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cancer preventative in vitamin B17

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posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 08:41 AM
What do you think about Vitamin B17, (Laetrile) and the idea that it may be a cancer preventative

G. Edward Griffin - A World Without Cancer - The Story Of Vitamin B17

Is it true that in America the FDA has taken off Google some of the sites that relate to B17 being a possible preventative and that a man was jailed for selling it as a cure?.

Do you think that high processed foods like white sugar, white bread, McDonnalds, etc contribute to cancer producing cells?

Do you believe the opinion of some that the $200 Billion dollar a year industry that is the cancer industry would like to keep their profits flowing. They say that B17 may interfere with the chemical treatment program and not to take it. B17, comes from eg: the apricot kernel and can not be made in a laboratory and patented so the pharmaceutical industry wont make any money out of it. Farmers would however benefit.

Do you think that the wealthiest non profit institution on the planet is the American Cancer Society?

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 10:10 AM
reply to post by flashesofblue

There are multpile discussions of Vitamin B17 and Cancer:

Maybe these will help answer some questions.

Is it true that in America the FDA has taken off Google some of the sites that relate to B17 being a possible preventative and that a man was jailed for selling it as a cure?.

Dietary Supplements aren't required to be evaluated by the FDA before being placed on the market; however, there are guidelines as to what claims can be made.

Claims That Can Be Made for Conventional Foods and Dietary Supplements

Structure/function claims may also describe a benefit related to a nutrient deficiency disease (like vitamin C and scurvy), as long as the statement also tells how widespread such a disease is in the United States. The manufacturer is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and truthfulness of these claims; they are not pre-approved by FDA but must be truthful and not misleading. If a dietary supplement label includes such a claim, it must state in a "disclaimer" that FDA has not evaluated the claim. The disclaimer must also state that the dietary supplement product is not intended to "diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease," because only a drug can legally make such a claim.

Do you think that high processed foods like white sugar, white bread, McDonnalds, etc contribute to cancer producing cells?

Yes, yes, yes and YES! This has been observed epidemiologically. The biochemical pathways that lead to cancer formation from these foods are typically metabolic hormone abnormalities (hormone resistance, impaired glucose metabolism, glycation, etc)

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 11:15 AM

Originally posted by flashesofblue
What do you think about Vitamin B17, (Laetrile) and the idea that it may be a cancer preventative

First, I think it is important to recognize that Laetril, which chemically is laevo-mandelonitrile-beta-glucuronoside, is not a vitamin. Both medical dictionaries and common usage defines a vitamin as an organic compound, either fat or water soluble, that is necessary for good nutrition and a healthy life. "Vitamin B-17" is a commercial trade name created by one of its proponents for a product synthecized from the kernels of apricot pits and a number of other stone fruits and nuts. Laetrile is the trademark of a compound of two parts glucose and one part cyanide. Yeah, hydrogen cyanide. That's the stuff they used at San Quentin to execute people in the gas chamber.
And if the fellow you mention in your post who supposedly went to jail for selling laetrile was Andrew R.L. McNaughton (the "grandfather of laetrile), he never went to jail. He was convicted, not for selling laetrile but, rather, of of stock fraud involving a company named Pan American Mines. It appears that $5 million had mysteriously disappeared. McNaughton was fined $10,000 and sentenced to serve one day in jail. However, he jumped bond and skipped out. He also was charged by Italian authorities with stock fraud.
Steve Mcqueen was treated with laetrile. He died.
Chad Green, a 2 year old leukemia patient was treated with laetrile. He died of cyanide poisoning. The laetrile provider claimed that was froof of its effectiness since the boy died a "pleasant death."
Joseph Hofbauer was a 9-year-old with Hodgkin's disease. He was treated with laetrile. He died.
I won't argue with your points about Big Pharma, tho.
For more info, people can take a look at: and and the sources cited in them.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 11:54 AM
reply to post by flashesofblue

There are all types of interesting posts on cancer cures on the web. B17 doesn't seem to be as popular as it once was.

One interesting alternative treatment involves baking soda and then baking soda with maple syrup. Really!

If I had cancer I would take baking soda (Red Mill), but I couldn't recommended it to others. Also grape seed extract, Ester C, selenium. Maybe some magnesium chloride baths. Traditional cancer treatments seem not too well thought out. A close friend of mine died of cancer after surgery, radiation, chemotherapy. I don't think they helped him at all.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 08:56 PM
reply to post by 4nsicphd

thanks, I did search for discussions on B17 so I will look at the posts recommended by the other member.

I guess I will stick to eating apricot kernels and munching on the apple core and seeds

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 12:41 AM
This looks like the newer thread on the subject. I am going to invest in a juicer and juice up 3 or more apples a day with the seeds for everyone in the family, look into the apricot seeds too a bit, but include more alfalfa sprouts, more berries and the medium to higher level foods that contain them such as raspberries/blackberries, oats, different seeds. Including grape seeds.

Scientists are using cyanide to attack tumours.

They have tested a two-stage drug that harnesses the power of the dangerous chemical to kill bowel cancer cells in the lab. The researchers, at Imperial College, London, now hope to refine the technology and test it on patients. ...

"The enzyme will circulate around the body and accumulate in the tumour only, and then it will clear from everywhere else. Then the second step is to inject the sugar drug and that itself will circulate around the body but only where the tumour is, where the enzyme is, will you get the cyanide. It will be enough to kill the cancer cells and you will be able to repeat it over and over again until the tumour has gone."

