals. If you don't trust your doctor, change to one that you do trust... You can pick some of the techniques and not others depending on what particular form of psy-manipulation / illness you are up against.

Have you experienced any of the following?

- Tremendous difficulty focusing your thoughts, which may or may not have been applicable earlier in life
- The experience of thoughts 'looping' after you've thought them, as if playing back again and again
- Thought 'injection', which, unless you're paying close attention may be confused with coming from your own thought processes
- Actual voices (sub-vocal, as in, not audible from outside your mind)
- Actual voices (audible, as though someone were standing next to you and speaking normally)
- Do the voices (if you have any) make accusations? Do they tell you you're 'no good'? Do they try to convince you to do things against your will?
- Are 'thought injections' as described above followed with condemnation from the voices?
- Do you ever experience auditory 'sonic booms' when you're drifting off to sleep? These are pressurised, sub-vocal type high decibel sensations, which violently awaken you.
- Do you ever get a sense of dread/ nervousness, without knowing where it comes from?

There's a lot of evidence to suggest that while schizophrenia is a genuine condition, which is organic (derived from imbalances in your brain chemistry), many people are affected by forms of psy (telepathic/'magical') and/or technological persecution which deliberately mimic these organic conditions. In terms of the technological aspects I'm talking about patented:

- 'Voice to skull' technologies,
- Methods for recording brainwave patterns, caused by certain emotional states in the victim,
- Crucially, technological methods to INDUCE certain emotional states, or 'typical reactions' in a victim

The particular forms of psychological torment caused by human interference are developed and delivered by people who are effectively nazi in their ideology; they would have to be, to commit such horrific abuses against their fellows. In some cases, I personally believe there are also 'spiritual' or 'extraterrestrial' factors to consider. These factors (organic illness, human interference, spiritual / extraterrestrial interference) are present in differing proportions for the various affected people.

The human perpetrators would love it if the ATS community were to laugh at, denigrate and generally 'debunk' the experiences of sufferers. Let's bear that in mind as we progress, and PLEASE be sensitive if anyone comes onto the thread and posts about their own personal (and in all likelihood very traumatic) experiences. Let's face it, ATS is just about the only place on the net that people with such concerns can come to try and find any support...

In addition to technological means of manipulation, there are well known and documented methods of inducing certain behaviours or direct responses to certain stimuli, such as:

- Hypnotic suggestion
- 'Peer pressure', agent provocateurs etc
- Psychic attacks (manipulating the victim's energy levels and so forth)
- Subliminal messaging in movies and TV shows, on the radio; including 'mirror shows' for the benefit of the victim only (his/her name is substituted or he/she and his/her actions is/are referred to directly or indirectly - this mirror version of the show is then linked directly to the appropriate display (TV / computer monitor / radio set)
- Interruptions of victim's comfort zone, increase of general anxiety through Gang Stalking*

* Much more on this (Gang Stalking) later.

Here's the main portion of advice for anyone who has experienced any of the above:

- Relax, focus your thoughts and engage in careful self-observation whenever you are alone at home. Listen to classical music whenever you're trying to relax or working at something (listen via a CD player, not the radio - unless you've developed good resistance to the techniques, the radio is a key device for the transference of interfering technological assault to a victim).

- Find a good hobby that you can put all your energy into; rock climbing, mountain biking, football/soccer.

- By all means play video games and watch movies, but try to avoid horror films and psychological thrillers, as these are frequently filled with subliminals which can have an adverse effect on people who are already suffering with these types of onslaught.

- Join a community of some description - a club where people share an interest... Do some charity work in your spare time.

- Make a business plan; is there a shop selling cheap, high quality sportswear in your town? That's a good one, but of course it's all down to where you live and what's already in place.

- Study an academic course - though you may need some time using the above techniques before you feel confident that you can concentrate properly for such a thing.

- Turn off (at the plug) ALL electrical items in your home each time you go to bed - except the CD player, which you should set to repeat on low volume throughout the night. NEVER accept a CD as a gift from someone you don't know. Same goes for DVDs, video games and items of technology.

