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ATS Ultimate Paranormal Experiences Thread!

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posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 10:00 AM
Hi there everyone,
I was just wondering how many of us ATS posters has had some kind of paranormal encounter whether it was either benevolent or malevolent, and how many of you would be interested in posting your stories here!

Please realize that this is an open thread to everyone on ATS to post and relate their experiences here, and as crazy, odd, or out of this world as the accounts may seem, we still want to hear it. Raibbowresidue gave me the idea for this thread and I believe this thread will help us to compare and see similarities in different peoples experiences. Please don't feel shy or afraid of relating the whole truth on your post, for your post will be mostly welcomed here!
Waiting to hear from all of you!!

Best Regards,


posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 10:09 AM
I guess I might as well start it!

Anyways I've posted this experience recently in another thread but I thought it would be good to post it here so that everyone can have a read on my experience. Soooo here it goes!

I had just watched a movie and went to room to go to sleep.(This was around 1 or 2 am)I had 3 younger brothers sleeping with me in the same room. We had 2 bunk beds in our room. I slept on the top bunk. The lights were off, the windows were closed(though still there was a little bit of light coming through) I started to climb up to the top bunk when I felt that something was staring at me somewhere in the room. I turned around and look at bottom bed of the opposite bunk bed and I saw a little boy around 4, max 6 years old siting next to one of my brothers(which were asleep). I stared at it for awhile and noticed there was something else in the room and right next to the opposite bunk bed, there was some kind of south american native with some kind of a huge mask just standing there looking at me. I got quite curious about it and climbed down from the top bunk and walked straight up to the native, and just stared at it. Then very slowly it took off its mask and to my horror it had half of its face totally burned. I Looked to the side of native and the little kid was now looking at me in the same way that LaorishGuy described his experienced in another thread. I'll quote him here:

quote]Originally posted by LaorishGuy
The face was a faint gray but still looked kinda black, just enough to see an outline. That feeling you got of it smiling is correct, it's a creepy evil smile. All it's teethes were pointed and smiled in a similar manner as the cheshire cat from alice in wonderland. It's eyes we're kind of like this smiley face's eyes ^_^, but rounded instead of pointed at the tops and a bit open so you can see a dark grayish scaler.

Then it hit me that these were actually evil spirits and I tried to reach for the switch as fast as I could but for some reason I couldn't find it then after almost 30 secs of frantic search throughout the area on the wall of where I knew the light switch was I just opened the door and ran out of my room straight to my moms room. I was freaked out and shaking and couldn't sleep for 3 or 4 days cause I was so scared of these things returning.

I have some of these encounters with evil entities and will relate them to you all in another post!

Thanks for taking the time to read it!



posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 10:49 AM
reply to post by ringht_n_wrong

Hi there ringht_n_wrong,
S&F for starting such an interesting thread!

I'm glad you made this thread. I have had a lot of strange encounters with spirits, but I'd like to start with a more odd than scary story ...

I have met a lot of spirits in my lifetime, but there is one incident that stands out because it had several witnesses. I lived in an apartment building with my parents back then, I was around 20 years old when this happened. I never pull my curtains shut, so I can wake up to bright sunlight in the morning, so my visibilty was very clear when this happened.

I woke up one morning and saw a spirit sitting at my dressing table, just watching me. It was an old lady, wearing kind of a home-dress, if you know what I mean, the kind old people like to wear, and she had short, curly white hair, and was very petite in build. Her dress was yellow with little colorful flowers on it. She was staring at me and then she started saying something, but I could not hear her! I could see her mouth moving, and see that she was trying very hard for me to understand/hear her, but it was like there was a glass wall between us. I -having had spirit sightings before, and not shy or scared to know more,- stood up to go and touch her, but then she vanished right in fron of my eyes, slowly like a cloud.

I mentioned this to my neighbor, who's lived in this building for over 25 years, and she told me that she had also seen this woman's spirit in her kitchen once, and that other neighbors have seen her, her name was Maria, and it turns out she used to live there and passed away in her apartment a few years before. At the point of all of our sightings of her ,the new tenants living in her home were really loud , young people who gave a lot of parties, maybe she came to us to complain about the loud music, I don't know that for sure, all I know is it turned out that at least 4 other people had seen the same spirit in their home, and said they recognized her.

