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Bloody Nose For Big Pharma - Massive Fraud !

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posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 05:27 PM
A groundbreaking new report was released today that exposes the monopolistic farce of the pharma industry: 85% of new drugs are essentially useless, the report concludes.

I urge everyone to print this and spread this around facebook and twitter to get it maximum exposure.The mass media is a slave to Big Pharma.

Also and shove it in their stupid brain dead doctor's face and all the other medical parasites and vultures who afflict us and pimp Big Pharma dangerous drugs to rob us of life and health and money.

"Dr. Light pointed out that despite the extensive requirements for testing the efficacy and safety of each new medication, drug companies use a strategy of "swamping the regulator" with large numbers of incomplete, partial, and substandard clinical trials. For instance, in one study of 111 final applications for approval, 42% lacked adequately randomized trials, 40% had flawed testing of dosages, 39% lacked evidence of clinical efficacy, and 49% raised concerns about serious adverse side effects..."

Spread it around.Write to your government representative and pressurize them.

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 01:25 AM
For some of us it's more obvious that they sell medications to treat the symptoms not the cause.

One Example:

The Cholesterol Myths: Exposing the Fallacy that Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease.

posted on Aug, 20 2010 @ 06:33 AM
reply to post by nobodysavedme
Already a thread in breaking news here: New study: 85% of Big Pharma's new drugs are "lemons" and pose health risks to usersBut you're allowed to start a duplicate thread outside the breaking news forum, that's an exception, though you may be interested to see what others have already said about it.

I read my father's high blood pressure medication warning label, and given all those side effects, I have to wonder if the cure is worse then the disease. But a stroke would be bad, if he didn't take it.

I am very suspicious of all drugs though, some may be beneficial but I'm sure there are plenty of lemons too, though hopefully not as bad as Thalidimide was, they gave that to pregnant women for morning sickness, what a travesty since it caused malformed babies.


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