I would strongly advise anyone suffering in these ways to volunteer in their spare time, to work for themselves, and to have active hobbies. Listening to recorded classical music while concentrating is a good way to get your mind 'on-side' and in accordance with what YOU want it to be doing.

Over time, you'll be more independent, more confident, less worried, and less subject to attacks. They probably won't ever go away completely - I've been 'suffering' for over fifteen years now and I'm not even 30 yet. But be comforted in knowing that you aren't alone, and one day - the perpetrators will get their come-uppance. Much of the above are my own ideas from my own experience - however, I've absorbed info from Memory Shocks threads recently and processed it in with my own thoughts on the matter.

PS - I don't know what your religious affiliations are if any, but I'm a member of an independent evangelical church. I don't get down there too often, but they firmly believe in the reality of these phenomena, and are more than willing to lay on hands and seek wisdom from above to help you progress. Find such a church if that suits you - I've discovered that the 'men in the little room' don't like it when you quote scriptures like "No weapon formed against you will prosper", and truly believe it. It makes me laugh when they try to loop that one!

Mind over matter, or quiet confidence in God? It's up to you; I know where I stand on the issue.

One final note - be cautious in sharing the details of your experience in your ordinary day-to-day social interactions. People are conditioned to be fearful of anyone who is unlike the flock in any way; particularly apparent for anyone who mentions 'mental health issues', or even worse, a 'tinfoil hat wearer'...

Get your life and home de-cluttered, organise your time, get plenty of fresh air and lots of daily activity. Tire yourself out and you'll sleep better! Take up a craft-based occupation if at all possible - making stuff feels good!

"...Remove from us the strain and stress, and let our ordered lives confess, the beauty of Thy peace"

(St Francis of Assisi)

Further reading (more to be added later):

Here's a fascinating speech by DC Hammond, which I read from start to finish with a sense of shock and awe.

Greenbaum Speech

It's related to the use of psycho-manipulative programming, leading to MPD (multiple personality disorder). The advice I offered above is not really aimed at people suffering MPD, as it's a horrendously complex and difficult disorder to treat, as you'll see from reading about the different layers of programming that DC Hammond describes. The link takes you to a transcript of the original speech, made in 1992, which has apparently largely disappeared from the net. There are people out there who do these things - and they aren't an isolated pocket of weirdos...

Note the info about the infiltration of Hollywood in the late 60s. My advice is aimed at people who are suffering the 'milder' forms of onslaught - including those potentially affected by such efforts as the Moonchild rituals and illiminati mind control etc.

The technological assaults are another facet of a similar mindset, possibly less satanic and more militarily coordinated - there's bound to be crossover.

Psychiatrist Recognises Mind Control tech in Finland

Other MK-type tech

gang stalking and related stuff

posted on Sep, 15 2010 @ 04:04 PM
Nice thread and interesting read!
Well, i´m no victim of this kind but i would like to share my oppinions for helping those who suffer from this symptoms, too...

First i would like to say that the advise with classical music seem to me the best you can do... BUT and there is evrytime a but... Think about to get ORIGINAL classical music attuned to A 0 432 Hz and not the ordinary ones you can get at every flee market or so...(For more info on this have a look into the "Music Me Nutrit" Thread in the Links-Forum!)

Okay i think to get your mind to another project like hobbies, sports or studying is a nice advice but i think this wont help if you are are "advanced" victim... The mind control cr#p goes on subconsiously ( as you are a target ! ) and it will affect you by no means... maybe it comes out even harder if you push against it!

For the religous advice i think this is the best one on your list! There are surely professional people outthere that will believe you and maybe even know about the stuff that is going on... AND developing your inner self could be the best weapon against mind control!
There are also nice thechniques outthere to protect you from astral or dream inceptions! Read!

Okay now to my advies:
Go far, far away from where you believe you are targeted! Go out into nature and learn to get back into harmony with it! Visit alternative communities (if you like) and try to get healthier by natural food diets!
There are alot spirits outthere in those communitie that can help you to get away from this mind controling!
And also if you live a nice naturebond life IN nature the people that have tageted you before will loose their interest for you... (As you are not in citys anymore and can reach the goals they have planned for you!)

