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Alternative Community Options

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posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 02:18 PM
Alternative Communities; the wording makes one think in many avenues, many facets of living. So often we think of negatives such as Heaven's Gate or the Branch Davidians; I know I have had some heavy conversations with my own friends and family when I mention them.

However, just like Public Communities, Alternative Communities come in many interesting and not-so-interesting expressions. So I thought I would open this thread as a way for people to bring to the table the types of Communities they would like to see in the future. Maybe by sharing we can also adopt those ideals which makes a Community a real Family, and perhaps even open the doors to understanding what kind of Community we would ideally say is our own.

Please do not post if you are against any Community outside of the Public Arena; if you believe that the economy is turning around and that everything will remain "status quo" than really this is not your Thread at all. This thread is for those who might have a dream, an idea, or even better still an example of how a better World can be achieved so that we can live abundantly, healthy, and secure. No one can doubt the need for a Community. Even the loner finds those outlets which enables them to encompass others into their worlds and hopefully this Thread might even open the doors for those that feel there aren't any.

As an opening post I think it is good to offer a link to a site that lists Alternative Communities. In this link there are Communities that want to become as well as Communities which are established. There are some with more detailed explanations of their plans and dreams and there are links to the individual Communities which broaden their "ideals and expectations". All of which are open for discussion. Say for instance someone reached out to one in particular. Tell us your experience, what was it that made you feel good about them, what made you apprehensive about them. I do hope this information helps those who wish to inquire but are too often afraid to ask.

Here is my link offering to all, this is the page that opens to all the Communities listed from other Countries as well as the individual States of America.

Fellowship for Intentional Communities: Community Listings

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posted on Sep, 27 2010 @ 10:01 AM
OK, well this thread did not seem to get much of a vocal interest and I do hope that some have found the link useful and just didn't say anything.

During the Summer, when the fear of the GOM was so prevalent and talk of a Methane Explosion seemed feasible, I did reach out to the nearest, high altitude, community here in New Mexico.

I relayed what I believed to be the truth and they wrote me back and sort of gave me a "format letter" of how much it would cost to spend the day with them. I then tried to reach out and discuss why I was considering leaving my home if something should happen, and still the "moron" who wrote back was sort of lost and kept insisting that roads were difficult and la-tee-da, la-tee-da, I couldn't believe that there was absolutely zero thought processing coming from the individual and not an ounce of compassion. He went on to describe how difficult life is living off the grid and that not everyone could cope. So, I managed to pull his profile from a newsletter that was posted and he had a "wants list" of sex magazines and condoms. Needless to say this group is likely just a roadstop whore house that is running a not-so-legal brothel for weary wayward truck drivers. So much for Alternative Living!

At any rate, I guess I can rant on my own thread, I posted this when I was still living in the "clouds" pretending to think that my own home of eight years would be my very own "shelter" or "bunker". I never gave it much thought after these many years that I would be kicked out of my own home. I just received an eviction notice from my landlady because my neighbor has been on a rampage about me walking my dog along the road near his house. He seems to believe that the road is is property. She said in the eviction letter from the lawyer that she has asked me repeatedly to stop trespassing and I that I won't so she has decided to evict. The Sheriff was called by my neighbor twice and they explained to him that I am not trespassing, so instead of waking up to this fact he has turned to my landlady and threatened to cost her a ton of money in moving an irrigation ditch to her farm that is abutted to his property and apparently it actually sits on one corner of his lot. So she said he served her "papers" stating that if I don't stop walking my dog then he will force her to pay up. She is in her 70's, has recently become widowed, and is not very wise to say the least.

So, I am now either faced with fighting this til I eventually lose, which could give me 6 more months here, or I can seek other options. The thought of finding another cheap rundown structure like this one is not only rare but not worth the effort if this city cannot provide the kind of income or employment our world once enjoyed. Prices are certainly not like they were 10 years ago, looking at them I sort of feel I am in California somewhere.

I decided to search through the listings from the link above and I found one in Arizona that sounds perfect for my type of thoughts on Alternative Cooperative Living. I sent them a long letter with my thoughts and beliefs and my hopes. I don't want to cause disruption by saying who they are publicly because I do not want any of the "crazies" here to write them to tell them that I am some kind of "kook". It is not that I do not trust ATS members, I just know the entire World is reading this and does have access to links without membership. If these folks write me back I will update what was said. I will also invite them to view ATS if they have never been in contact with it before (which seems almost impossible to me, but you never know with isolated folks).

Wish me luck! I have until Oct 31 to stand my ground and then this all goes to court. At least that is how I think the system works here in New Mexico. I have always believed that if someone is served a notice of eviction that they simply wait until that day and not move, forcing the landlord to petition the Court where summons is presented to hear the case before a Judge. I have always believed that only a Judge can sign a true eviction order.

In the meantime, If there are any folks in NM, CO, AZ, UT, or ID that have land that I can grow on, build on, and live on with the capacity for communal sharing please let me know. I do have two dogs that will be kept from running on their own that will be provided for by myself. I come with supplies for a year, and $15,000, plus I plan to buy a Yurt so that I can provide my own housing. High Altitude is a must, and a water source has to be available. For drinking I have a filter unit by Berkey, so remote is no problem, and electricity can be optional. Eventually without solar panels I do not believe anyone will have electricity in the future.

PS, I also come with plants and seeds and the knowledge to get them growing abundantly. I come with guns for hunting and security. So hunting for meat is a must until the chickens are secured and productive again. Thanks!

I will keep my fingers crossed that I find a new home. I am not at all adverse to sharing, but I am adverse to bunking-up with strangers. I covet my own private spaces and I believe everyone should have a personal sanctuary they call home. A Yurt will give me the ample room far better than a Tipi, but I am also very handy at building structures and buildings; I could build a home by myself, by hand. I am not adverse to working my tail end off, at my age I should have a good 20 years left in my back even if the tail end does fall off!

As a heads-up, in the Community Listings at the link above, if you notice anything that says "Rainbow, Gay, Faeries, or Nudity" it is just a bunch of deviants living a life that only leads to misery! As much as I would like to think that other Gay people are open to living a normal life, I guess I am living in a bubble. Gays are very deviant by nature I know this, but to form communities of them is beyond my understanding!

I will list the one that I contacted which I have completely scratched from my list! I would suggest avoiding these folks!

Zuni Mountain Sanctuary These folks are not interested in "preserving nature" but more like "spreading the Love". Beware!

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