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posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 09:04 PM
I too have noticed the BS that over the last 2 years has come to permeate nearly every crevice of the abovetopsecret site.

Does anyone realize the true nonsense the media/above spits at us to digest and destroy each other over ON A DAY TO DAY basis?

Who cares that a mosque is to be built...

Why do I care that Sarah Palin said this or did that..

What do I care that Michelle Obama did What?

What do I care that there is a huge oil plume sitting off my coast (Okay I do but)
When the media gives absolute nutjobs TV time to say anything along the lines of absolute impending doom coming, and everything is going to die, it is pure IRRESPONSIBILITY. They hurt ALL business that relies on tourism to survive. And they scare the living $$$ out of anyone dumb enough to still watch. The whackjobs proclaiming apocalypse have absolutely NO scientific backing whatsoever. I thought they at least made sure people had some legit backround right?

When does the media EVER give any time to someone with valid points on 9/11 or on our world wide DEPRESSION. Why do they spew forth the ridiculous 'market hype' that truly isnt.

Does anyone even get one of the most simplest scams they perpetuate.. Unemployment numbers.

They say unemployment got better! The numbers for this month are lower than last! Yay buy buy buy! (Slight turrets undertone)

Well what about its brother chart - THE NUMBERS NOT COUNTED IN Unemployment.

Yes there is a chart for that, every month the people that have not had a job for the last 2 months are removed from the original. So that means yes the numbers got better - because there were even more that were simply not counted.


Folks how many of you actually buy into the BS that we were ever out of a 'Recession' in the first place. Do you realize we are IN FACT in a Depression.

It is not full blown - oh no - that will come later. Does it mean its not there?
We have an impending financial collapse?

Yet we are SUPPOSED to be concern about a mosque?


WAKE UP, stop spreading the BS. Ignore those that do, don't star and flag BS.

Have the balls to ignore something, not fight back into pointlessness. Hopefully you do have a hairy stick, right, so start using it!

And btw anyone ever asked about just who runs this site?
It couldn't possibly be that there are ties to the various three letter agencies, could it?

Couldn't possibly be.. no never.

Just like 9/11..

Just like Iraq..

Just like Bush..

Just like Mr. Change and Hope himself..

Just like our [flaming bag of turd] economy..

Just like our kids dying in Iraq..

Just like

well just like everything we've been told will be OK

Good Luck

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 09:29 PM

Go back to sleep.

Israel wants to attack Iran so they are using the government and media, both which they control as proven by the newly declassified documents showing AIPAC's predecessor being found out by the Congress that they had bought politicians and squirmed their way into Hollywood and news stations. Probably with the money they were making trading guns to the CONTRA for coc aine, which they then smuggled into the US and sold, which they got caught doing too.

Now they want to attack Iran, so they need to stir up some anti-Muslim emotion again... Like 9/11.

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posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 09:55 PM
reply to post by rhombus24

Your frustration is felt and understood here my man.

It's something you just have to learn to be calm and cool about - become (as you are) the observer, and offer info to those that ask.

I suggest also learning about ego and how that little bugger is the reason why we beat ourselves up so much about situations we see and can do nothing about.

The main thing is you are awake - you will be needed when TSHTF to educate on those who will be asking so many questions about what exactly is happening on this planet.

Stay focused, stay calm - and seriously laugh at how ridiculous the whole shamazzle is!


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