There, that's my story.

If anyone would like to share their story ... it's your turn then,

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 11:00 AM
Okay I'll play...

Growing up I spent a good many years living with my grandmother... She lived in one of the oldest house (built in 1709) in the good old USofA...

today the old home is a famous restaurant, (Church Street Cafe in Albuquerque)... famous because it's well known as one of the most haunted places in the southwest...

if you watch the Vid ... Sara was my great grandmother, Ruth, her daughter was the kindly grandma I lived with... I knew both ladies as a child....

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 11:20 AM
I recently posted a story in the gray area that you posted on right n wrong. According to one ignorant response all my stories are invalid because they occurred in the past. *sighs* Right n Wrong had one of the open minded & receptive responses.

We've had experiences collectively varying from astral projection to ufo's. I'd have to say that our experiences with spirits/ghosts are the most prolific.

Anyway, I have many stories to share. I'm going to start some threads with the main events my family and I have experienced, but I've got some errands to tend to at the moment.

Nice post

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 12:27 PM
reply to post by DaddyBare

Hey DaddyBare, nice post buddy! Thanks for contributing to this thread and if you got any other stories to share with us we'd be more than happy to have a go at it!


posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 12:31 PM
reply to post by Rainbowresidue

Thanks for the S&F Rainbowresidue! Your story is quite interesting and a bit more scary than odd
I'd be freaked out to see an old lady staring at me! But I guess an old lady is better than some evil entity huh?

Thanks for sharing!


posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 12:34 PM
reply to post by Verideecimo

Hey buddy, even if you're going to make some thread about your experiences you can still post some here if you wanna, so that we can have them within easy access and also compare our experiences!
Thanks for your time!


posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 05:19 PM
Interesting initiative, your thread.
I'll share some account as well, anecdotes that I or people in my environment experienced in life. Some situations that defy my reason - while overall I'm a reasonable man.
Not overly spectacular, but these are the ones that seem to have had some contemplating impact - or at least left me without explanation. They are mentally situated in my 'no-opinion zone':

One saturday night while walking home I cross Steven at the other side of the road, I assume walking to the pub where you could often find him. We wave and wish eachother a pleasant night.
The day after I get to hear that Steven was run over by a car friday night, he died the night before I've crossed him at the same road. My ratio still can't accept the fact I'm not mistaking my friday- for a saturdaynight, I've checked it over and over.

**Little people
One of my best friends is -in all sincerity- convinced he saw a gnome once (in Belgium). My ex-girlfriends mother, two brothers and sister claimed the exact same thing (in France), equally convinced.
None of them are the kind of people who believe in the actual existence of fairy tale figures, none of them were on lsd. Their persistence on what they've seen is utterly bizarre.

A couple close friends (man and wife) claim to have witnessed materialization of objects several times by what they experience a 'holy man' in India. They won't talk about it openly, he mentioned it once, in all seriousness and trust. Knowing them, I have no choice but to believe their words.

During some summers I used to watch over my fathers house and dogs when he went on holidays. He had a lot of different dogs in past years.
While there one morning, slowly waking up with a girl I used to date, we heard the typical sounds of a dog shuffling around the room and the room next to ours. First insignificant, only semi-conscious because still half asleep, hearing the familiar panting, sniffing, the pattering of its feet around the bed and back to the next room.

Slowly waking up I started wondering how she got upstairs, since we had one dog in the garden, one in the livingroom and we slept in the attic with a closed wooden shutter.
Asking my girlfriend she confirms hearing a dog as well, for a while already, without thinking about it. We get a bit freaked out, since we hear it walking and sniffing round the bed, next to our heads and back to the footend, from left to right, back to the other room. We talk about realising we can't hear what we are hearing, I get up only to see there's no dog up there, just me and her. One is barking outside, the other I find sleeping downstairs.

*****Mom's dreams
My mother used to have some significant dreams, which she distinguished from normal dreaming as being "extremely lively and intense, with an urgent feeling or a message". She hardly ever told us her daily life dreams, but when a dream felt odlly real, she told us about it and insisted "it wasn't just a dream".
It didn't appear often (I recall four or five dreams I've heard of), I'll give two remarkable examples:

She woke up and told at breakfast of a strange, frightening and lively dream she had that night: It was dark, she was at sea or on a ship, extremely cold, wet and all around were people screaming for help, suffering and drowning. Intense fear and death.
The entire morning she was overwhelmed by that night's frightening feelings, the cries for help and her feeling of helplessness during the dream. And her inner questions why she would dream such terror.

