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An Implantable Antenna

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posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 02:27 AM
original article LI NK

I just want to point out the eerie similarity between this and Morgellons disease.

now hear me out. Not the mental illness delusional parisitosis, but the special cases where theres wires growing under the persons skin.

heres a link to a past ATS article about it LINK

Now in the technology review article it says

Terahertz science is a new and growing field, a silk metamaterial antenna could someday pick up these specific signals and then send a wireless signal to a computer, to report on chemical levels and monitor disease.

so heres the THEORY
They let loose a nanobug that gets under your skin. It makes a network of wires in your body to monitor your disease and chemical levels. The nanobug transmits your physical status to a computer and it winds up in a database. This could be like an early warning sensor for real pandemics. If a virus mutates and a superplague erupts, there would be a database in the CDC that would olmost instantly get a huge amount of information about the new superbug thats killing people. Nobody needs to get to a hospital. People in hazmat suits don't have to find patient zero to get started on a cure. Wireless instant awareness of a disease vector could be very usefull if for example you were worried about foreign powers releasing genetically engineered biological weapons on you.

The best part is if they complain about being your unwilling human sensor, you can just call them a loon with delusional parisitosis. Plausible deniability. They love that.


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