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The Envoy .....

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posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 06:35 AM

Chapter 1 .... Winners are grinners

I've had a good life , full of ups and downs . Always enjoyed
myself though , had my share of laughs and tears : never been sick ,
but never far from the unemployment line either !
I'm an old man now , 67 , according to my birth certificate .
Most people I know , tell me I don't look a day over 30 .
A good friend nominated me last year , in a competition
to be the first civilian in space .
Somehow I won , ( COOL ) and am now on board and heading for
deep space .
This is where the story gets interesting .
The competition was rigged . I was always going to win .
This spaceship is from another galaxy , and apparently ,
.... so am I !


It has been pre-programmed to return me , and it's doing
just that ! The main control panel , has engraved hand prints
that fit me perfectly , and every function has automatically
started , the moment I put my hands on them.! The feature-
less walls have lit up in a fantastic array of screens , that
relay all my commands as I think them .
Right now I'm looking at a computer generated movie that
chronicles my life up to this point , and let me tell you , it's an
eye opener !

Chapter 2 From the Beginning

My first childhood memory is of landing in a plane , in the middle
of an intense thunderstorm . (actually Roswell 1947) . The ship was
open and my gray robots were shot and killed . ( a memory I had
suppressed). There were no other passengers .
I met my parents shortly thereafter , (actually adopted)
and was brought up like any normal youngster , but not in America .
At school I skipped grades , and was inducted into a secret genius
club , that solved the world's most urgent problems .
My eyesight was as keen as my insight .
I could shoot a target from two kilometres without sights .
I could run faster , surf better , ski and race any vehicle and win ,
without effort .
My exploits gained the attention of the rich and famous , and , I
humbly admit to having many of them as my friends , and of
helping them gain their status amongst you .
All of this seemed quite normal to me , and I never questioned
myself as to its origins .
Otherwise , I was just like everybody else . Someone you could
count on ...

Chapter 3 Not so Fond Farewell

I suppose my suspicions were aroused when I landed in America ,
as the winner of the competition . The plane had landed at an
isolated airstrip in the southwest desert region , and upon
stepping on the apron , I was immediately surrounded and
escorted to my spaceship by heavily armed military personnel .
I was farewelled by presidents , ex-presidents , scientists , movie stars ,
musicians and every kind of billionare .
The tears flowed as I was told that I must leave , my secret was out ,
(the one even I was unaware of) and the worldwide public was
clamouring for disclosure , ( and probably my head ).
I was told that I had to leave , that the Earth was never going
to accept me for who I really was ..... The Envoy

I will miss you all terribly , but my true home and destiny awaits ...
somewhere , out there !


..... Thankyou for your time .....

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