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Share Your OBE, NDE, and Altered State Experiences !!!

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posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 11:21 PM
This thread is for everyone out there who has an OBE, NDE, or other experiences regarding altered states.

Thats all I can think about right now, but if you have any other strange experiences feel free to post them, like lucid dreams, moments of clarity etc.

I know it's hard to convey non-physical experiences to us who exist on a physical plane. I mean, if we were stick figures, how could I explain 3 dimensions ??

I think it would be very educational, to see what aspects of these experiences we share, and what aspects are completely different.

I've been OBE'ing for the last ten years after I learned to train myself, and although I dont "try" anymore, I still have spontaneous OBE's from time to time, even while fully conscious, I will add my own, but would any other members feel like contributing for now ??

Remember, as crazy as you think it sounds, we've all been there, just explain it to the best of your ability. In regards to OBE's, NDE's, and alternate dimensions, only the real world seems crazy.

Let the stories roll my brotha's !!

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 12:07 AM
Never had a OBE or a NDE but here is my moment of clarity. I lost everything (money, gf, friends, business, possessions, a few family members died and three friends killed) within a 6 month period and fell into a rut of deep depression. Almost a year (and hundreds of blunts
) later, while helping my mother move to Cali, I walked into a Buddhist monastery in Berkeley picked up a book (ways of enlightenment) and started to read it. All of a sudden everything in life (society) started to weigh less on my brain, and the cloud of confusion began to wear off. I sat and meditated day in and day out in between reading book after book on Buddhism and meditation. A month later I enrolled back in school for the first time since I dropped out of high school 12 years ago. Then I got hired by a non-profit organization that helps out inner city minorities. Now I have a sense of empowerment and serenity that money, material objects, entertainment and sex combined could not provide me. A Moment of Clarity.

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 12:21 AM
Alright. I had an NDE back in 1987. It was during a whitewater rafting incident. It would be too long to describe the whole incident, following are the pertinent details, let's just say that I was caught in the undertow and it was a long time before I managed to break the surface and try to breath, only to find that my mouth and nose were still underwater. My lungs were filled with water and I managed to get a passing look at the scene before I blacked out. I remember that the raft seemed too far away for anyone to be able to do anything and I was into the rapids. That's when I lost consciousness and had my NDE.

Notice: I do not want to imply that I died; I just do not know. The people there said I was in the classic drowned position. Someone through me a weighted rope; the weight hit me on the head and brought me back to consciousness (this should have knocked me out, but, oh well). I had no memory of what had just happened. I grabbed the rope because that's the only word I could make out of all the people's screams. I didn't know why they wanted me to grab it. As I was pulled in, my memory returned and I was terrified. Once I was back in the boat I blacked out again. I awoke sitting with a guy staring at me looking white as a sheet. He said he couldn't believe the amount of water I'd just got out of my lungs.

Before talking of my experience, one last detail; the weight from the rope hitting me on the head (I was wearing a helmet) brought me back. But I had a black and blue bruise on my right hip, about 4 inches wide by 8 inches high; I'd obviously hit a rock. That didn't wake me up. Interestingly enough, it went away in about 4 days and there was never any pain from it.

OK, now the NDE itself...

I remember seeing the light in passing; I was through it before even really noticing it. Then i was in a dark place. Imagine, if you will, a room painted in mat black. There is nothing in the room. There are no doors or windows, no lights. Imagine how dark that would be. This was much darker.

I had painful, scary memories of solid objects and of colours (memories of this world). I was glad to be away from this world and did not ever want to see it again. At that same moment, I had a rush of information come over me. I knew the answers to life, the universe and everything. Only, I didn't learn them; I remembered them. This place, this is where I was from; where we are all from.

I've never had anyone close to me die, so I didn't meet my grandfather or my cousin or whatever. There were a lot of people there; enough to fill millions of Earths, at least. When I say people, it's not really people, this is just to give you a reference.

There were 2 of them that I went to. I knew them well. One was like a mentor and the other was like a rival; this is not what they were, but it's as close as I can come.

My rival was happy. I sensed he (she, it?) was happy that I had failed. At that moment, I was willing to give him this small victory in order never to return here. But the mentor just looked at me (again, this is an image; there is no way I can convey how it really happened; the concepts don't exist here). I knew I had to return and do whatever it was that I had come here to do. And I was back.

But I don't remember the answer to life, the universe and everything. I only know it isn't 42...

