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FDA, NOAA Not testing samples for Deadly heavy Metals in Fish (Video)

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posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 10:45 PM


You will not believe the blatant act of passing the buck in this very telling video which speaks directly to the fact heavy metals can and do pose extensive and damaging effects on humans especially pregnant women.

The level of corruption is absolutely absurd and criminal charges need to be brought forward against everyone involved in this cover up and on the BP payroll.

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 10:54 PM
I say anyone stupid enough to eat fish gluteningly (especially known to be from the gulf area) gets what they are stupid enough to eat.

Don't get me wrong. I eat seafood myself. But, I limit myself. It was long proven that fish weren't that healthy (with all the mercury in them from us) way before the BP leak. Why should we think it got better?

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 10:58 PM

Secret to their Success: Feds finally admit NOT testing seafood from oiled areas (VIDEO)

I understand that these videos and the subsequent information available can be overwhelming, it has been for me, and it can at times leave you with a sense of hopelessness, but that is how they win in this Global issue, yes Global because animals migrate, and what affects the Gulf can and will eventually leak into other ecosystems in the end.

Remember that almost ALL of the information we have to date about the last 5 major and minor extinction level events, started or ended in the oceans biodiversity.

Extinction in the past

The major global biotic turnovers were all caused by physical events that lay outside the normal climatic and other physical disturbances which species, and entire ecosystems, experience and survive. What caused them?

The previous mass extinctions were due to natural causes.First major extinction (c. 440 mya): Climate change (relatively severe and sudden global cooling) seems to have been at work at the first of these-the end-Ordovician mass extinction that caused such pronounced change in marine life (little or no life existed on land at that time). 25% of families lost (a family may consist of a few to thousands of species).

Second major extinction (c. 370 mya): The next such event, near the end of the Devonian Period, may or may not have been the result of global climate change. 19% of families lost.

Third major Extinction (c. 245 mya): Scenarios explaining what happened at the greatest mass extinction event of them all (so far, at least!) at the end of the Permian Period have been complex amalgams of climate change perhaps rooted in plate tectonics movements. Very recently, however, evidence suggests that a bolide impact similar to the end-Cretaceous event may have been the cause. 54% of families lost.

Fourth major extinction (c. 210 mya): The event at the end of the Triassic Period, shortly after dinosaurs and mammals had first evolved, also remains difficult to pin down in terms of precise causes. 23% of families lost.

Fifth major extinction (c. 65 mya): Most famous, perhaps, was the most recent of these events at the end-Cretaceous. It wiped out the remaining terrestrial dinosaurs and marine ammonites, as well as many other species across the phylogenetic spectrum, in all habitats sampled from the fossil record. Consensus has emerged in the past decade that this event was caused by one (possibly multiple) collisions between Earth and an extraterrestrial bolide (probably cometary). Some geologists, however, point to the great volcanic event that produced the Deccan traps of India as part of the chain of physical events that disrupted ecosystems so severely that many species on land and sea rapidly succumbed to extinction. 17% of families lost.

How is the Sixth Extinction different from previous events?
The current mass extinction is caused by humans.At first glance, the physically caused extinction events of the past might seem to have little or nothing to tell us about the current Sixth Extinction, which is a patently human-caused event. For there is little doubt that humans are the direct cause of ecosystem stress and species destruction in the modern world through such activities as:

transformation of the landscape
overexploitation of species
the introduction of alien species

Now many people want to argue and challenge the very real possibility of this BP disaster becoming the trigger for the next great extintion, but it is entirely possible that in the least it has created a quickening effect that may happen sooner than later and that for humans and all life is a travesty as we are not technologically prepared to move 6 billion people off world at this point.

[edit on 20-8-2010 by antar]

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 08:50 AM

“My concern” is that “the Gulf seafood industry WON’T BE THERE” says top oceanographer (VIDEO)

This is what all of the commercial fishermen have been trying to say to all the committees being formed (without proper representation to them) and the real challenge for the sustainable future.

There will always be ways to meet this challenge unless this corruption continues to sweep the sea animals under the oil so to speak.

The question of food safety aside, the aquatic life is becoming extinct in the Gulf. Now does Thailand , Vietnam and the other countries who hold the market for fishing in the gulf share their waters with the US Local fishermen?

When they travel abroad to feed their families the same as they have for many many generations get the same representation that the foreign fishermen do while here in our shores? Will our Fishermen also receive all the major contracts and be covered for financial loss against acts of nature as do the foreign fishermen here on our shores?

I realize that this is getting more complicated by the hours and the dangers are far from fruition, but the reality of who's gonna pay has to be weighed out and the compensations and REAL soultions need to be met for the food industry and life in the Gulf as a whole, up till now it has all been political masks and backroom minions covering up one truth after another!

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 06:53 PM

Oil in Gulf “VERY RESISTANT to further biodegradation” — “Full toxic form for decades” (VIDEO)

So when the experts begin to come out with the real stats on this environmental disaster, why then oh why are the politicals still fighting against any real effort to bring the truth the whole truth out to the public?

Will they wait until women begin having 8 armed babies? Until no life whatsoever is found on any of the shores of the Gulf of Mexico?

I have to wonder if there is something they know that they are not telling which will make the BP spill pale in comparrison? Are we just waiting this one out until something much worse happens?

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