Somewhat later, we heard the headline of the news on the radio. As an instant shock to all of us:
Herald of Free Enterprise Disaster

192 people didn't survive the capsizing of the HOFE ferry, it was the biggest disaster ever to occur on our coast.
Years later I heard an English lady on tv claiming to have experienced the exact same dream as my mother did that same night .

Similar situation, this time she woke up and told how she dreamt about me and her getting lost during a walk nearby our village. Which she finds odd, because we were close to home.

Trying to find our way back through a forest (a non-existing in our real life), we stumble upon a townsquare with a large building that attracts her attention (the only building she notices).

Walking towards it, she sees a golden plaque with an elaborate text that she can't read, except for the words "Sint-Agatha-Berchem" (which is a small town near Brussels that has nothing to do with our lives). Odd. At that point someone tells her she's on the right way and we continue our path home.
Again she wakes up and, during breakfast, describes her dream as being 'different, strangely realistic, how she was struck by it'.

Later on that day we hear on the news a severe gas explosion blew up an entire building in the town of Sint-Agatha-Berchem that night. Six people died.

There you go.
Amongst a couple others, these were some that stood out for me.

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posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 06:02 PM
reply to post by Movhisattva

WOW!!!Amazing stuff! Honestly, totally jaw dropping cause I can relate to some of those stories. Thanks for sharing bro and if you got some to share with us later please feel free to post them here.
Thanks for your time,


posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 08:57 PM
Hey there ringht_n_wrong,

I like the intention of this thread, though I am wont to believe that once the skeptics arrive it will quickly become a mud-slinging contest. We can all hope that it get's left alone long enough for some people to post their experiences and stories. I have a few that I could relate to you. I could write them out in long-hand later, but because of the sheer quantity I'll do a few short-hand notation of mine, my family's, and my extended-family's...

When my dad was a young kid growing up he, and his siblings (one brother, two sisters) were haunted by several different things throughout different periods in their early lives. The earliest happened when they were 11 or 12. My dad had heard from some neighborhood kids that an ape had escaped from a nearby carnival and been spotted in some woods bordering the town. My dad and a gang of town kids worked up the courage to form a marching line and scour the woods for the ape. As they went deeper the line thinned and eventually my dad was alone. He came upon a concave netting made of sticks and brush with what looked like a grass bed gathered together in one part. To another side there was a tall, dense thicket of thorns and shrubs and berries and such. As my dad watched he saw a pair of hairy legs rising and setting as if trying to tear the thicket down by moving through it. In my dad's words: "I was the deepest one in, and after I screamed I was the first one out". This was in the early sixties, well before it was common for "Sasquatch" or "Bigfoot" cases to be reported.


About a year later my dad, two aunts, and 2 neighborhood friends (twins who later died of Tuberculosis) were having a slumber party. My dad's family "owned" a stray dog, called King because it was a rather viscous attack dog. The dog was a mix of German Shepherd and some other breeds; it was so dangerous (only obeying commands from the men of my family) that my Grandpa kept it in an outside cellar overnight. This night with the guests over everyone turned in for bed, but teenagers, as is there wont, stayed up playing stupid teenage games. That is, until my dad started listening to King through the floor (the house sitting on top of the cellar). King was whimpering, and not in one place. As my dad, aunts, and the twins listened King whimpered across the length of the family room where they were all camped out. And then stopped. Everyone slept, but in the morning my dad told my Grandpa. Grandpa grabbed his shotgun and my dad followed in tow as they approached the outdoor cellars entrance.

First thing my dad noticed was wet footprints on the concrete, even though it had not rained at all recently. The second thing he noticed was that the footprints only went down, but never came back up. Grandpa and dad went into the cellar and King was not where he usually was tied up. The cellar was an "L" shape, and it turns out someone, or something, had dragged King —whimpering the whole way— from one end of the "L" to the other and tied him, so tightly he was almost choking, around a support pole. The cellar was empty save for King, and the footsteps going in.