...Dr Deonarain said the cancer cells would not be able to develop resistance to the cyanide in the way they can with some of current cancer therapies.
BBC News Online's Jonathan Amos, Wednesday, 6 September, 2000

This is the same thing and its been found to not only work, but also to specifically target the cancer themselves and if activated will be carried away harmlessly by the liver, in other words, the idea that this is a dangerous, poisionous substance is erroneous, even in research its been found otherwise.

Obviously that being said one should look into the amounts, there are differneces between preventative measures and treatment measure. Different amounts i mean.

So for prevention apples and their seeds and grapes and their seeds, maybe juiced up, foods containing this such as alfalfa sprouts, raspberries, wild blackberries and numerous other things such as oats and grains, millet, sesame seeds, linseed, flaxseed, barley, lentils.

Also, to take Vit C, high doses. I would take 3 or more grams of C, 4-5 grams of D each day, and much higher if I was ill 10 grams of D, and 7-10 grams of C?

In addition:

Q.-What should I take along with the Vitamin B17?
Cancer F.A.Q's
A.- If you have cancer, it is recommended by Dr. Manner (one of the pioneers of the B17 treatment) to take pancreatic enzymes and vitamin C. They can both be found in your local health food store. Just ask the manager for pancreatic enzymes. Their job is to help burn away the negative protein cell wall of the cancer cell for the B17 to get in and fully destroy it. Besides killing the cancer cells, one's organs might be damaged due to cancer development.

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 12:52 AM
I treated my wife with Apricot Kernels as part of a comprehensive alternate approach to cancer...
...last year she had her seven year 'all clear' from any objective sign of the disease...
...medically she is regarded as in remission but we know that she is cured.

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 12:37 PM
The more I'm reading the more this makes sense. The old fashioned advise was to always eat the apple seeds, and I knew many at school raised with this.

The extent that the US gov and FDA is willing to demonize the good nutrients in food and sell humanity, they would like to do so beyond the scope of their own citizens, to their Big Pharma companies and a Logan's Run style slavery where you die young after being useful to them, is so evident.

Alot of the foods we eat are high in B17, and B15 as well. Yeast, spinach, alfalfa sprouts, nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin and squash seeds. Even when you bake them, they lose some of the survace enzymes which unlock small amounts of the cyanide and toxins that keep your teeth and gums healthy and help your stomach, but the B17 is still there, and it still does work over all. But of couse raw would best. I'm going to start sprouting my own seeds here soon.

This has a very good article, I've saved it pdf style, which includes alot of info on B15, and how it was banned by the US too, and has been widely researched in Russia and used to treat all kinds of things, in addition to B17.

Russian scientists have shown Pangamic Acid supplementation can reduce the buildup of lactic acid in athletes, and, thereby, lessen muscle fatigue and increase endurance. Hum, do you think this vitamin might assist with Fibromyalgia?...

B15 helps in the formation of specific amino acids such as methionine. It plays a role in the oxidation of glucose in cell respiration. Like vitamin E, it acts as an antioxidant helping to lengthen cell life through its protection from oxidation. Pangamic Acid mildly stimulates the endocrine and nervous systems, and by enhancing liver function, it helps in the detoxification process.

B15 has been shown to lower blood cholesterol, improve circulation and general oxygenation of cells and tissues, and is helpful for arteriosclerosis and hypertension - some of America's most common diseases.

In Europe, vitamin B15 has been used to treat premature aging because of both its circulatory stimulus and its antioxidant effects. It helps protect the body from pollutants, especially carbon monoxide. Pangamic acid (and possibly DMG) offers support for anyone living in a large polluted city or under high-stress.

Its found in much the same foods overall that B17 is in. And its health benefits in testing is enormous.

This is the biggest sign of complete sell outs for the human race to pure evil and profit of corporations, and its more than the money, its for the massive power trip and control of humanity, in attempt to harm our dna and create a diminshing regressing race.
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posted on Feb, 13 2011 @ 07:42 AM
Firstly, as an above poster said, it is not a vitamin. That it is called that is a historical artefact from when it was first in use/discovered. Secondly, the stuff in apricot kernals is different to Laetrile. It is called amygdalin and it has a different chemical structure to Laetrile - Laetrile in fact more closely resembles on of the immediate metabolites of amygdalin.
There have been phase I and phase II clinical trials with Laetrile. Neither of these trials found any statistically significant evidence to suggest that Laetrile had anti-cancer activity. As well, in the phase I trial, 2 of the 6 people that were tested developed symptoms akin to cyanide poisoning.

In reference to the claim that it can target cancer cells. No it cannot. This rumour, so far as I have seen, is based on the presumption that the enzyme that metabolises amygdalin (note, not Laetrile) is present only in tumour cells. It is definitely true that cancer cells exhibit an altered metabolism, and many chemotherapy drugs exploit these differences, however it is false to say that cancer cells exclusively express one type of enzyme. Cancer cells your body's own cells. They have the exact same DNA and thus the capacity to produce the exact same types of enzymes. So while not all cells would produce mass amounts of the enzyme in question, at least one cell lineage would. Also, I am yet to see actual evidence saying that Laetrile is specifically broken down in tumour cells.

Thirdly, there is the issue of cyanide poisoning. The breakdown products of amygdalin and Laetrile when they enter the body are cyanide, glucose and benzaldehyde. I don't think I need to explain why the first one is bad for you.

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