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Join Sunday's rolling wave of candlelight vigils

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posted on Mar, 15 2003 @ 03:33 AM
Global Candlelight Vigil for Peace: Sunday, March 16 -- 7:00 PM
Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Reverend Robert Edgar, and other religious leaders call for candlelight vigils around the world on march 16th to say yes to peace -- and no to war with Iraq.

So far, 4381 vigils worldwide have been scheduled in 114 countries. The next few Web pages will connect you with a candlelight vigil in your area or allow you to schedule a new vigil.

To know the nearest vigil assembly in your country :

posted on Mar, 15 2003 @ 04:21 AM
We're up to 3,700 vigils in 108 countries for Sunday.
The Global Vigil for Peace is going to be huge -- one of
the largest coordinated vigils in history.

If you're not already signed up, it's not too late to get
involved. You can find a vigil in your area at:

In order to make the vigils a success, we need to get the
word out as far as possible. Please invite your friends
and colleagues by sending them this message along with
a short personal note of your own. We've translated the
message into a number of other languages -- you can just
copy them from the website into your email program.






The Global Vigil is endorsed by Nobel Peace Laureate
Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who recently said:

"On Sunday evening people in every corner of the globe will
shine beacons of light throughout the world. May our candles
rekindle the light of reason and hope so that war will be
averted in Iraq and peace will prevail in the world."

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