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Looking for an alternative theory on the most terrifying inicent I've ever experienced

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posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 03:10 PM
I'm going to preface this by saying I am 99% certain this was a hypnagogic hallucination. I'll share some background after the story do the many peoples long post ADD. But after 30+ years of paranormal experiences this terrrified me, not scared me, pure unadulterated terror.

One last thing before retelling my account, there has only been 1 extraordinary event in the past few days leading up to this. That circumstance is as follows. Tropical Depression 5 was make it's return to the New Orleans area and my wife and I were looking out the window at all of the incredible lightning. My hair starts to stand up and there is a blue flash followed by an orange flash and a huge boom(my ears are still ringing), and lightning hit a huge gum tree about 20 feet from our window. Amazing but not paranormal at all. Other than that event there has been nothing else of consequense that could contribute to this.

Last night I tuck my kids in and sit down to watch tv in my living room. Tombstone comes on. I love that movie. "I'm your huckleberry." My wife sees the western coming on and immediately kisses me good night. Which is wifespeak for "I'm going to watch anything else other than that and attempt to fall asleep and forget that I watched 3 minutes of a cowboy movie". I had a really stressfull day so I got up grabbed a mountain dew and took a 1 mg xanax. I may take 2 or 3 over the course of a week for stress.

So I doze off somewhere between Sam Elliot becoming sheriff and the shootout at the ok corrall. And again I thoroughly believe this to be a hypnagogic experience. I woke up and the movie in on the part when Wyatt Earp is putting his family on the train. I begin to feel fear. The only time I've ever been afraid in the past 10 years was when my son was diagnosed with cancer. But I'm feeling fear. Fear grows into terror. I see the remote on the floor by my feet. I go to reach for it and realize I can't move. Well not entirely true I can move my fingers. I try to move my legs and find the only thing I can move are my toes. I'm thinking my brain is trying to tell me I'm having a stroke or something so my intention to yell for my wife is thwarted by my inability to move my mouth. All I can manage are some barely audible noises under my breath coming from my throat. The inability to move further amplifies the feeling of terror.

I looked to my left which is the foyeur which leads to the hallway that several of our bedrooms are on. There was something wrong with what I was seeing. It appeared 2 dimensial. Then there was a ripple not unlike you'd see on the surface of water if you dropped a small stone in it. Something began to materialize. That's the wrong word something stepped out of the ripple and began to, I'm not sure what word would describe it.

I didn't notice much detail as whatever stepped out of the ripple seemed to come out feet first without the upper body presenting itself yet. I noticed clack feet and legs, not devoid of detail but so black I couldn't see anything. I couldn't see through it but I couldn't really see it like it was there either. A figure was discernable. I kept trying to move I kept trying to scream. I couldn't. As this thing faced me, it began to pull pieces from its left. It was only a couple feet from me. It was pulling this material out of seemingly nothing and it was turning into what almost appeared to be white strips of flexible bone which began covering various body parts. As I could only see the front of the creature I'll describe what I could see.

Have you ever seen a strong wind blow away a pile of ash? It was like this but in reverse. Particulates were collecting at great speed and began forming these white fondant appearing strips which were about 8 inches long and about 3 inches wide, almost like an ace bandage. These strips were slapping themselves on this things body and then forming into more solid pieces with the evidence they'd ever been smaller disappearing. It started low and worked itself up. As soon as the white began forming on this thing I felt the pressure from it increase, I'll cover that and explain in a minute. But it formed these white solid bonetype things on its thighs(front) that wrapped around to the hips. Almost like football pads, if the thigh pads and the hip pads and girdle were one piece of bone. It then formed a chest plate. It then began to form a (mask?) covering on the face. But it didn't cover the entire head.

The facemask appeared to be aprt of some kind of skull. It had 2 large teeth on the top, giving it the appearance of being bucktoothed. I didn't notice a nose orifice. The eye sockets were empty. The skulllike covering stopped at the apex of the forehead where the odd black color persisted. So this thing was essentially an out of phase blackest black I've ever seen with these bone white things covering various body parts as well as a face. There were no eyes behind the socket.

No I mentioned a kind of pressure. This was evident as I woke up. It literaly felt like there was something I couldn't see paralyzing me. Not a solid. Almost like a liquid. I've felt it before. Once very strong but nowhere near this. I'll explain the pressure momentarily.

