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Oh HELL NO! Only The Duke can play Rooster Cogburn!! Morons in Hollywood strike again

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posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 02:02 AM

In 1969, John Wayne played Rooster Cogburn in "True Grit" -- a grizzled, drunken U.S. Marshal hired by a 14-year-old girl to track down her father's killer. The role ended up winning the aging Western star his first and only Oscar, prompting him to make a rare sequel -- "Rooster Cogburn" -- opposite Katherine Hepburn in 1975. The image of Wayne's craggy, eye-patched visage from "True Grit" has become a cinematic icon.

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posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 02:18 AM
Hollywood has not had an original idea in decades. Why do you think there are so many Star Wars, Star Trek, and Batman sequels? Not to mention remakes of all the classic old films. They are even remaking Hawaii Five O.

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posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 02:31 AM
Thanks for that movie clip! I love those older movies,and John Wayne,especially!

Think it's time to rent some again!

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 04:02 AM
reply to post by groingrinder

Not true! Avatar, Inception both blockbusters written and produced by their directors.

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 06:22 AM
reply to post by HomerinNC

You don't have to worry.

And Jeff Bridges, fresh off his Oscar win, was tapped to play Cogburn; that's right, the Duke has been replaced by the Dude.

It won't do nearly as well as the original and by no means will take it's place in cinema history.

The Duke HAS NOT been replaced by the Dude.

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 08:19 AM
At least they are not going to use old footage to CGI John Wayne into the movie. Well, they still might..

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 08:52 AM
reply to post by HomerinNC

Actually I thought the Cohen bros. did a pretty good job of "True Grit". I was an extra in a few scenes and watched Bridges work. Granted he isn't the Duke but Jeff has studied his craft and can play a gnarly character with the best of them.

ex. "Crazy Heart"

Also I do agree that Hollywood is gripped by remake fever But the indy producers are putting out some fine films; both here in Tamalewood and Cali.

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posted on Aug, 25 2010 @ 12:55 AM
This topic is a few days old, but I wanted to weigh in.

I love the Coen Brothers. I think even their worst movie (Intolerable Cruelty) was somewhat enjoyable. I also think they knocked it out of the park with "No Country For Old Men" which was a quasi-western.

"True Grit" was based on a book by a guy named Charles Portis, so the original movie wasn't very original in the first place. I read the book first to get ready for the remake and then watched the John Wayne version.

I didn't like it much. First, it has Glen Campbell in it. Campbell isn't a bad singer, but he should have never been allowed to act. Secondly, I don't think Wayne captured what makes Cogburn an awesome character.

Rooster Cogburn is awesome because he's a tough, straightforward shootist type, but he's also a stinking drunk, kind of a deadbeat and has a sense of humor. Wayne was too stiff to be funny and I think he had too much pride to play someone who's kind of a loser.

So, I'm excited for the remake. I'd also recommend the book to anyone looking for a quick, light and funny read.

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