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The Veil and ET

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posted on Sep, 9 2010 @ 09:06 AM
When the people cannot override a government on national security is when the people are governed by those on the other side of the national security veil. In a government of, for and by the people, if 50% say they want to know the details about anything present under this veil of secrecy, then they must be given those details – if they are to truly rule.

When a people are in control of their own destiny they have all the information needed to make informed choices. Otherwise, they can informationally be herded as sheep to the destiny of those who control/hide information.

Given that the United States has such a veil in place, and given the nature of many leaks and evidence, it is rather disturbing to envision the degree of control Americans are under. And it is not just the United States, but the world as a whole, that is being manipulated, though Americans are being singled out.

I am reading Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, by Paul A. LaViolette Ph.D., and it is clear that, given the extreme degree that the once openly discussed field of electrogravitics has been blanked out of the zeitgeist awareness of today, the false flag of “alien invasion” is a concrete possibility.

LaViolette documents well and thoroughly the fact that in the late 1940’s and through the 50’s the subject of electrogravitics was common amongst aerospace and other contractors’ avenues of pursuit. He also makes it clear that this field, and it’s proposed physics of subquantum kinetics, vanished from what was taught and considered, not because some hoax was found (no such claim by those who invested money has been made), but because it went into black ops – behind the veil. Verboten in the public media pablum.

Subquantum kinetics describes quite well the reported behavior of UFOs, it turns out, and though I believe we have ET visitation and communication, I believe that the UFOs we see are virtually all human craft. The ETs are likely much more subtle.

So I see developing out in the zeitgeist a strong acceptance of ET lurking on our periphery, and given that there is some rather impressive documentation of the successful manipulation of electrogravitics – levitation, stopping short from great speed, making sharp-angle turns, glow effects, zipping off at great speeds from a stationary point – from back in the 1980’s, it is safe to assume that roughly 30 years further development has taken place, as well as adding an army of craft that is being used to encourage the “ET” mindset.

And what could be done with all these craft, with their new physics model? If they have not been used in our present manufactured wars as tanks and cavalry were in the past, it must be presumed that something “special” is in the works with them. And the only thing I can envision to use them for is a false flag of ET invasion.

Such an “invasion,” much like 9/11 did, will galvanize humans, and with the right suggestions placed in the media, will provide the tool to bend us to any will behind such a false flag choice, including a willingness to hand off our power even further and more completely than did 9/11. We can be brought to willingly walk into slavery. (And meanwhile, the Haliburtons of the world will sap us of our wealth (what little there is left now) as “war” is promoted and Big Brother watches.)

So if ever “ET” is said to be “attacking” us, keep in mind that humans have craft that look and perform exactly as the UFOs are reported to look and perform, and that it is likely the secret society behind the veil who are attacking, not ET.

posted on Sep, 9 2010 @ 08:32 PM
Good post, I couldn't agree more and felt all along that ET's would not interact with us flying around in UFO's. So many teachings of esoteric and ancient nature discuss ascending to more subtle vibrations to achieve a higher evolutionary state, so why would more evolved beings interact with us in such low, heavy and dense frequencies. If the order is right, higher dimensions would naturally be interacting with ours and possibly shaping lower dimensions. So our multidimensional bodies could be seen in other dimensions, therefore no need for ET's to lower their frequency to interact with us.

I'm actually just getting into subquantum mechanics as it seems like it holds the keys to an I-TOE. thanks for the post OP.

posted on Sep, 9 2010 @ 09:11 PM
reply to post by Amaterasu

Once they said the Titanic will never sink, and it sunk.
Now they say ETs will never invade, or reveal themselves as overlords.
What if they do, and we could stop them at first, and most people say, oh it's just another government illusion?

How do we tell if it's real ETs or false flag manipulation?

If our governments can behave like ETs, then surely, for our purposes they are ETs!

Is there a sure way to tell the difference?

posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 01:29 AM
Just wondering: we have cultural concept of aliens.
Now we think governments are capable of creating illusions of those aliens and every cultural experience that has seemed to many people as convincingly "alien".
Perhaps so.

But I wonder: Doesn't that imply that aliens and governments occupy the same conceptual space?

I mean we're colonized and pretty powerless either way.

How should our reaction differ to NWO displays of aliens and real aliens?
Should we be happier that they aren't real and that our rulers want to dupe us?

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