But this thing now fully formed just stands there in front of me. I keep fighting to move try and move or yell but I can't. Until I finally get my hand raised(left) off the chair arm, above the wrist. As it moves upwards, by default towards this thing a wave of this "spiritual pressure" pushes it down. And this point I can barely breath and my ability to move even my extremities is gone. About 3 minutes has passed. TOmbstone has gone o a commercial.

THe thing turns and walks through my foyeur towards the hall where the bedrooms are. The further away it gets the pressure seems to be relieving somewhat. It makes a left turn(which was the limit of my vision), which is where 2 of my 3 kids bedrooms are. As soon as it turns it felt like a wave of energy came through me and overpowered the still present pressure form that thing. My wife and my bedroom door is closed and I hear my 2 maltese at the door growling and barling and scratching the door. But as I said the enrgy felt negated by mine, if that makes any sense. And I took off running towards my kids bedrooms. It took longer for you to read this paragraph than it took me to get up and run towards my kids rooms while shouting for my wife.

I make it to my oldest sons bedroom as my wife opens our door and the dogs come flying out past me to the end of the hall. My oldest son was awake and reading. He asked if everything was ok, I asked if he was ok. After a quick yes I tore off behind the dogs to my youngest sons bedroom. He was sound asleep and briefly awoke due to the dogs yapping. He asked if there was a monster in his room or if it went out(he's 3), then he went back to sleep.

The dogs calmed down. I inspected the rest of the house. Nothing anywhere.

Now I've had paranormal experiences since I was 4 or 5. I was allergic to seafood. And my crazy father decided he would cure me of the allergy by feeding me fish and hopefully building up a tolerance. A few months before I turned 5 he did this the 1st time and caused me to go into cardiac arrest. I recieved 2 shots of IV adrenaline.

I've lead 2 paranormal investigation teams. My current group probably debunks about 95% of what we come across. I attended several excorcisms at a Catholic mission near Mombasa, Kenya and served as the attending Psychologist. I already knew ghosts, spirits whatever you want to call them were real. I'd seen enough that I was and still am certain. What I saw at the excorcisms proved that there was something else to me. Just remember you are dealing with a believer, but a believer that accepts the fact that the majority of what people claim is paranormal is most certainly not.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 03:10 PM
My grandmother was a full blooded Crow Indian until her death almost 20 years ago. THis may or may not have anything to do with what I will describe.

The day my grandmother died, an antique clock that my family had owned for a couple hundred years started working. It hadn't worked since my grandfathers death 5 years before that. My brother wanted to come along on one of our investigations in Virginia. We were actually not investigating a haunting as much as we were investigating the sight of an attempted demon summoning that went wrong. Lot's of strange stuff, but nothing remotely difinitive.

Later that night my brother and I were discussing the evenings events with another researcher and our power went off. We were sitting in the living room and the 3 of us heard a horrible raspy breathing. We had tons of windows and the moon was bright so there was minor visibility. We had a flashlight in my office, which is where this clock was. We slowly made our way to the office, the only sounds were our footsteps, the breathing and the ticking of that clock. As we rounded the corner, the 3 of us saw a set of red eyes in front of us. They were about 6 inches over my head, I'm 6 ft. We all discussed how we felt afterwards but nobody spoke while this happened with the exception of, "do you see that?". There was a spiritual pressure coming from the direction of the eyes. The closer you got the harder it became to move. We all stopped in our tracks, although we could still see the eyes slowely moving towards us in the office a light coming from upstairs stopped us. It was more the presence of a light that didn't really illuminate much as opposed to an actual light. As it came down the stairs my brother said, "Can you feel that? It's Grandma.". I knew it was. People who came over could often feel her presence, even those who didn't know anything about her could feel her presence, but those who knew her in life identified as her instantly. It just felt like her. The pressure emmanating from her "light" was infinitely stronger, but not oppressive to us. As she passed all of us the red eyed thing blew through the window in a shadowy blur.

But the pressure is what is relevant. When I've encountered strong spiritual entities I've encountered this pressure. I've even encountered it in a few people. I'm not sure if anyone will ahve a clue what I'm talking about. But it takes your breath away. If it wasn't malevolent then you were aware of it without an adverse reaction. But in the not so nice variety it's like a thick oppresive fog that crushes you. It's effect seems to be more apparent on those not in tune with the paranormal or rather can't tune in as well others.

But that isn't the topic. If your here to debate the existence of ghosts, spirits, demons or anything else, don't derail the thread with that. I don't just believe, it has been proven in my mind they do exist. So go start a "are ghost real thread" if you want to debate that.