Become a dropout if you suffer in a hard way! Get out of the system as quick as you can!

Peace love and light,
let u guide by higher i.


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posted on Sep, 15 2010 @ 07:16 PM
reply to post by JimIrie

JimIrie - thank you for your supportive and contributive comment! In particular, I like the idea of getting 'back to nature'... an extremely valid and useful thing to do (if you are not otherwise engaged with family or work responsibilities etc - though one can always take a sabbatical or a holiday if necessary).

I agree with your point about persons suffering intense afflictions. These folk will rarely be able to manage the transition into ordinary and non-traumatic living by themselves. For them, I would strongly recommend joining a Christian community, where (from my experience, witnessing the situation of several people who had been suffering a great deal) the community members will certainly follow the precepts of Christ and take care of that individual, gently leading them into greater self-awareness and independence/ ability to contribute to society etc - regardless of the sufferer's personal faith (or lack thereof).

Multi-faith communities are often confusing places for severely afflicted individuals, and I would mildly caution against them (at least until the person is stronger in terms of their powers of self-control, introspection and basic self-care, social interaction and mental balance).

I tentatively disagree with your suggestion of changing the frequencies of (remodulating?) music being listened to by a sufferer - such actions can backfire, causing brainwave changes which may negatively affect that individual, depending on the specifics of their illness (or the manipulative 'programming' carried out by the persecutors). These specifics or programming variations may (and often will) differ from person to person, hence the risk of prescribing a specific change to any audio-visual equipment.

That gave me another thought - never buy those 'meditation/ deep relaxation' CDs. They are extremely dangerous for persons afflicted with schizophrenia, in that they affect brainwave patterns in certain ways which can lead to the exacerbation of symptoms. In cases of cult programming / gang stalking (or state controlled monitoring of an individual), those types of audio materials can contain specific hypnotic suggestion - obviously something to be avoided if at all possible.

Thanks again for your input JimIrie - if you have any further thoughts on the matter, I'd love to hear them.

****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ******

I originally dropped back into this thread to add a link which my wife found earlier this evening:

Therapy for Traumatised Children

I thought that the premise was nicely thought-out, and simple enough to implement in quite an effective way. If nothing else, it would provide a way by which professional therapists could determine 'at risk' children, and therefore provide preventative treatments / restorative therapy to ensure that the 'Trauma Burden' can be fully eliminated - as per the author's intentions in formulating the theory. Any victims of cult-based mind control techniques could potentially be (sensitively, carefully) led towards an application of integrative therapy over a course of time, enabling them to ultimately find freedom from the MPD horrors. Currently, as described in previous linked material, the Greenbaum Speech, by the time these individuals are identified as adults, it is often too late to fully remove the effects of the intense programming they've been subjected to.

posted on Sep, 16 2010 @ 02:44 AM
For better understanding of the tuning:
The chambertone A = 440 Hz was changed around 1939 by an international commitee, what was suggested by J.Goebbels...
Before this, it was commonly A =432 Hz! (But also many different variations) Verdi, Mozart and many others used the original tuning 432 because it was more in harmony with natural frequencies! When you now hear a nice peace of classical music you will never hear what the original componist did!
The 432 Hz is commonly known as more in tune with natural frequencies. Everybody who´s listening to this music gets more chilled and affected by the original music. It sounds more warm and easy.
The 440 Hz tuning instead seem to sound more sharp and agressive.
Most conspiracy theorists AND many musicans agree with the idea that the music industry whants us to distract from natural frequencies and make us agressive!
There was a petition from over 30,000 french musicians that disagreed with the chambertone A440 Hz and even today the french music (mostly) seem to be warmer and nicer. Often even more advances than other countries...
Today more and more musicians find this truth about the frequencies out and join the huge movement we have now in these days...

I hope this was an light inside to this topic.
And this is also the reason why i mentioned this!

And for the multiSPIRITUAL communities... I think this couldn´t be better as there you will find a very high tolerance for your own believes and can take out of every "school" what you agree with...
Surely this is only something for people that are highly tolerant and open minded.

