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Video: CIA Blocking Vets From Suing for Illegal Drug Testing

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posted on Sep, 9 2010 @ 02:33 PM

I always knew they tested vaccines and other crazy stuff as they make you sign a waiver for it, but I didn't know they were testing drugs and chemical weapons on our troops!

Isn't this the kind of stuff Japan was kidnapping Chinese people for?

Why use our own guys! I know it sounds bad, but it's history, why do the testing on our guys?

Here's a National Geographic video about how they told these vets that they were going to help find a cure for the common cold, and then gave them Sarine nerve gas.

And what do declassified CIA documents prove? They trying to find the lethal dose...

That's right, these guys made it out after 30 minutes of sheer terror locked in a gaschamber, I wonder what the families of the unfortunate group that found the lethal dose were told?

Seriously, if you need to test this stuff, WHY ON OUR SERVICEMEN?

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