Like I said I am pretty sure that I had a hypnagogic hallucination. But for the 1% of me that isn't sure, has anyone heard or seen anything, or are you familliar with anything similar? SOmehting that may have some relevance to the situation? I don't require anyone trying to prove what I alreeady believe, that the 1 mg xanax helped induce the hypnagogic state.

One last bit of info. That creature felt familliar. ALmost like I recognized it. Anybody ever seen or heard of anything paranormal that may have contributed? And yes there is some paranormal activity in the house, outside of last night's event. Dying to hear from Woodwytch.

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posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 03:21 PM
reply to post by DrJay1975

Though I do believe in the paranormal, you might want to check out what else it can also be. Try to keep an open mind.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 03:21 PM
That sounds too scary!. The way the "thing" formed reminds me of the film "Kairo" directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, remade in the U.S. as "Pulse" directed by Wes Craven:

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posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 03:22 PM
When you "wake up" and find that you cannot move your body, you are in that borderland state, and you will have experiences according to your mind set.
You sseem to have programmed yourself for this. Look at your Avatar.
It is Fear. Do you surround yourself with other such symbols?

Remember that when you have another such experience where you find that you cannot move your body -- you must do whatever - Mentally.
You are on the edge of an Out of Body Experience. Just a liitle bit more and you are out.....BUT you will encounter whatever you have programmed yourself to attract.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 03:34 PM
This somewhat resembles one of my experiences. I was sitting at my computer desk, and it was somewhat late at night, I will guess about midnight. I had been having uneasy feelings all night, and my dog was "glued" to my lap and he wouldnt sleep, he was on watch, like he knew something was going to happen. I ignored it and went on chatting on messengers and such, when all of a sudden, i noticed a very eery silence. from then on, i felt like something had invaded my house. I wanted to call for family members, but i felt that their lives were already gone. Then, there were voices in my head, like it was communicating telepathically. Saying things that described the darkest evil you could experience, in a voice like an announcer would use trying to excite a crowd. I couldnt move from my chair, i was shaking, nearly crying, couldnt hear myself think over these voices. I sensed the being was coming down the stairs, and as it did I got more scared, i even considered messaging people on my computer saying i was going to die, but I couldnt, it was like i was paralyzed, Slowly, i felt this being progress towards my room, as the voices got louder, and i shook more. as the being got closer to my doorway, my dog was growling, then snarling, the most horrifying snarl i have ever heard my dog make, like he truly feared for his and his masters life, and was willing to risk his to protect mine. The being entered my room, and when i looked at it i saw a dark cloud, but it was painful to look at, i just couldnt, i closed my eyes, but i still had visions of what was there. then, visions of excruciating pain filled my mind, and i pictured a whirlwind of body parts, very graphic and disturbing, like a body that was completely shredded, swirling around the being. I yelled for help from my father, who was upstairs, and i heard a voice reply, but it wasn't his. but, when i screamed for help, the being disappeared... This happened two months ago, and still, i cant sleep in the room in which it happened on some nights, because I remember the experience. I don't like to think about it, or tell it to others, because it brings me back to that day. I apologize for my lacking grammar, punctuation, and capitalization, but i was in a hurry to get this over with so i could try to forget about my experience once again... I told it to you guys in an attempt to relate to the original poster, as well as seeking any form of help, or relation to my story.

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posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 03:43 PM

Originally posted by OhZone
When you "wake up" and find that you cannot move your body, you are in that borderland state, and you will have experiences according to your mind set.
You sseem to have programmed yourself for this. Look at your Avatar.
It is Fear. Do you surround yourself with other such symbols?

Remember that when you have another such experience where you find that you cannot move your body -- you must do whatever - Mentally.
You are on the edge of an Out of Body Experience. Just a liitle bit more and you are out.....BUT you will encounter whatever you have programmed yourself to attract.

Here's my thing. I don't buy into the psychology behind the OOBE in this state. Sleep Paralysis is sleep paralysis. It's a neorological issue not a paranormal one.

Now if you'd read my post more closely you'd know that fear isn't something I experience. Neither is panic nor anyhting in the realm of fear. The xanax is for stress, I have a stressful job dealing with the mentally ill all week. I also have severe high blood pressure since I was 17. Hence the xanax 1 mg. No offense but its either a hypnagogic hallucination or a malevolent paranormal entity.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 03:51 PM
The first part of your story sounds like fairly textbook sleep paralysis, but I'm sure you're aware of that.

