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Get your ration card here-Good Life Card

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posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 03:23 AM
And another society goes down the same road as all the others. Gotta love the great examples of the perfect societies out there in the world. Look at this utopian nightmare-

Venezuela introduces Cuba-like food card

Chávez said Tuesday that the card could be used to buy groceries at the government chain of markets and supplies.

``I have called it a Good Life Card so far,'' Chávez said in a brief statement made on the government television channel. ``It's a card for you to purchase what you are going to take and they keep deducting. It's to buy what you need, not to promote communism, but to buy what just what you need.''

When do we get one of these cool cards in the US?

Will this be the new health care style card we are going to get. YAY!

Hey, it is a good thing, ala peace is war, communism is freedom, death is life.

From the minister of public banking-

Humberto Ortega Díaz, minister for public banking and president of the Venezuelan Bank, minimized such criticism and said that all this measure is trying to do is to improve service at the government supply chains.

``Why can't our Bicentennial chain use a card to make it easier for customers to buy their groceries?'' the minister said in an interview broadcast on a government channel. He said that this type of initiative has been used by private commercial entities.

Yeah, I have seen private companies limit what you can buy. Those dang private capitalists always want to limit your purchases to what you only need.

I cannot wait til the US is a communist nation like Venezuela.

That way we can be free from all those encumbrances like freedom and liberty. Those being an outmoded form of thought nowadays.

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