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This Pastor Manning Character Jumps On To The 9/11 Truth Movement...I Don't Want Him Under My Tent

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posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 11:06 AM
A topic like this wouldn't usually be "important" to me, but I have to speak about this James Manning person.

I understand he has worked tirelessly to try and uncover the 'truth' about Obama's birth. He is a self confessed Birther. I understand why people have concerns about Obama's birth, he hasn't appeared forthcoming about it, and something smelled fishy about the whole thing. Not saying I am a Birther, but I understand. But I think it's run it's course and after other characters like Orly Taitz blasting out of Israel (big red flag) I can't take the Birther movement seriously, aside from other reasons.

ONE thing I take very seriously though is the" 9/11 Truth Movement". I saw a video today claiming that pastor Manning is joining it, or making an official "announcement". I watched the video and thought to myself how Manning seems like a complete loon, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I can't stomach religious speak, but was interested in his thoughts about 9/11. Why? I have no clue, curiosity mostly. So I listened to his take on it.

At first he seemed sensible, even intelligent. But then.... I got to the end of the video and I hear him say."We need to get these Muslims out of America" (paraphrasing) and something akin to "Get them out of America...unless they want to confess that Jesus is Lord...." so on and so forth. I once again felt this impending sinking feeling like we are reversing into the dark ages more and more , and reason and enlightenment are fighting a duel with archaic forces.


I'm convinced now more than ever that religion drives most people mad in some way....eventually...or in the hearts and minds they are raving mad while the words or actions haven't broken through yet. It is videos like this that let me know our country is in DEEP trouble because of "belief". I have had it with religious hatred. Hatred toward Muslims being dragged out in FULL FORCE this past month. Religious zealotry in this country and religion being used to frenzy the masses almost HOURLY now on T.V.

I'm sick of it. This Pastor Manning needs to go. He speaks hatred, and he has an overinflated sense of himself for GOD knows what reason. If HE is going to be the new face of 9/11 TRUTH....F*** IT...I don't wanna be associated with it. I think the Truth Movement needs to tell him to stick to being a "Birther". I've known all sorts of 9/11 researchers. All with their different theories. I have let all have their say and given them ALL the benefit of explanation. This is not the same thing. This is NOT an intellectual or forensic difference of opinion.

Before some of you get your flame throwers out and your label makers should know I am NOT a fan of Obama ( not Bush either...guess again). I am for the most part Libertarian/ Constitutionalist/ Independent...or an even mix of the 3. Yes I am Agnostic, but I respect people's right to their "faith". But if someone wants to delude themselves and others, and create CONSTANT a divisive atmosphere, I won't respect their 'faith'. People's "faith' is becoming once again instruments of hatred and fear mongering. I thought we learned our lesson.

The current round of Muslim hatred is a dark stain on us. Fueled by dozens of the usual pundits in Corporate media, Zionist Christians and Jews abroad and in the U.S., Lobbies, Right Wing Neoconservatives. This Manning is somewhere in that mix.

So he now claims to be a "9/11 Truther"? Well it's right on time huh??? In 2010? I guess maybe he needed a new shtick and thought he'd borrow one? I don't know, but whatever it is, I don't trust him.

Notice how when 9/11 grows strong and gets new legs and attention, someone 'wacky' always comes along to attach their name to it. Makes me suspicious, I don't know about you.

AND notice how much more we are exposing the Zionist influence on this country, the louder American CHRISTIANS get about "MUSLIMS"? What's the REAL thing we are not looking at? After all religion is used to disguise deeper and more troubling truths, it always has been used that way.

I'm sorry guys, I think we're being led around by our nose more and more by Neocon/Zio influenced factions.
Religion is being used as a weapon now in FULL FORCE....I'd advise come out of the umbrella of Religion entirely as a safe bet, but I know there are too many that can't let go of the anchor, and many who think I'm a Godless Heretic just for saying so.

But I don't think it has any place anymore in discussion/debate of world events or any form of LOGICAL activism or research.

It needs to stop, and it needs to be exposed for what it is. So I took 15 minutes to type out this post. I hope others follow suit because we need to stop the division.

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 11:09 AM

You can have him!


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