Personally I believe in spiritual entities (positive and negative) although I have never experienced them myself.
Maybe these entities are able to use the in between state of sleep paralysis to gain limited access to our world?

Anyway, your story really reminded me of this article about lucid

Here the specific portion:

I was reading for a while, then I noticed that the wall (about 6 feet from the end of my bed) started to sort of wobble. My body was paralyzed, unable to move. My breathing was kind of non-existent, though I desperately needed more air. Suddenly, it opened up into a black void. Like a 9 ft black hole, vaguely the shape of a figure. "O my god," I thought, "I am dreaming. This can't be true." The black-hole oozed into the room. I was beyond terror. I still don't understand how my heart didn't collapse. The blackness started molding itself into a recognizable shape. It became a 9 ft tall Japanese devil or devilish-looking Samurai. Viciously grinning he said, "You are not dreaming. You thought you could ‘integrate me.'" He then, in one sweeping movement, stretched out his enormous black hand, grabbed me, stuffed me into his blood-red mouth, and swallowed me. Then I fell into unconsciousness for a moment, now a vortex pulled me down into an abyss of no dimensions. All of a sudden, I was spat back out into his hand. Somehow, I had crystallized into a red ruby. I WAS a ruby; I felt like a ruby. So there I was, in the big hand of a giant, looking at him, and he looking at me. In that moment-seeing each other-something happened. We looked at each other, became truly aware of each other, and then, there was love. I know what the mystics talk about/can't talk about. There is believing, and then, there is knowing.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 03:55 PM
You took a tablet of Xanax -- which has been known to produce hallucinations -- with a can of Mountain Dew -- a highly caffeinated drink...

Did you consider the fact that what you experienced was a side effect of that particular combination of substances?

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 04:08 PM
I know this well! This is Lucid Dreaming. You are in a paralysis, but you are able to open your eyes, even move your head, and your toes and hands. Although conscious you are in that place where Dreams happen. What unfolded in real-time/real space for you was so real that you would have even felt pain if this "thing" had harmed you. The TV was on, and you incorporated even the commercials into the Dream. The inability to scream or cry out, this is all very much exactly how I have experienced Lucid Dreams my entire life.

I have felt that very fear you speak of, but I promise you this, each time this happens you will feel less fear and less fear, one time soon (probably sooner than you think), you will have another Lucid Dream and you will stop this "intrusion" through thought. You will realize and say to yourself, "this is a dream", and then the exploration will commence! LOL I am laughing partly because of humor, but partly because I know the worst parts about this State of Being.

I do like how you incorporate Native Heritage with more Advanced Spiritual thoughts, that says a ton about the person and that there is a deeper understanding of Spirit within (even if you are looking for a science behind this outside of yourself). I too have Native genes in me from the Penobscot Tribe.

As for the "Demon" part, yes, I know them well too! The Dream is also a doorway for them, they now know you know, but they have no power unless you give it to them, through fear! The moment this thing would have harmed you and that hurt set into your mind as real pain would have been the same as the moment you woke up and bound towards your children's rooms. So know this, the Demon does not want you to find out that you can stop him, but you can! That and so much more.

My Lucid dreaming began in my Early 20s, but I do clearly remember having OOBEs while I was but an infant, it was when I began to grow into a child that they slipped into my memory for years only to be awoken again in my 20s. Once they began I started having them more frequently and more frequently, but now that I am in my 40s I can happily say that my last Lucid Dream was over a year ago and if they never happen again I would not be happier! LOL (inside humor)

Congratulations! You are Gifted!

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 04:14 PM
Well, I have experienced hypnagogic paralysis once.

It was truly terrifying. About 20 minutes after I laid to bed next to my girlfriend I woke up but my body didn't. I couldn't move a muscle and had limited control over my breathing. I was paralyzed in every other aspect, couldn't move a muscle. I began panicking and had to scream with my mouth and teeth shut. I had to exhale hard enough for the force of my breath to open my lips then yell past my shut teeth.

I managed to squeak out "help me" several times loud enough to wake my girlfriend. I said it over and over but she couldn't understand what kind of help I needed. My fury at being stuck next to her during (what could have been) my last moments propelled me back into control. For the record, I find it odd that a developed emotional response from a personality trait (anger at being 'stuck w/my girlfriend is a common theme) brought me back 'into my body'. I've heard similar emotional connections have brought back comatose for thought.

