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new outlook on yin and yang

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posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 06:06 AM
okay, bare with me. i have a new outlook on yin and yang.

look at the yin and yang as the population as a whole
Yang=everybody else

in the yin and yang we see the white with a black eye and white with a black eye. i see us an the yang and TPTB as yin. we as a whole are the white eye in the black yin. as everybody 'advances' as a conscious being, the white eye in the black yin grows, and since everything has a balance, the black eye in the yang also grows. i had been discussing this with a friend and we came to the mutual conclusion that we are the growing yang in the 'cloud' of yang.

as times further the white dot in the black cloud grows. we become closer and closer to the truth. enlightenment. soon we will connect with the yang. i believe that it the changing times. when we connect to the truth, or the light. we will see true enlightenment. things will change for the better as a whole. when the white eye in the black 'cloud' connects with the white 'cloud', there are no more barriers. no more bridges to cross. information will be passed directly from one to another.

this kind of shows what im trying to explain.

i dunno, my moment of clarity has been lost. but feel free to ask questions, i feel that it would help bring my ideas back. not even 20 minutes ago i felt that i had figured it all out. like i said, ask questions. this has been thrown together in a jumble of fascination. i feel if i answer questions about it, it will help with the picture as a whole. sorry for the sloppiness of this thread, i am still learning.

mods please feel free to move this to wherever it seems better fit

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posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 01:32 PM
As this is an interpretation of Taoist philosophy, I believe that it would be a better fit in the Philosophy and Metaphysics Discussion Forum.

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 05:38 PM
What you are speaking of is essentially nondualism. While on the outside the ying yang symbol is known to represent duality and "perfect balance". While this interpretation is correct well, to the extent that one can truly make many dualism/ ying-yang connections with this symbol. It does seem fit as a symbol for dualism, it works well.

However, for the more esoteric teachings the symbol represents nondualism. The perfect harmony of the 'two' becomes one.

This is seemingly what you are describing.

The symbol represents the two opposing forces of Chi within our bodies and universe (our bodies). The end goal of the martial Taoist and also Chikung and Neikung practitioner is to take the yin yang energies and combine them into one.

That is the physical side.

There is also the philosophical of the dualism/ nondualism. On the outside Taoism focuses on the importance of opposing forces. Good and evil is the easiest to relate so I will use that. Essentially, Taoism (the yin yang symbol) emphasizes the importance of opposing forces. Without "evil" we could never have any "good". For, without evil we would have nothing to base our judgment of what is good. With this understanding the yin yang symbol represents these opposing forces good/evil, light/dark, big/small, above/below, etc.

But, to get deeper; yin yang symbolizes unity, not division. The esoteric side says that since our understanding of good is based upon our experience of evil, both are subjective. For, I could have experienced better food than you ever have. As far as you are concerned the food you are eating is the best in existence. The important understanding in this is that to you, your reality is still that you are eating the best food. You have nothing to compare it to so you are still eating the best food in the world.

If I have experienced a locale with more freedom, more "good" but you have not than our understanding of what is good and evil can not be nearly so black and white.

What is good for me might not necessarily be good for you.

Esoteric Taoism and some other esoteric teachings recognizes the murkiness of personal experience and how we define things based on it.

Instead of stating that "good is nothing without evil" the esoteric appreciates this but takes it further and says essentially that because of this: "there is no good nor evil, there just IS".

What you are discovering with the tin yang symbol is essentially the beginnings of the esoteric Taoist teachings that have been passed on for thousands of years.

Good job.

If you are making conclusions like this without guidance then there really is no better sign that you are at least for now heading down the right path.
This happened to me. I started theorizing about certain spiritual things and interpreting things like literature and art and all kinds of other things in new ways (new for me). I started making a lot of philosophical and spiritual assumptions and coming to lots of theories and new techniques if you will.
All of these techniques and theories have already been elucidated throughout time.

It was a great encouragement for me, here I was, diving into something totally ignorant and getting it all "right". It was a huge turning point in my life and I have been on the path since.

It let me know that this was all inside of me already.

I would say that this should be a hint for you my friend. You are on A right track.

Good Luck and Namaste for your discovery.

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 11:11 PM
reply to post by Brahmanite

i will definitely have to look deeper into taoism. as of now my thoughts are unguided. i dont want a teacher though, i want to find the answers in myself. having someone who will not lead me, but guide me would be a big help

i have also started looking at old concepts through new filters. im looking at the same pictures as everyone else. but at the same time, i am seeing a different picture. do it a few times, each with a new filter and you begin to see a much more detailed picture. you see things hidden within the picture. it has always been there. our minds have just been trained to look at the big picture, to not ask questions but to take everything at face value.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 11:14 AM
here you go:


when i made that, i tried to do it to where the "eyes" got bigger in each until they BECAME the other..and so on and so on.

but i couldn't figure it out.

i might try again.
i've had that same visual in my mind - not necessarily about "tptb" - but the dynamics of the yin and the yang becoming the yang and the yin.

the reason i don't relate it to "tptb" is because i know there is no power in that idea.
there is greater power in liberation from such things.

you are on your way to freedom.

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 06:17 PM
i related it to TPTB because most of us, if not all, see that group as the negative. i guess when i boil it down, i feel there is good in all bad and vice versa. it all evens out. over time the negative within the positive grows, just like the positive grows within the negative. its the balance of 'good' and 'evil'. ive just factored in what i believe to be universal laws. cycles and exponential growth.

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