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Increased UFO activity above the USA and Canada

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posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 08:18 AM
Hi everybody,

The National UFO reporting center tells us at their website that there has been an increase in UFO activity since July 3rd this year. They have allready received up to 500 reports of people who witnessed strange red, orange or yellow 'fireballs'.

Over the last 48 hours, NUFORC has received almost 100 similar reports of very peculiar events, which have been witnessed across the U. S. and Canada on July 4th, and perhaps on July 3rd, as well. The sightings are a phenomenon for which we have no ready explanation. Many of the reports from both days have been submitted by seemingly serious-minded individuals, many of whom apparently witnessed the events with multiple other witnesses present.

To date, we have received reports of the phenomenon from the following U. S. states and Canadian provinces: California; Connecticut; Washington, D.C.; Florida; Georgia; Illinois; Indiana; Kentucky; Massachusetts; Manitoba; Michigan; Minnesota; Missouri; North Dakota; Nebraska; New Jersey; New York; Ohio; Oklahoma; Pennsylvania; Tennessee; Texas; Virginia; Vermont; and Washington State.

The reports are similar, in that the witnesses have described seeing strange red, orange, or yellow “fireballs,” which have been seen either to hover in the night sky, or to streak overhead, sometimes individually, and on some occasions in clusters. In some instances, the objects were observed against a clear, cloudless sky, and in other cases, they were observed below solid or broken overcast.

Here is the link :

So why have the 'aliens' more interrest in the USA the last few months ?

How can we explain these strange objects in the sky ?

Is there a normal explenation or is there really something special going on ?

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 08:56 AM
I have been seeing alot of really brilliant shooting stars at night...

I often see plenty on a night spent outdoors (I live on a canal...good fishing, but since I am too lazy to wake up at the crack of dawn, I do twilight/night plenty of skywatching time). Mostly the ones I see at night are the quick burn streaks across the sky...lately though they have occasionally been slower and bigger..really pretty ones.

Not sure if we are going through some part of space that has alot of dust in it or something...but that may account for some reports...

for me, there is a very big difference between a UFO type object and a impressive shooting star, but some people may not know the difference...

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