To be a bit more relevant (there are more older ones too) my deceased Uncle's girlfriend's house is haunted... or it might be her. We haven't quite figured it out yet. At her previous house she used to see Shadow People, here disembodied voices, and the family cat would shadow-box things that weren't there for several minutes on end, even while being watched.

Then my uncle died of a heart-attack and his girlfriend had to move out. My friend, the user BaphometsProphet, and I helped her move some of the heavy couches and such into the new house. While there and waiting for her to arrive we scanned the place over. Everything seemed fine, but we both got very distinct "DO NOT ENTER" vibes from the basement.

About two weeks ago my dad comes up to me and tells me Trish (the girlfriend) thinks her new basement is haunted, and the house. Apparently the Shadow People followed her. As well, disembodied footsteps and now a "presence" in the basement also exist.

BaphometsProphet and I are waiting for the OK from her to go investigate.


Those are just a few of numerous paranormal and odd encounters from me, my family, my friends, etc, that I can relate.

Good thread!

~ Scribe

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 09:03 PM
Well, I actually have several stories because I really believe my current house is haunted but here is a true story that was kind of my first brush with the paranormal. As with a lot of events like these you could always try to explain it away but I think there is something more here than what meets the eye.

My Mom died way too early.  She was only 51.  It was a very traumatic time for us.  It started out with one of the most terrible sounds I know.  The phone ringing in the middle of the night.  One of my brothers calling to tell me that Mom had a major heart attack and to get home as quick as I can. We lived about 12 hours away.

My Mom survived for 4 days after her heart attack.  She was terribly sick and in pain.  Trying to distract her I told her that I lost my watch.  The watch was not valuable but it was my only watch and it was driving me crazy not to have it.  My Mom latched on to the fact that I lost my watch and it consumed her.  She kept giving me suggestions of where it might be.  She finally fell asleep only to wake up about 10 minutes later to say that our Labrador puppy had it.  My Lab was about 9 months old and very mischievous.  My Mom started laughing and asked if he swallowed it would I be followed through life by a ticking Labrador like Capt Hook and his crocodile in Peter Pan?  It was the last time I heard my Mom laugh.

Mom grew steadily sicker and sicker.  The doctors said it was only a matter of time.  At one point she died but they were able to revive her.  Afterward my Mom said that she knew she had died and she was taken to this special place and in the place she saw some golden snakes or lights flying around.  A man came to her and told her that she had to make a decision.  She could either keep fighting or she could let go and come with him.  My mom said she really wanted to let go and leave with the man but she was worried about who would take care of my Dad and their little dog.  I told her that I would support whatever decision she wanted to make.  If she wanted to fight I would help her.  If she wanted to let go I would take care of my Dad and the dog.  That night my Mom rallied.  She was even moved to a room outside of Intensive Care and she asked to see her only grandchild who had not been allowed into intensive care.  Five minutes after her grandchild left the room, Mom died.  We all believed she had rallied just long enough to see her grandchild again and then she let go.

A month went by and I was still missing my Mom terribly (as I still do) but life was moving on.  I was about to leave on a business trip but I still had not found my watch.  I decided to make one more effort and if I didn't find it I would have to buy a new one.  After looking everywhere I could think of I turned and looked at the dog.  I said to him "Grandma said that you have the watch.  Can I have it back?"  He just stood there with his tongue hanging out, looking goofy.  Then he suddenly cocked his head as if he had heard something and he ran from the room.  Thirty seconds later he was back with something in his mouth.  He gave me my watch.  I was dumbfounded.  All I could think to do was say "Thanks Mom!"

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 10:15 PM
This might not count .But here is my story with.....


I was 2 years old and fully toilet trained, dry at night.I usually slept all night without waking but on this night I woke up and really needed to go to the toilet.I remember getting out of bed and looking down at my purple pyjama pants, afraid they would soon be wet.

I woke my mother.This was a time when the 'outside dunny' was not uncommon.A separate little building in the back yard that had a toilet and often a laundry.
Mum put me on her hip and walked to the back door.
She opened the door and standing on our back porch was a Tin man.
Made of metal,He had a pointed metal cylinder hat and an axe in one hand and was rigid and still, like a statue not a man.
Mum slammed the door, and told me not to worry.She said it must be Halloween and some kids had put the statue there to scare us.I asked if she was going to call the police and she said it was a prank, no need to call police.

