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Racial darwinism a social mind control program and the fascist globalist banksters: Turn the dumb ca

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posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 03:08 PM
The fascist globalist criminals that want us to be divided into smaller more manageable cattle. Seriously fascists were not born last Thursday. They know we are apathetic,greedy,predatory,selfish,self-serving,arrogant,lustful and envious as they are.Only these people are 50-100 times more pathologically psychopathic and ruthless because of the corruption of power/money/resources. They think they are invincible and/or gods and were are the dumb cattle scabbing over the soured slop troth of bread and circus and in the mud of materialism/consumerism. They use racism to blow up their programmed consumer cattle's ego's so they can then attack other expendable selfish cattle. End result: They win and eat your ass and you lose and get turned into a spare ribs and porterhouse.Wake up. They know how to manipulate(pretty much pimp them) people by feeding their ego.

Salmon P. Chase was a Rothschild mole in Lincoln's cabinet. The Rothschild wanted to take over the government via the federal reserve inc. FIAT money scam. Lincoln was murdered because he got in their way to take over all north American money systems.

Rothschild banksters funded both sides of the war.

War criminal and evil bankster J.P. Morgan sold cheap faulty weapons that barely worked to the union costing thousands their lives because of then exploding in their hands and misfiring. He knowingly sold the weapons AFTER test firings proved they were unusable.Made millions in by today's currency rates but that was pure evil.

Robber Baron criminals like Vanderbilt , James Gould and Carnegie owned the main infrastructure of this country
that's fascism. Pure and simple and the parties that own them now STILL own them not you.

The Saudi's own $800 billion of our government. That's not counting China or Russia.They are also the 2nd largest shareholder in FoxNews/Newscorp. MSNBC/GE is a war arms contractor so I guess its fair and balanced.

It doesn't matter really. Were cattle to them. They know we are stupid and arrogant and use our petty vices to sow discord amounts the dumb animals/consumer robots.Race and Ego make things VERY convenient for the fascist banksters and globalists.Its too easy.

Does a slaughterhouse give a flying f--- what shade of fur a cow is? But I bet they want the cattle to be as proud of their Gucci diamond studded steel confinement cage as possible. Think about it.They don't want to cattle to get "smart" and revolt on their soulless parasitic asses.


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