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dimensions, are you sure?

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posted on Sep, 7 2010 @ 09:29 PM
Hello ATS, i am having trouble interpretting many accounts and such here because of the lack of terminonoly coherence. for example people claim beings are from another dimension, when what i suspect they mean, is another universe.

if a being was from another dimension, as i understand it, the would have to come from and normally reside in a small so small that it makes the size of a proton appear to be that of the whole solar system. ( string theory, not that im suggesting that its correct ).

what i suspect they mean is that they are beings from perhaps a paralelle universe who have traveled here by means of another dimension, it just all becomes very confusing when other threads says somthing similar yet refereing the same terms and countless others in different ways.

my main point here is perhaps there should be some sort of dictionary thread or resource which could be used to universal definitions of terms used at ATS,

if such a thread or area of this sight exists i would much appreciate direction

posted on Sep, 7 2010 @ 11:11 PM
we have tried reconciling these definitions didnt work very well:

but, to sum up my position:

an energy fluctuation exists as a potential within a single dimension. information is a transfer of energy.

therefore, it would be possible for a "being", defined as an information-carrying energy fluctuation, to intersect our 3D reality and act as an intelligent agent. IMO, this is a very plausible explanation for the mind/body link within our-selves.

in other words: the body exists in three dimensions, and the mind or soul intersects it from outside of the 3D. in this way, it would also be possible for other single-dimensional intelligences to exist and inform our reality from outside of it.

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