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Ancient Mars Theory

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posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 01:10 PM
Note: This story was influenced through a thread i just read this morning by Ats member Skyfloating, I just made this up after going through his thread, thanks Skyfloating, great thread BtW

My conclusion about Mars' history:

a couple million of years ago a civilzation founded a red (land) and blue (water) planet, it was habitable for their species. They landed and started to make a civilization and population. this species grew large in population and were highy intelligent as they could build spacecraft and had unimaginable technology.

Thousands of years later of living in harmony on this red and blue multi coloured planet, a civil war broke out of the worst kind. these unimaginabe technologies blasted the planet and the species all over the face of the Red planet, also partly evaporated most of the Blue part of this magnificiant planet. (hence water crystals found on Mars and "The Scar" of Mars is from the Blasts)

Very few survived from the Blasts across the planet, but the handful that survived did manage to collect some of the high performanced technology and retreat to the nearest planet. This planet was Green (grass/trees) and Blue (water). With a decent aircraft, they managed to depart from the ruined and blasted planet to their new home, Earth.

On this new Beautiful planet, the species had all the sources they needed to get back on their feet and find a more habitable planet. But first there was work to be done, they had to leave their trade mark on Earth.
So on this new beautiful planet Earth, the handful of survivors mixed DNA to create a new species (not nearly as intelligent..) who now must evolve and conprehend life and survive to rebuild their own civilization.

It happend simular to this:
first comes survival, then stone technology, then destructive mentality .. (weapons, medevil times), then homes, then cities, then new technology such as the lightbulb, then transportation (airplane, train), then automobiles and now here we are. A few thousand years in the making of a new species who have evolved intelligently. We can now fly, drive, talk, sail over long distances. if we dont do what our mothers/fathers ( Red/Blue planet species) did and kill ourselves we might suceed in being a great, long lasting species.

The original species took off long ago after rebuilding their technology to a more habitable, larger planet. but they come back every now and then to check up on things and see if we are doing a good job. (hence UFOs and such)

I know my story is kind of point form, my apologies. Im in a rush as i have cleaning to do and must keep an eye on a 4 year old
but in a nutshell yes our mothers/fathers originated elsewhere, parted on Mars, killed their planet came here, created us through genetic tranformation and made sure we could survive the New enviroment, and took off but are keeping a close eye on their children to make sure we dont follow in their footsteps.

just a thought but all in all, pretty reasonable/belivable story ? What do you think AtS ?

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posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 01:17 PM
That's not a bad theory you've come up with there!

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 01:36 PM
Not trying to be picky, but you should edit that 'h' out of 'ancient'.

Might get more hits on the thread.

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 01:44 PM
You aren't the first person to come up with this story. In fact they made a movie with the same plot titled "Mission to Mars". It was a pretty enjoyable movie.

I also read a very cool theory/story/myth that the planet Mars was home to the Angels before the war in Heaven when Lucifer/Satan/Devil after which 1/3 of the angels "fell" to Earth. The planet was completely destroyed during the war.

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 02:00 PM
A good story for a creative writing thread but the theory as explaining man's past is lacking. No one has set foot on Mars and has first hand or secret knowledge of the red planet. All of our information comes from robotic,satellite, and optical resources.

There is no hard evidence of past civilizations,vegetation, or wars documented anywhere on the surface of Mars. I know there are some that can make out people and buildings from bare rocks and desert terrain in the arid (for Mars) area that the rovers are operating in. But there is nothing that can be shown as not being natural on the surface or man made.

Scientist believe that there may have been flowing water on Mars at one time and there appears to be areas that could be old seas or basins that once held liquid water but its all conjecture at this time.

We as humans share many biological identifiers with our home planet Earth and other species here. The oceans have been around for quite sometime and is backed up by fossil evidence and dating techniques which leads one to question why Mars would be populated over the earth.

Mars is a desolate and cold planet that may one day be colonized by us with a long term attempt at Terra forming. But the facts now are that high resolution pictures from satellites and up close science from the rovers show a real world devoid of past human or alien activities or civilizations. A major war like described should be apparent on the surface besides the old and newer craters and wind/sand erosion's that work on the surface. The dust storm dynamics are not clear as yet to me but I know we still see formations on Mars that we did when the first pictures were sent back.

Once again, good story, But it doesn't "hold water" IMO.

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 02:00 PM
Southern Virgina and South Carolina have Iron loaded firey red soil. The water on Mars would have been muddy brown from the red soil. That is how alot of the lakes here in the South look. Except for Lake Murray, SC which is a man made dam and very deep. I feel Mars was closer to Earth before being hit by an asteriod resulting the canyon scrape around the equator. It was knocked waterless and ozone atmosphereless into its current cold spot. The fact that someone this morning posted anomolous photos of a laid out pattern implied people with math skills and planning did it. Nature is always random. Who is to say Earth and Mars weren't both seeded as colonies by someone else at the same time? We just haven't been hit like Mars since the humans flourished.
The pyramid formation suggests that they were from the Pledies star system orginally. The Mexican sun and moon pyramid system also match the Pledies star system in lay out. I've got a few books on Mars, there are some interesting ideas people had speculated about. Obviously these alot not being said publicly by scientists who don't want a bad reputation for jumping ahead to conclusions. I was an Art Degree so I will.

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 02:05 PM
There is this awesome movie saw a while ago, its called E.Y.E.S. of Mars. Although it's an anime its pretty much the same thing, though I dont think they survived at the end so much if I remember right... I agree with you its a good sounding theory and its strangely been implanted into our heads for a very long time (genetic memory?) and a lot of the time science fiction ends up having truth in it....

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