Again, I have no conviction that I was actually dead; I just don't know. And I'm not sure if this really happened or not. Maybe it was just my imagination, or a dream.

I feel that if this was a true experience, whatever it was that I am here to do is not something major. It might be something as simple as have a child or push someone out of the way of a car. I know for certain that whatever it is, it hasn't happened yet.

Anyway, in recent years I've learned of the hollographic universe theory and I find that it relates incredibly to my whole experience.

I think that just maybe this whole universe is some sort of computer program; not a simulation, but a computer generated creation. Not for someone's enjoyment, but as a tool for us to interact with, and it has nothing in common with our "mother universe". Perhaps it is a way to have our true civilisation evolve.

Then again; maybe I dreamed the whole thing up...

One last point; it's been 23 years and in all this time, I've often come close to dying and I've never been afraid that it could actually happen; I truly feel invincible.

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 12:59 AM
reply to post by ajmusicmedia

Yes, thats a classic experience in OBE'ing or having an NDE, .... it's like waking up from a dream, and although it seems so real, when we finally cross over we "remember" who we are, and could careless if we come back to the physical reality.

Like one of those "dreams" that seems so real, yet in absence of it we realize our true selves.

This " could" be the equivalent of a computer simulation, not utilizing physical computers, ... but an alternate dimensions version of a computer. A completely rendered version of reality created for us to learn and interact in.

cool story.

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 01:14 AM
My first OBE was back in the 90's i was in to the arts of, "astral projection", "how to be a shaman",and the "inner self" and many others, well it worked! I was able to go places only one can dream about, and how do i know they were real? Well if some of my friends were still around they could tell you first hand.One even gave me a black eye, for "peeking" in.
I still practice to this day, I will find my self out side my self and as of late i am able to move some things, not big things, small things, pins, tooth picks, and rubber bands. Am i able to do it all the time? No. Am i scared that i might not come back to my self? No. Is it hard to do? Yes some times it is just me looking back at me, then i wake up.

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 01:26 AM
I had two experiences in while I was still awake/not in an altered state of consciousness.

The first one happened while I was in a major depression. I was an atheist and I couldn't find any meaning to life: even trying to be happy made no sense to me, because if there's nothing after death, all memories will fade too, including happy and sad ones. While in the throes of nihilism I finally decided to try and see if there really was a higher power. I begged God, if He was real, to give me something to hold onto, even something subjective I can't prove., and show me the path closest to Him.

Many strange things happened, which I won't go into here, but one thing that stood above all was this: One day, I woke up early in the morning, at 3 or 4 AM, and I felt the sensation of blood dripping down all over my body. I could feel the blood sliding and dripping down, and hear it dripping on my pillow and sheets. I also felt tears falling from my eyes. For some reason, I thought they were tears of blood. And I could feel a dryness, like I was completely dehydrated. None of these things were happening, of course, but they were life-like, almost invisible. And all throughout the next few days my head pained, like it was being compressed by some invisible crown of thorns. This convinced me Jesus was the path, since I asked for subjective proof.

The second experience, too, happened after I felt much sadness. I wanted to know what God was like. I was in tears because I was convinced I was going to Hell. Suddenly, at an instant, I felt the presence of a light, and with this light came feelings of love and bliss. I didn't see it, but I could feel it. The light filled me up, and I too was radiating the light. I felt love for all people while the presence was there, a love I don't think is of this world. There was a hole in my hand, like you would have if a nail was driven to it, and the light would radiate out of that hole. The hole didn't feel bad, but good. After a while the light was gone, and with it's presence, its immense love. I now know what John meant when he wrote/said God is love and light.

Well, those were my experiences.. At both times I was in immense despair but saved and have new strength to go on.

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posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 01:46 AM
The closest I ever got to having an OBE was when I was in the middle of a dream. I realized something wasn't right... and it became lucid. I shouted out "I am having an OBE!". Then I immediately woke up to a huge rushing feeling and noise that kept sweeping over my body; I also heard a high-pitched ringing noise... both of which were so loud and overwhelming that it was actually scaring me.

I started trying to imagine myself floating out of my body. I could see my night-side table with my lamp and alarm clock... but I suddenly realized my arm was in a very un-comfortable position... and thinking of that made me open my eyes- I had seen my night-side table with my eyes closed!!!!

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 01:50 AM
I once got chased through a house by a gigantic Mario, from the Nintendo video games, who was wielding a huge wooden mallet and seemed to be pretty irked in general.

Of course this did happen during my wild, teen years, and it is the reason that I still tell kids in my life to "Just say no. No really, you want to say no!"