I can only imagine the fear of not being able to snap out of it...adrenaline causing the heart to beat fast combined with shallow breathing from the sleep state might play mind tricks with you. Plus the drugs on top of that...yowee! Playing with fire possibly...

Whether or not that is what you went through, I though I'd share my (more limited) experience.

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posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 04:26 PM

Originally posted by DrJay1975
But the pressure is what is relevant. When I've encountered strong spiritual entities I've encountered this pressure. I've even encountered it in a few people. I'm not sure if anyone will ahve a clue what I'm talking about. But it takes your breath away. If it wasn't malevolent then you were aware of it without an adverse reaction. But in the not so nice variety it's like a thick oppresive fog that crushes you. It's effect seems to be more apparent on those not in tune with the paranormal or rather can't tune in as well others.

I'd appreciate it if you'd describe where the "pressure" centralizes itself. I'm particularly interested in cases where the encounter is positive and how, or in what ways, the pressure is different between the two. Also when you say "takes your breath away." Do you mean literal gasping?

I'm not asking to try to give a diagnosis, so much as I'm looking for a comparative. I've encountered several situations where I've had a hard time differentiating normal causal psychological/mental structures to something perhaps stranger. So I understand your dilemma and applaud your effort to try to get to the bottom of your experience in a rational level-headed manner.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 04:28 PM
That sounds terrifying even last night I had sleep paralysis because I took a pill to sleep too and I had muscle pain, since I've had sleep paralysis so many times I just thought whatever happens its all a dream its not real, do not hallucinate and I tried to move.
The first time I also thought I was having a stroke and that was it for my life and I also tried to make noises by breathing heavily.

These incidents can mark a person for life even though they aren't real you just have to manage it and admit it was all a dream and it could never harm you for real.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 04:33 PM
Sounds like you're bringing your work home with you?!

Maybe you need to spiritually decontaminate yourself?

(Personally,I think it takes a belief in God to be able to rebuke demons.)

Pretty nasty experience you had,though. I think that veil between the worlds is getting thinner all the time.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 04:34 PM
Does this happen to everyone or to certain individuals?

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 04:54 PM
reply to post by DrJay1975

Dr.Jay, no malevolent entitity would seek you out unless your frequency was in harmoney with its.
Your Avatar spells F E A R!! That is a reflection of your own self.
That Xanax can be part of your problem.

"•unusual risk-taking behavior, decreased inhibitions, no fear of danger;
•depressed mood, thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself;
hyperactivity, agitation, hostility, hallucinations;
•feeling light-headed, fainting;
•seizure (convulsions);
•urinating less than usual or not at all;
•muscle twitching, tremor; or
•jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes)."

So-called "sleep paralysis" preceeds OOBE as well as Lucid Dreams.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 05:07 PM
reply to post by On the Edge

It doesn't take beliefe in God to rebuke demons.
It only takes beliefe in yoursself.
In cases like this you must remember that you can do anything mentally.
Confront and Conquer.
Mentally create flaming Kung Fu stars and cause them to fly at him.
He will vanish.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 05:13 PM
diagnostics - Sleep paralysis & hypnagogic hallucinations

Prognosis - possibly a byproduct of stress, Xanax side effects ...

solution - Sleep through your lucid dreams, don't wake yourself up. Stop being so fearful & maybe your hypnagogic hallucinations won't be so horrible, close your eyes next time & control breathing plus try wiggling your toes & fingers it'll help wake you up quicker.

i don't know if this advice is any good for you but it's worked for me from experience, ehm yeah sorry for the poorly constructed post but well I'm tired

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posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 06:34 PM
I had a very simlar thing happen to me, on more than one occasion, usualy after a bit too much to drink
I usualy see large spiders (a big phobia of mine) or aliens, or a vampire etc.

I'm not dismissing what you say though, the fact your dogs were disturbed is a bit weird, as they were not asleep, and your kid asked if there had been a monster in his room, that's all a bit off.

It could be more of a negative energy that's following you around and the monster is just how your brain translated it, into something you would recognise as negative while you were asleep.When this happens, you're basicaly between being asleep and awake, the negative energy was perhaps playing it's self out as a dream.

Perhaps it has been transfered to you by the people you work with, that must be a very highly charged negative enviroment at times.

I am a firm believer in how other people's moods and feelings can inprint on ours even if we are totaly unaware of it. Your dogs might have picked this energy up, a bit like an aura rather than anything supernatural per se.

Just an idea.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 06:55 PM
Not to discredit what you experienced, but Xanax has a side effect of causing hallucinations. This should be considered.

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