I can understand that you found a nice way for yourself in christianity and that is okay BUT...
Be tolerant and give everyone the chance to do what they are conform with (no offending!)
Imagine some buddistic coined spirit that suffers from mind controlled issues and now you assume him to convert to christianity... Not really helpfull...
And beside the positive affects of the community and maybe the professional leader of the movement you have to see that religion is not as nice as i would want to be it...
I know for many spirits it can be helpfull as they need this leading hand and daily rituals and rules but under what permissions, under which god?
I think many easy to manipulate spirits will be mislead by the misconceptions of religions and their gods...
Just my opinion, but i feel that there are many more on this side that feel the same...

Peace, love and light,
let u guide by higher i.


posted on Sep, 16 2010 @ 03:42 AM
reply to post by JimIrie

I appreciate the clarification of the tuning issue - that makes a great deal of sense now I understand the context. I'd never realised there was such controversy surrounding the 'official' tuning! Very interesting to consider the ramifications and potential conspiratorial reasons for the original change.

And I wouldn't agree that I'm trying to get people to 'convert' - I'm simply saying that from experience, Christian communities are cohesive and supportive of people who have issues such as those described in the OP. I don't have much experience of other single faith communities, but I would imagine they might just as well be equally supportive.

The reason I caution against multi-faith groups is that there is often a sense of individualism, self-searching (even egotism) - a lack of solid cohesion, or clarity of purpose/ common bond and or principles being shared amongst the members in many cases (and I do have experience of some of these places). Not all, of course there are exceptions - but in general I would recommend that any seriously affected sufferer should find a place to obtain 'rest for their soul' where all the members share common values and that sense of purpose.

Hope that makes sense; I don't claim any sort of monopoly on 'Truth' - I'm simply expressing what I've discovered in the course of my adult life (was born into an atheist family).


The Fly.

posted on Sep, 17 2010 @ 08:32 AM
I'v been a victim of organized stalking for a brief time (about 2 years) and i'm still a victim of direct energy weapon attacks aka electronic torture the electronics in my house keep making cracking sounds i'v delt with voice to skull ect ect....

As you said there is more then one answer as to how this is being done by a psy vampire, occult magic or military weapons, it's a known fact that the military has filled patents regarding this technology the most common forum from the technological stand point is they use low frequency microwavable energy but they are now putting this technology into satellites.

My opinion is it all relates in a certin way, the military hides behind the satanic moniker in some cases and uses there weapons making you think it's satan or some crap, but these weapons can preform things that folk lore of satanic magik could preform so the whole thing can and often does get very confusing for the victim, and that's not even mentioning psy vamps but it all boils down to the control of energy.

Anyone who has been a victim of organized stalking or electronic torture should get in touch with this group.....

There a group that has been giving victims of this torture a outlet to tell there story and there also filling a law suit againts the government for the use of these weapons and there also taking there case to the United Nations, they have also gotten politicians involved such as state representative Jim Guest to speak out about the organized stalking and electronic torture.

Even tho i posted this youtube interview in another thread it belongs here it's a interview with Dr John Hall who is a expert in the field of this technology.

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posted on Sep, 18 2010 @ 06:04 PM
reply to post by King Seesar

Thanks for the contribution and for the links you've posted. It takes courage to speak out about these things - as I said above, the general populace has been conditioned to think of such things (gang stalking, electronic torture, voice to skull, demonic magick etc) as being the province of 'delusionals or psychotics'. However, the evidence has mounted up over the years, and now it's fairly easy to find evidence of such things being perpetrated by the mainstream governments of the world. Since we can see that the mainstream govs use it, one almost dares not think about how the subversive, secretive groups use them (whoever we believe them to be).

When it comes to the Powers That Be behind such misuse and overuse of technologies and magical techniques to persecute people, I like to define 'them' as a (deep breath...) "Politico-Corporate-Militant-Illuminati' complex. They're in it for political power, profits, magical power & status. They're sadists, beyond the law, and believe they have the right to control whoever and whatever they want to. At the most senior levels, I believe they're initiated into the magical ritualism of Aleister Crowley and the like. All have submitted to demonic overlords and believe in them with as conviction as Billy Graham believes in Jesus!