She put me in her bed and I was still worried about the tin man as I drifted to sleep.
The next morning when mum opened the door to collect the milk I expected the tin man to be there, but he was gone.I never talked to my mother about tin man.
It was an unspoken experience between us,a mutual understanding, like a lot of traumatic events in my life to follow, we knew what had happened but we did not talk about it.I often watched the spot I saw TM as i played in the yard, expecting him to return.

For years I would tell my friends of my Tin Man experience, my own tale of the supernatural.

When I was 16 I was at my kitchen table, engaging a friend with my experience with the tin man.
Mum turned to me and said, "that never happened".I insisted it did, could she not recall?
I went on to describe our home at the time in incredible detail as I walked her through the event.
She was amazed i remembered so vividly.
"but that didn't happen, nobody celebrates Halloween here, it's not America"
"You DID wet your bed one night and wake me up crying about the tin man after watching the wizard of OZ at nanny's house"
And there you have it, on of my strongest, strangest childhood memories, that I assumed to be a factual event for 14 years was nothing more than a wee wee dream.

If something had ever happened to mum, if she had died, I would be here right now telling the same story, convinced of it's actuality never having known it was a dream, and that frightens me more than anything.
I was dazed confused for days after finding out this was a dream.It was almost like shock.

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posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 10:36 PM
I don't have much, but my mom's house in Kansas has an old lady and an old man that come to visit everyonce in awhile. Now my mom remarried a few years back to someone who has native american heritage. Well he goes into a trance everyonce in awhile when a spirit deems it necessary to talk to him. They used to live in Oklahoma city and his trances were much more frequent there with spirits coming to him for help. Like giving a message to someone or something. Anyway, that's not the story.

They were doing a bit of fixing up in the upstairs of the house. Since the house is 125 years old or so. Anyway apparently the previous owners didn't like that too well and would knock over fans, buckets and whatever else and you could hear it downstairs. But no one was up there. Other than that they seem to be peaceful spirits.

Another thing is that my mom had a friend stay once for awhile. And one night they set a camcorder up there because he was hearing things. He said there would be a lady that would come to talk to him and was pretty friendly but the camcorder caught something much more sinister. It was a pretty loud growl that sounded like a female made the sound. So no one has any idea what made that noise. That and something shut the camcorder off after awhile even though it was plugged in. I wasn't there for that but I did get to review the tape and it sent chills down my spine. It was crazy. Should be noted that the exact same room this happened in, a couple years ago I stayed in that room for a whole month when I was down there. Was the only one in the whole upstairs at night too. Sad to say I never encountered anything, but after hearing the growl it really freaked me out because I would sleep up there.

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posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 11:03 PM
me and my friend were sitting in a field in his vehicle one night. we were talking, and he farted, so i put my shirt over my nose and he laughed, i opened the door to lean out a bit for fresh air, but while i was doing this, my friend saw somthing move in his rear view mirror and tried to warn me. i didn't even hear him because i was too intent on getting fresh air, but he honestly swears he saw unknown movement in his mirror. at this point i remember hearing him talk, but i wasn't listening to the words.
then all of a sudden i feel a pressure on my stomache. i glance down in shock and terror, and there's an arm sized white limb or object pressed into my stomache. i immediatley involitarilty convulsed in panic, i woulnd't be surprised if i did a full somersault in whatever direction in my seat. after i grabbed him and looked at him, my friend senced my level of panic, and we sped away quickly.
what would this be? we refer to it as "the poker."
whatever it is,dosn't seem normal.

posted on Sep, 15 2010 @ 04:52 AM
reply to post by Wandering Scribe

Nice stories buddy, specially the one of the "vicious dog" being tied up real tight by some entity! He was probably a sweet as a poodle after that huh?

Thanks for sharing and if you got some more of those stories I'd love to have them here for all to see!


posted on Sep, 15 2010 @ 05:22 AM
reply to post by humanguy

Nice story buddy! And I can relate to it also! I gotta say that a hand poking you on the stomach is a traumatizing experience specially when its a disembodied hand!
Thanks for sharing!



posted on Sep, 15 2010 @ 12:08 PM
reply to post by ringht_n_wrong

Hey there right_n_wrong,

Thanks for the heads-up about your thread ... wow I don't know where to start honestly

Ok I'm going to read through the other posts first and I'll add something when I'm done.

