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Hidden Rules of Class at Work

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posted on Aug, 18 2010 @ 05:58 PM

This material is being distributed in public schools, a teacher I know received it as resource material. Class stratification and class roles in society.

This book is not intended to be “the” definitive statement on the

very large topic of resources in the workplace. Rather, its aim is to begin

the discussion of how class-related factors and hidden rules impact –

often in surprising and significant ways – the working environment in

North America.

Could you survive in an unskilled-labor job?

(usually is minimum wage or slightly higher)

1. I know how to physically fight and can hold my own in a fight.
2. I know where the best local bars are.
3. I will quit on the spot if the boss makes me mad.
4. I can go without work for periods of time and survive.
5. I know how to file for unemployment.
6. A phrase I use is: “I was looking for a job when I found this one.”
7. I often must take personal phone calls during work time.
8. At work I openly discuss my sex life and the fights I have with
family members.
9. If I’m interested sexually in someone at work, I make comments
and openly pursue the person.
10. I know how to ask for an advance on my paycheck.
11. I will openly discuss the disagreements I have with my boss or
the flaws I see in my boss.
12. I often use casual speech (register) at work.

posted on Aug, 18 2010 @ 07:33 PM
reply to post by Jack Jouett

This material is being distributed in public schools

At what level? Some of the material in here I would expect teachers to not understand. I'm not sure how many students will find it useful.

For example, how many people for whom "relies totally on casual register and non-verbal data to communicate" is an accurate description would be able to read that statement and identify with it? Also, much of the phrasing implies that the coursework is intended for established professionals, not fulltime students. For example, "I have collegial relationships with several members of the board of directors." No students, be they grade school or college are likely to have a board of directors to have such relationships with.

If this is being given to unemployed students, one might argue that it could tend to encourage them to identify with lower classes of work environments. But the material doesn't appear like the authors intended it for unemployed students.

Also, for the those who don't take the time to read does contain some entertaining little gems. For instance, "I know how to discreetly purchase coc aine and other designer drugs." is listed as an indicator that one could survive in a corporate executive position.

Here are the providers:

Looks like they provide materials to everyone from K-12 to corporate training programs.

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posted on Aug, 18 2010 @ 08:26 PM
1. How to deal with unlivable hours(16-23hr/wk)
2. How to kiss behind for this wage or be fired.
3. How to deal with being randomly fired for no real reason or having a reason manufactured for your inconvienance.
4. How to get turned down for jobs because 30 other people can qualify for it.
5. How to deal with being fired for not parroting a manager or groom thier ego.
6. How do deal with split shift even if your trying to go to college(on grants)
7. How to deal with inconsistant work contracts and layoffs from a "stagnant period".
8. How to juggle 8 hours of work for 7.40/hr,sleep 6 hours, AND go to college without failing college or getting fired.
9. How to get your food stamp cut if you make too much money and can't afford to eat when you pay your bills.
10. How to work fulltime and have nothing left to save or "play with" MAYBE 10-50 for cable or a land line phone.
11. How to get used to working your ass off and then people at work take advantage of you so they can play around and horse play. Oh and if you quit you'll get no unemployment AND get evicted. Sucks if you have a family.
12. How to get used to having christmas,birthdays's etc with NOTHING to give to your kids. Real fun. Give them an excuse to play with or a bill stub.yay!
13. How to get used to have to go hungry for your kids to eat something.When the foodstamps run out in 2 weeks you have to choose to feed your kids or you go hungry.Yay!
14.Have your kids to school in a poor nieghborhood and get a joke education(teachers take a f--- it stance on if you learn or not) were they just throw paper at them and expect them to learn. They get bored and uninterested slack then the school puts them into SLD,SPED classes and they get yet more crappy substandard education.The cycle of underachievement keep on snow balling on.
15. Have your kids when they reached workable age after years of living with nothing and what stuff they could enjoy until it got pawned for bills drop out of school to work 40 hrs on a job like you. They don't pay rent and are dumb as f--- about responsibility with money. They blow thier entire check on drugs,sex,alcohol,cigarettes,phones,cars,video games,hairdos,mall clothes etc.
16. You get too old to work and retire on a fraudulant disablility and SSI. You kick your freeloading selfrightieous,irresponsible,stupid kids out. One of your stupid kids soon figure out that you can't have your cake and eat it too. One of them doesn't learn that fact. The first one bits the bullet and ride out junior college until he can get a schlarship to get a better more rewarding job. The other one wants everything NOW and becomes a irresposible criminal looking to leech off other resposible people for years on end.

I think that sums up low-end wage jobs.

posted on Aug, 18 2010 @ 08:53 PM
To be honest this guy in the OP sounds like he is made from pure win, i wish they taught me useful things in school like this. They should call it How To Pwn Your Boss, Nail Hot Women and Generaly Win at Life. That class would be awesome.

Oh yeah and unskilled labouring jobs on sites, particulary in the Oil and Gas industry will actualy earn you more money than most people your ever likely to meet. Dont knock it just because you had a shelterd life and suck.

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