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posted on Sep, 11 2010 @ 12:34 PM

So, first of all, this is a rant, so be warned and all that. Now, today I updated my Facebook page for the 10th or so time. My exact message was, "I love the smell of fall in the afternoon. It smells like - fall." Basically, I was making a point of how much I love fall, how beautiful and pleasant it is, how happy I am at this time of year, and all that stuff.

So far so good.

But then, one of my friends post a comment about how he was born in the wrong time. Basically, we started arguing (in a friendly way) about the whole thing, and ended up in the discussion about how we, in his words, were "pigs" because we're forced to work for a living. I told him, if he didn't like it, he should head out into the wilderness and live there. But, he only replied with that even if he headed out into the wilderness - and there "is" no wilderness today in his opinion - he would have to go back to the city to make money in due time. And I told him that he should learn how to survive in the wilderness then, and, well "go off the grid", though I didn't say that specifically.

Now, this pisses me off, because he claimed that you can't do that today. Somehow he, and a helluvalot of other people in this world, are stuck in the mindset that they HAVE TO work for a living. Heck, they're not even trying to find a job they're comfortable with - he works in a factory making steel railings and that sort of stuff - but instead, they just stay at the job they have, and continue to whine, be depressed and in his case - and this annoys me the most - dreaming about living in another universe or time.

Instead of wasting so much time whining about how miserable life and our modern civilization is, why in the hell do these kind of people not spend that energy trying to create the kind of life they could live with without becoming depressing emos, instead?

This world have far too many whinos who are too lazy to do anything about that which they whine about! So instead, they just keep whining and live their lives miserably.
This wouldn't annoy me so much - but the problem is they voice their whining in my presence, and somehow try to make everyone else miserable as well.

And of course, in regard to the "there is no wilderness anymore" statement he made, that's pure bull#, as I'm sure many of my fellow ATS:ers know and see every day. (Feel free to prove me right with photos, by the way. I love gorgeous landscapes!

So, with that, in mind, I want to tell all the whiners out there; Shut up, quit your whining, and do something about it instead! You can't live in a different time, so you might just as well make the best of what you have here and now instead. Don't waste your, and my, time, whining about how miserable your life is, because it's in YOUR hands.

Sorry if I offended anyone. I needed to get that out.

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