Back Soon


posted on Sep, 15 2010 @ 03:52 PM

Originally posted by woodwytch
reply to post by ringht_n_wrong

. wow I don't know where to start honestly


I'm sure you'll be the one with the most accounts in here...

Thanks for dropping by and I'm really looking forward for what you have to offer us!!!



posted on Sep, 15 2010 @ 06:02 PM
The problem for me is that, the more I look back at things that seemed "odd" at the time, the more I realise the opportunities for coincidence, misinterpretation or just wishful thinking - especially by my mother to honest, as she loves the idea of things being out of the ordinary.

Just to kick off, my mother used to tell us about the house her father built when they were growing up in Ireland. He was warned he was building over a "fairy pathway". My mother and one of my uncles (the two youngest of the family) both say they used to see faces appear at the bedroom window from time to time, and the front and the back doors were often found open (as if to allow the path to continue). Admittedly, their elder brothers were reknowned jokers and the door tomfoolery would be typical for them.

When my paternal grandmother was ill, she spent her last few months living with us and passed in our house. From then on my mother used to say that she would hear footsteps going up one of the flights of stairs and it always used to coincide with my sister having a problem or a fight with a boyfriend. It got to the point that she would go and sit by the phone everytime she heard footsteps, and my sister would normally call her in tears within half an hour. Our house was old and creaky at the best of times. Once you know someone has passed away there it seems only inevitable that your mind is more likely to attribute spiritual reasons to mundane effects. It's also worth noting that at around the same time we had a serious problem with the stability of one of the landings and the stairs ended up being supported by one of those big metal support posts to prevent it collapsing. Even before these events, my sister would get into fights and call up in tears, usually on a weekend and usually around the same time. My mother neglects to mention how often she might have sat and there was no phonecall - and she also tends to leave out the fact that the telephones in the house were located in the areas you would normally sit anyway, to read or watch TV etc. It just feels like a mystique was being built around perfectly normal, everyday things.

Having said that, one thing that I do find interesting is that my father apparently met the ghost of his mother in one of the rooms on the floor below. While this is a second hand account from my mother - it's not the kind of thing my father would ever admit to and would dismiss someone else's account out of hand - he did exhibit some out of character behaviour after this. He loved the house (and it was truly a lovely place) and had fought hard to stay there, but suddenly he couldn't get out fast enough. He started applying for jobs a few hundred miles away and my parents moved "up north" (anywhere on the wrong side of Exeter was "up north") shortly afterwards. There are a few reasons why this would be perfectly normal but he's a stubborn person who had already passed up on several chances to make better money elsewhere because he didn't want to move. Hearing that he was the one driving the moving process was a very real shock to me!

The other thing we seem to get a lot in our family is just "knowing" something, especially knowing when to contact someone who might need help or support. A good example is a close friend of my mother who she had not talked to recently. I had called my mother for some reason and at some point suggested that she should call her friend. She called the friend that night, only to find that the friend was having a major crisis and had been thinking about my mother and really needed someone to talk to, but had lost the number. Spooky, eh? Except the same scenario has happened plenty of time in relation to various people but with no crisis, just a nice chat and a chance to catch up on the gossip. Out of 100 times, that one good hit seems a lot less spooky. Also, this crisis was an ongoing issue and had my mother called her four months earlier or four months later, it would still have been a "good hit". It's just... coincidence.

I still remember the "haunted storeroom" at primary school, where one of the corners would occasionally start to glow. All the kids where scared to go in there because it really was freaky. I plucked up the courage (assisted by as many friends as I could convince to squeeze into the room with me) and went into the room and turned off the lights. There was the glow. After a few minutes of actually bothering to look instead of panicking, it all made sense. It was caused by the fact that there was a small window that didn't lead outside but allowed light to come in through the headteacher's office next door. It had been covered over with paper but a corner was loose and when you opened the door, the air currents sometimes moved the loose paper across to let light through. We just let ourselves be scared witless because it was easier than working out the answer. Perhaps it was because we enjoyed being scared witless.

I guess the point of this post (I think there's a point somewhere) is that my only amazing paranormal experiences have ended up being amazingly normal in the cold light of day. In some ways, perhaps, I'm rather glad of that!

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