My understanding is that it's only by in-depth counselling, meditation and prayer that the most severe bonds be broken, but there are bound to be technological counter-measures too. I'll have a look round and see if I can find any (please, nobody mention tinfoil hats, because I'm pretty sure they just amplify the frequencies...)

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 02:05 PM

This might help those who are suffering from Gang Stalking.

Are you being followed around by groups of people that you don’t know? Strange occurrences? Losing jobs, having to move, and a whole lot of bad luck that just can’t be explained? Feeling as if you are being watched? Under surveillance?

Closing the Gap takes a deeper look in how laws are being perverted to blacklist and target innocent people and put them on notification lists, once listed, the persons life slowly starts to fall apart.

Complaint after complaint about groups of strangers following and stalking go unheard. Harassment by strangers in the community goes ignored by authorities, and an innocent persons life starts to fall apart and they never know why.

Rumours and gossip follows. Friends, family and those around the target start to think maybe the person is having a mental breakdown, but in reality it’s just the start of an unimaginable nightmare, that can continue for years to come.

Closing The Gap takes a deeper look into the Gang Stalking phenomenon and how community notification programs are being used and abused to destroy the lives of innocent citizens. These programs are being used to create a system of state control and conformity.

The citizens of democratic countries have been mobilized as weapons for the state. They are being used as a clearing house for those who the state see as unfit, and undesirable. The state in every community, workplace, and most families have created a disturbing, interconnected system of surveillance, and control.

Once targeted, the person in question is blacklisted. Then those around the target are categorically enlisted into the states monitoring, supervision, and annexing of the target.

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 04:34 PM
Oh when i read the last post i remembered one really strange occasion in my life that followed all the oher stuff that lead me to beleive into all this con stuff...

In 2003 i started an education in a steelwork in germany.
Everything was nice and i was even the best apprentice in twenty years of the history of the certain steelwork.
At this time i came to different conspiracy theories and i got a us version of dan brown´s angels and demons, what would be called "illuminati in german later...
So i was fascinated with the one ambigram showing illuminati forward and backwards...

I scanned it and printed it on a shirt shortly after ending the book.
It was really fun to wear it in public and on my gigs (i am a musican),
but after short time i also started to wear it in the steelwork, too...
Only two weeks after i started to wear it, i got a meeting with a high personal manager and i wondered about why i was invited to it...
The same time i had some problems with my politics teacher in the school so i was thinking it was because of it.
So i went to the meeting with a good feeling (as i knew i was the best of the best ever in my job...)...
The meting went nice as predicted. The personal manager told me that the teacher will be no problem anymore but then he asked me:
" Do you know what you are wearing on your shirt?" - "yes, clearly!", was my answer...
" okay, and you are sure to wear it once again?" - "err... , yeah, why not?"
" So you are sure about the consecences of it?" - ...err, ...yes?"
The meeting ended with this...
I didn´t mind about it at this time.

Two days after it i got a letter in that i was urged to quit my job ´cause of drug abuse issues!!!
But they had some "serious" report from the company doctor...(even if i have never done something like that?!)
I was powerless...
So i quit the job and was never ever able to get a job in the metal subject. Not even in china!!!!

Really, there is much more to this stuff than we can imagine...

Peace, love and light,
and dont let u get by the f**#i(n system!!!


posted on Oct, 8 2017 @ 02:10 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Hi FlyInTheOintment ,

I experienced all of this and I was diagnosed with having Mania and Psychosis (last Oct-Nov 2016). There is a large amount of evidence that it was all a 'set-up' and an experiment to see what I would do...

Now I'm writing a sci-fi / psychological thriller screenplay detailing exactly how I felt, and how every single object, event or person were crafted by a master simulator.

They harvested all my past data, even objects in video games that I was afraid of, they brought them out at the hospital and then tried their best to shut my mind down.

Is there any way to e-mail you or speak to you about this?

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