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best bargain book you have bought?

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posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 06:57 AM
I am a huge fan of books and I am not talking e-reader books I can't stand those. So I am always out and about at Barnes and Noble and I always check the book section anywhere I go. I have always been known on a personal basis with my regular bookstores lol this local B&N though well I don't feel at home there but I still go there weekly. I have always been a huge reader, I like knowledge and reading gives me that knowledge. I have been told I should be a librarian or something for my love of books

Well this last week I got two really cool books for $6 dollars total. (American dollars)

I was at Barnes and Noble and I always check out their bargain section, well I got The Complete Idiot's Guide to Extreme Weather and it came with a cool picture disk all for $5 dollars! I thought I hit the jack pot there. I love extreme weather and for $5 bucks I couldn't pass it up. It's also on the website for less but you pay shipping
Personally I love the complete idiots guide I have them for almost anything I find of interest that I need put into simpler terms where i don't need some degree to understand it...they literally have these books for EVERYTHING lol
Complete Idiots Guides

The other book I got was Ufo Evaluating the Evidence I got this at the Dollar Tree where everything is a dollar and i mean everything lol The one here is the size of a grocery store and they have food too. I LOVE that store. So many things all for a buck
my kind of shopping, bargain. I was surprised to see a UFO book in there honestly but I've been reading it and I haven't heard of quite a few of the incidents mentioned in the book. I have been trying to find pics from the book online but not such luck. I want to make a couple threads from the book but I would have to take a pic of the pic and that would just anger some members cause I didn't have the proper data lol so I will wait on it....

I want to know what books you have found in the bargain section that turned out to be little gems..

Most of the books I buy come from the bargain section. I also got a book on serial killers a few years ago that was one the most interesting I had ever read. It was $10 bucks and it had a list of the most notorious serial killers and it started out with Vlad the Impaler and Erzebet Bathory and came to modern times. It gave a brief history on their childhood if it was known and then it talked about the actual killings. The psychology behind serial killers to me has always been fascinating. I DONT condone murder I just find the mind of them to be of interest. What possesses some to kill? The one common link in that book was the ones that had their childhood mentioned all had either mommy or daddy issues or had a really messed up childhood..

Anyways what have you found? If possible post a link I might be interested in buying these books as might other members.

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posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 02:49 PM
Don't go to big chain stores.

Find a nice, private book store that also has used books (and a loyalty program).

I pick up most of my paperbacks for under $5, and hardbacks for under $10, when she has them.

Also, I can trade in up to 10 used books a week (of course, they have say over what they will and won't accept) and use the credit to buy even more books (even more used ones).

You're getting robbed at these chain stores!

Not to mention, my store will hold things for you, special order, etc., and actually KNOWS something about what they sell. You just don't get that kind of service with a chain.


posted on Sep, 4 2010 @ 09:15 AM
I picked up a book a few months back called 100 Great Military Commanders for 99p which was cool. It's a good little book with short biographies of famous military commanders throughout history.

I've also recently picked up Winston Churchill's memoirs of the Second World War for £5.00! Now that's a bargain!


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