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 02:12 AM
Although this topic is sort of eclipsed by River Goddess gigantic topic, I want to jump in. I just heard of this stuff recently, and got really interested. It was an obsession for me to have an OBE. I had to experience it. OBEs are real, are extremely cool, and, to me at least, proof of a life beyond our physical bodies, ie a soul.

Here is my copied post from TRG's topic (from 1 month ago!):

I just had my first one within the past couple hours!!! Im not sure if it would be considered an AP, an OOBE, or a lucid dream. I had a long weekend, and completely messed up my sleep schedule. I fell asleep Sunday from 5 or 6PM until 11pm, stayed up all night until 10AM, and fell asleep until about 2PM Monday afternoon. I was awoken around 2 after I had a nightmare, where people were fighting me, and as I reached out for a police officer that appeared, I woke up. So i stayed up for a couple hours, but was still sleepy, so I laid down for a nap. About 10 minutes after I felll asleep, my girlfriend came home from work and woke me up for about 20 mins then left again....

After she left, i started to feel my consciousness seperating. I wasnt really meditating on having an AP, as I have been doing I wasnt visualizing or listening to hemi-sync, but I started feeling that weird feeling of my mind "oozing" and becoming something bigger.

All of a sudden, I was in my bedroom, and everything was gray (Im assuming "exit blindness", but I was floating around and bouncing off walls. I never heard the loud pops or cracking noises, and felt no vibrations, but I was awake, lucid and in control. I was doing somersaults off the walls and things, just amazed at how I was "awake". I thought to myself "I want to fly", and suddenly, I was flying. I made a conscious effort to open my eyes, and I was suddenly looking down at thin clouds. I looked up and saw stars. I decided to make myself fly, and was tickled when I was could completely control my speed and angle of attack. As I was flying, I literally thought "I cant wait to go post I had success on River Goddess' topic!!!!"

I thought "I want to go the casino!", speaking of the Christchurch casino in New Zealand, which I know fairly intimately from my travels there. I visualized the spiral staircases there, but suddenly I was back in my body and everything was gray again. I felt someone in my room, and I assumed my girlfriend was home again, so I made myself "wake up", but my body was paralyzed. I got a little scared for a second, then I took a few deep breaths, and all of a sudden I was talking to my girlfriend, telling her how cool it was....and then I snapped awake, and I was in bed by myself, so I had dreamed the second "girlfriend intrusion" lol

It was an amazing experience, but Im not sure if it was considered AP or just a lucid dream. Whatever it was, when it was happening, I was aware, relatively in control, and felt euphoric.

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 03:05 AM

Originally posted by Monts

I could see my night-side table with my lamp and alarm clock... but I suddenly realized my arm was in a very un-comfortable position... and thinking of that made me open my eyes- I had seen my night-side table with my eyes closed!!!!

Thats precisely what happened to me. Freaked me out a bit. It wasn't until I physically opened my eyes, that I realized, even though they FELT open, they weren't. Another difference of my experience was that maybe you saw everything as you normally would have, I witnessed everything in a grey scale, sort of static y energy material. Everything was. Just different shades of this energy greyness. I wish I could experience it again, but as much as I've tried, no dice. And trying to explain it is next to impossible to someone that thinks your nuts. There are 0. ZERO words to accurately describe this mini event of mine...

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 02:20 PM
reply to post by 547000

It's interesting that your experiences were Christ related.

Sometimes our minds take these things and interpret them to the closest idea's they can fathom, for instance, when OBE'ing, some people can imagine their being attacked by demons, or that their even being abducted.

Don't stop the search.

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 02:22 PM
reply to post by aching_knuckles

Disrupting your sleep schedule is a major catalyst to OBE's, trust me.

I practiced every night for six months with no success, one day I awoke incredibly early, early enough to watch the sunrise, went back to bed afterwards and thats when it hit me, without even trying. Needless to say, it was Epic.

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 03:12 PM
I've been hoping for some explanation regarding experieces from my childhood in which I would seem to detach mentally almost as if a daydream but yet I would lose all sense of being. From around age 8 - primarily in school it seems as if my interest in what was going on around me would fade and after completely zoning out I'd feel like I was floating around in a wave of peace and contentment. When that perfect state of oneness arrived it was pure joy and energy. I was so free.

Then all of a sudden it would be like BOOM. I'd be me again in a classroom or wherever and I'd start hyperventilating and get extremely disoriented. My hands would shake and I'd get all clammy feeling and turn red. Teachers would send me to the nurse and I'd lay down with a cold compress on my head until I was "myself".

These episodes continued on all through my teen age years, although I did learn to reassure myself of where I was when I mentally returned. It usually took awhile for my heart beat to steady and with deep breathing I'd hide from others my distress.

From what I know about OBE usually the person would have recollections of their jouneys. My experience was purely emotional. I have always been able to attain a deep state of meditation quite naturally but this was very unintentionable on my part and without any warning I'd be gone.

Any thoughts?

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 03:16 PM
Here's an OBE for you. I was sleeping, and I saw some flashes of green light in the corner of the room (apparently at this time went into a sleep paralysis state.)
I then was lifted off of my bed, completely lifeless and unable to move any of my limbs. I was brought to my door, and I saw a glow as if given off of my body illuminate my door and the walls. I then saw to my horror a bunch of upside down crosses and demon faces etched into the wall. These things were invisible until my glow illuminated it, kinda of like invisible ink with black light.

After seeing this my body was raised slowly up higher and higher closer to a ceiling fan that was spinning, I felt the wind getting closer to my face.....
until finally I woke up laying in my bed, questioning if this really happened or if it was a dream...

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 08:28 PM
reply to post by itsallmaya

How strange, I really dont have an explanation for you, as it has never hapened to me.

Is it possible that when you were in class you got so bored you forgot to breathe ?? haha.

Usually with OBE's, I can feel really uncomfortable while transitioning, like my bodies dying, I can't breath, extreme pressure on my chest and throat. I've just attributed this to my consciousness, shifting over from my body, it's weird because sensations go back and forth, like i can feel, control my physical arm, then it shifts to my non physical arm. Or I feel as if my lungs will just stop, as im strugging to breathe due to paralysis, but once your fully out the body takes over automaticaly, like in sleep.

What I was trying to say is, .. once you come back, your body is completely normal, regardless of the feelings of dying, or a racing heart.

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 10:21 PM
reply to post by itsallmaya
It sounds like you were experiencing a day dream state that takes place in the right hemisphere of the brain.
Your left was out to lunch, as you were lost in thought in the right, this is where all of your higher connection are suppose to be, un bound by the physical mind.

The right side is the muse side where, artist, poets, music dwells, healing takes place.

I think the ideal is to get both side to work together as, The Christ I believe said, the mind must become as one

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 11:00 PM
reply to post by IntastellaBurst
When I was younger I was having Astral and etheric projection, now all I seem to have is lucid dreams.
I have been getting the AP vibrations back now, but I still am unable to pop out of my body, I lay there and vibrate for hours, ;;m trying to control the vibration, and am able to a point of just increasing the vibration.

In the lucid state I am seeing more things, but alot of itis just dreams, that make no sence. If I lose attenion and I fall out of lucid, into normal dream state.

I was trying to get into the higer levels, such as the casual and the mental planes, I seem to have been there but do not understand them very well, I know it's not all the kaos as in the astral.

I don't know if you know about the Gnostic sites, but there is a lot of info there, the people I ran into would not help or give advice, they would say you have to do it on your own.
I know some of my friends I taught to astral project, it scared them so bad it made them cry. I know I scared myself a few times, I would stop my AP to see what the thing was, that growling , it was just me I guess.

One of the bad ones I don't know what you would call it lucid what ever, but this hoof was sticking out from under my bed. Well just like I had to open the coffin, I had to pull this out from under my bed, well it was the Devil and he hit me with all he had, or so it seem, it was to late to be afraid then, and when I faced those fears they all went away

posted on Aug, 21 2010 @ 03:56 AM
reply to post by googolplex

Yeah, fears can be very hard to get a grasp of, especialy when they become real.

LOL, ... I taught one of my friends to OBE, that bastard, it took him two weeks to do it , ... two weeks !!! It took me six months !!

Anyway, maybe that six months was for the best, because like you said, he got so freaked out he never tried it again, he told me he was bouncing all over the place, but the thing that especialy freaked him out was, ..... he zipped to his fishtank, and was admiring the fish with another figure, when the figure said something like " It's a shame their going to die"

.... a week later his fish were dead.

posted on Aug, 22 2010 @ 03:07 PM


Thank you for responding. I guess it will remain a mystery. Maybe I invented mental hookey playing!

posted on Sep, 11 2010 @ 07:05 AM
i awoke and seen onld vinny boy and he asked me for some csmf!!!!!!!!!!

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